As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal-Chapter 786 - : He’s Still Relatively Lacking

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Chapter 786: He’s Still Relatively Lacking

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He’s Still Relatively Lacking

After passing through the bustling streets, Feng Luo arrived at a small alley at the edge of the city. This was the location of the workshop of a famous appraisal expert, Dai Yan. Although Dai Yan was not very famous, Luo Feng heard that he had a unique understanding and identification skills for Ming Dynasty artifacts.

Dai Yan’s studio appeared very plain, without any gorgeous decorations or expensive furnishings. A simple wooden sign with the words “Dai Yan Jade Appraisal Room” was hung outside the door. Luo Feng rang the doorbell. After a while, Dai Yan came out to welcome him warmly.

“Hello, I’m Luo Feng.” Luo Feng introduced himself with a smile.

“Mr. Luo Feng, nice to meet you.”Dai Yan held Feng Luo’s hand warmly.” Please come in, please come in.’”‘

Walking into the studio, Feng Luo saw all kinds of elegant ancient jade and porcelain hanging on the wall. These precious cultural relics shone with an alluring light, making people unable to look away.

Dai Yan pointed to a table with a magnifying glass and other identification tools. “Please place the manuscript here.”

Luo Feng carefully opened the package, took out the manuscript, and gently placed it on the table. He hoped that this appraisal would prove the authenticity of the manuscript and bring him more clues about Xu Zhenqing.

Dai Yan observed the manuscript attentively, using a magnifying glass to examine every detail. “This manuscript is very detailed. The handwriting is smooth and powerful.”The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.” This is a rare Ming Dynasty cultural relic.”

Luo Feng heaved a sigh of relief. He felt that his research on Xu Zhenqing had taken another big step forward.

‘ However, I need more time and professional equipment to confirm if this manuscript is authentic.”Dai Yan put away his magnifying glass.” If you’re willing, you can stay and wait for the results.”

Luo Feng thought for a moment and finally nodded in agreement to stay and wait for the results. He knew that he did not have any professional knowledge in appraisal. Moreover, Dai Yan had a unique understanding of Ming Dynasty cultural relics. He believed that Dai Yan would give a reliable result.

After Feng Luo left, Dai Yan carefully placed the manuscript back into the package and placed it in a special glass cabinet. He knew that this manuscript was very important to Luo Feng, so he had to ensure that he returned home safely. Luo Feng sat in front of his desk and quickly flipped through Xu Zhenqing’s collection of poems. He scanned every word, trying to find clues related to the manuscript.

“Xu Zhenqing, how many secrets are you hiding?”Luo Feng muttered to himself. He knew that the poet must have left more clues about the story behind the manuscript.

One of the poems hidden in the depths of the poetry collection caught Feng Luo’s attention:

I dreamed that I would stand on the steps in the morning,

I roam the clouds of Yangguan for ten thousand leagues.

Appraiser’s eyes can see through illusions,

Another spring in search of the truth,

These words seemed to have something to do with Luo Feng’s Appraisal Vision.

He thought of all the strange scenes he had seen through the Appraisal Vision. Could it be that Xu Zhenqing had a similar ability?

A thought flashed through Feng Luo’s mind. He might be able to find more clues if he went to the place where Xu Zhenqing used to live.

The next morning, the sun shone through the sparse clouds and onto the earth. Luo Feng put on his coat and walked out of the house with anticipation and curiosity.

He came to the small town where Xu Zhenqing had lived. This town was like a time tunnel, as if it brought people back to the Ming Dynasty. The ancient buildings, the alleys paved with bluestone slabs, and the carvings on the upturned eaves all revealed a strong historical atmosphere.

Luo Feng strolled along the bustling streets, and scenes flashed before his eyes: People walking on the bluestone slabs, antique shops, red flags fluttering in the wind…ln this beautiful scenery, he seemed to be able to feel Xu Zhenqing’s existence back then.

He followed a small alley and came to the small courtyard where Xu Zhenqing used to live. There were two towering trees in front of the door, and their leaves rustled in the autumn wind. Feng Luo gently pushed open the courtyard door and entered this place that had a strong scholarly aura.

Flowers and plants grew in the courtyard, fresh and fragrant. The carefully trimmed rockery and lake decorated the entire courtyard like a painting. Luo Feng strolled around, enjoying the scholarly aura that was emanating from this place. After Feng Luo returned home, he became very interested in the technology to verify the authenticity of the item. As soon as he entered, he immediately walked to the bookshelf and took out a book on the appreciation of ancient artifacts from the drawer.

He had bought this book many years ago. Before Feng Luo started using the Appraisal Vision, he had already developed a strong interest in ancient artifacts. freeweb m

Feng Luo sat alone in front of the table and began to flip through the book. The book introduced in detail the cultural relics and works of art from various periods of Chinese history. Every picture showed the treasures of history.

Luo Feng stared at these pictures without blinking, attracted by the historical aura emitted by the cultural relics. In his eyes, every artifact had its own unique value and story. Luo Feng lowered his head and pondered for a moment. He made up his mind to use these books to improve his appraisal skills other than the ” Appraisal Vision “. He realized that even though Appraiser Vision allowed him to see the true value of an item, he was still relatively lacking in understanding the historical background, cultural content, and artistic value.

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