All Hail Cousin Brother-Chapter 1066 - : Feeling the Fragrance of Lips First

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Chapter 1066: Feeling the Fragrance of Lips First

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Chun Xiao hurriedly pulled her out and said, “Young Miss, don’t be angry. His Highness hasn’t left yet. Just now, Eunuch Li specially went to the Eldest Princess’s residence to invite the emperor back to the palace. The emperor refused to leave and asked Eunuch Li to send all the memorials from the palace to the Eldest Princess’s residence. He even said that he would stay in the Eldest Princess’s residence during this period of time. If there’s anything, report it to the Eldest Princess’s residence.”

She was making a fuss because she had not seen the emperor for too long and thought that he had left.

Unexpectedly, after the blanket was pulled away, she saw her master crying out in frustration, “He didn’t leave? Then tell him to leave. Go far away, lest others worry…”

How could Chun Xiao not know that her master was making a fuss? How could she really let the emperor leave?

Young Miss’s personality was used on the emperor.

However, one was willing to fight, and the other was willing to suffer.

Chun Xiao suddenly recalled that previously, in front of the flower gate, the emperor had glared at her with an irrefutable dignity. He was like a majestic and unreachable mountain that weighed down on her head, making her feel suffocated and afraid.

This was probably the might of an emperor.

Seeing her Young Miss’s heartless expression, Chun Xiao’s mouth moved, wanting to remind her master that things were different now. The emperor’s status was different. They had the relationship of a ruler and his ministers. How could he still be like before? However, when she thought of the emperor’s dignified and cold gaze, as if it was a warning, she could only suppress these words.

Previously, in the carriage, she had been disturbed by him for a long time and had sweated a lot. Yu Youyao felt tired and asked Chun Xiao to prepare to take a bath.

When Yu Youyao took off her clothes and soaked in the medicinal bath, she saw the red marks on her shoulders. They were like peach blossoms, charming and ambiguous, and she felt embarrassed again.

After returning to her room, Liu’er prepared a charcoal cage for her to dry her hair. She took a large towel and helped her Young Miss dry her hair. Then, she took out some green fruit oil and rubbed it evenly in her palm. When it was hot, she applied it all on Young Miss’s bright black hair and helped her massage her scalp.

Yu Youyao sighed in comfort.

However, Xia Tao leaned over tactlessly. “The emperor sent me over to take a look. Miss, are you done washing up? You can also instruct the kitchen in advance to heat up the food again.”

“Alright, I understand.” Yu Youyao touched her hair. It was already dry, so she sat down at the dressing table.

Xia Tao leaned over, looking like she wanted to say something but hesitated.

Yu Youyao glanced at her angrily. “If you have something to say, just say it. It’s annoying to see you like this.”

Xia Tao giggled. “The emperor hasn’t seen you for a long time. He must be thinking about you so much that he can’t leave you for a moment. When you fell asleep in the afternoon, the emperor had been guarding your bed and reading the memorials, not taking half a step away from you. He only went to the study in the front courtyard after summoning the ministers of the Ministry of Rites for a meeting.”

Yu Youyao’s heart softened. She glared at her. “You talk too much. Alright, go and reply to him. Get the kitchen to prepare dinner. I’ll be there soon.”

Xia Tao heaved a sigh of relief. Her life was finally saved.

Yu Youyao had only combed her long black hair into a simple bun and tied it behind her head with a long hairpin. There were a few hairpins at her temples, making her look gentle and bright.

She sat upright in front of the mirror and saw that she was not looking as good as usual. She took out some flower dew and pressed it on her face. Then, she applied a layer of fragrance paste. Her pale face seemed to have drunk enough water, making it look full and smooth.

Seeing that Young Miss had taken another brush, Chun Xiao opened her mouth to remind her that the emperor was still waiting.

Thinking about it, she did not have to dress up carefully just because the emperor was waiting.

Yu Youyao adjusted the brow powder. The green color spread among her eyebrows like mist in autumn water, revealing a mellow state. She looked at it carefully from left to right, as if she was not satisfied. She took the brow brush and modified it, but she was still not satisfied. “The eyebrows I draw are never as good as others’.”

Since she felt that she didn’t look good, why didn’t she let another person do it?

It probably depended on who this “other person” was!

In the past, when he was in Xiangping City, the emperor had lived in the Yu Garden for a while and had often drawn Young Miss’s eyebrows.

“I’ll help you draw.” Yin Huaixi’s voice came from behind.

Yu Youyao was stunned for a moment. She suddenly turned around and saw Yin Huaixi walking over. He reached out to take the brush from her hand and held her shoulder. “Sit properly.”

Yu Youyao turned around and sat down in a daze.

It had been a long time since Yin Huaixi had drawn her eyebrows.

The tall figure behind her was reflected in the bright glass mirror. He leaned in front of her lovingly. He was very close. Yu Youyao blinked and saw that his thick long eyelashes cast a row of shadows under his eyelids. They trembled again and again. When he breathed lightly, the faint fragrance of pine wrapped around her.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Yin Huaixi finished drawing her eyebrows. Seeing the luxuriant green among her eyebrows, which was tender like water and moving, he couldn’t help but lean closer.

Yu Youyao wanted to dodge. fr𝐞𝐞𝚠e𝗯𝗻ovel.c𝐨m

Yin Huaixi held her head and sucked on her lips. After sucking her lips for a while, he let go of her.

Yu Youyao’s face turned red with embarrassment. She asked softly, “You, why are you here again? Didn’t I tell you to wait?”

“You weren’t coming.” Yin Huaixi’s voice was hoarse and a little obscure. He looked up. “I didn’t feel at ease. I had to take a look to feel at ease.”

She hadn’t seen him for too long and kept feeling worried.

Yu Youyao hugged his waist. “I said I wanted to return to Xiangping because I was angry. It’s not true. I’m here with you. I’m not going anywhere.”

Yin Huaixi nodded.

Under Yin Huaixi’s unwavering gaze, Yu Youyao hurriedly picked out a small ball of rouge and spread it on the side of her cheek. A faint blush appeared on her fair face. When his gaze landed on her red lips, her face heated up again. She covered it up by picking out some lipstick and applying it on her lips. Her beautiful lips were like rouge, and she did not look so awkward anymore.

Yin Huaixi observed carefully and suddenly asked, “What lipstick is this? I’ve never seen you use it before.”

Yu Youyao glared at him angrily. “Why do you care so much about the lip gloss that a girl uses?” After saying that, she softened her tone. “It’s a rare dye from overseas. I heard that it’s a small worm that grows on a cactus. It’s the color of pills and like cinnabar. In the Great Zhou, it’s called the rouge worm. The rouge worm can be eaten. After it’s dried, it’s grounded into powder and used to make lip gloss. It doesn’t stain the cup or rub off. The color is bright and beautiful.”

It was indeed brighter than the rosy lipstick, making her lips look full and bright, making her look fresh and tempting.

Yin Huaixi pinched her chin and admired it for a long time. “It’s very beautiful.”

He kept staring at her. His eyes seemed to be glued to her, as if he was worried that if he blinked, she would disappear.

Yu Youyao couldn’t stand such a greasy gaze and quickly got up. “Let’s go eat!”