As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal-Chapter 787 - : Are You Going After Her?

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Chapter 787: Are You Going After Her?

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Are You Going After Her?

Thus, Luo Feng began to carefully flip through the book. He used a marker pen to mark out a lot of important content in the book and circled the parts that he was interested in with a red pen. Every page had his meticulous annotations and correction, showing his love for ancient artifacts and his determination to learn more.

Time passed quietly. As Luo Feng flipped through the books, he kept comparing and thinking about the historical background described in the books. Through this method of learning, Feng Luo gradually broadened his Imowledge.

During this process, Zhang Chen would visit him from time to time. Whenever Feng Luo was confused or confused, Zhang Chen would always try his best to give him help and advice. Feng Luo was extremely grateful for Zhang Chen’s friendship and support. He understood how important it was to have a partner who could communicate and learn from each other. Feng Luo had waited for a few days and finally received a set of books on the appreciation of ancient artifacts that he had bought. He couldn’t wait to open the package and saw a pile of thick books in front of him.

He carefully opened the first book. The pages emitted a faint ink fragrance. Luo Feng took a deep breath and focused on reading every page.

The book introduced different periods and different types of ancient artifacts, such as bronzes, porcelain, jade, and so on. Every page had detailed illustrations and explanations, making one feel as if they were in a museum.

Luo Feng used a marker pen to mark out a lot of important content on the book and circled the parts that he was interested in with a red pen. He was hungry for this precious knowledge, eager to learn more from it.

The delivery man looked at Feng Luo’s excited expression and smiled.’”‘l hope you enjoy reading.”

“Thank you! Thank you for sending these treasures!” Feng Luo smiled brightly at the courier.

The courier also felt the passion in Feng Luo’s heart.””This is what I should do. I hope you can learn more about ancient artifacts through these books.” Feng Luo took the tip from the courier and sent him off.

Back in his room, Feng Luo regained his excitement. He continued to read the book, fascinated by every page. He skipped some basic knowledge and went straight to the chapter on jade.

Jade ware played an important role in the appreciation of ancient cultural relics. They not only had practical functions, but also carried people’s emotions and cultural implications. Luo Feng was deeply attracted by the history and art contained in it.

He read a book about a jade pendant from the Ming Dynasty. The jade pendant was carved with exquisite patterns, symbolizing happiness and good fortune.

“This jade pendant is very precious.” Luo Feng muttered to himself, his eyes flashing with excitement and anticipation. Feng Luo couldn’t wait to start reading the books in his hands. He took time out every day to focus on reading, trying to improve his appraisal ability through these books.

He carefully read every page and carefully pondered over every detail described in the book. He used a marker pen to make notes and notes on the book, recording the important content and his thoughts in detail. More and more parts were circled by the red pen. Luo Feng was hungry and thirsty for this precious knowledge, eager to learn more from it.

From that day on, Feng Luo took time out every day to study this set of books. He was immersed in the sea of ancient relics appreciation like a fish in water.

Whether it was the bronzeware passed down from ancient times or the decorative patterns on the exquisite porcelain from the Republic of China, Luo Feng used his heart to experience and understand them all.

He was engrossed in his studies, and his body seemed to be filled with magical energy. Every time he raised his head, his eyes would shine brightly. Suddenly, Feng Luo heard the door being pushed open. He looked up and saw his good friend Zhang Chen walking in. Zhang Chen couldn’t help but laugh when he saw how focused Feng Luo was. He walked over to Feng Luo and sat down.

“Luo Feng, you really are a reading maniac.”Zhang Chen teased. freeweb

“Hahaha, who asked me to be especially interested in this aspect now? Luo Feng replied with a smile.

“So you’re really interested in appreciating works of art. I remember that when you were young, you were often forced to study by your teacher.’%hang Chen joked.

“Yeah, I wasn’t interested in reading at all back then, but ever since I started learning how to appraise treasures, I realized that reading could help me better understand ancient artifacts. Every book contained endless wisdom and history. “Feng Luo answered seriously. “Right, I recently made two very interesting female friends.” One of them was called Yang Zhi. She grew up in an artist family and had a particularly keen sense of beauty and art. The other was Wang Yun ‘er, who had made many achievements in the field of archaeology.”

When Feng Luo heard this, he put down the book in his hand and looked at Zhang Chen with a curious expression.””How did they meet? I kind of want to see them.”

Zhang Chen smiled and recalled the process of their meeting.”That day, I went to an art exhibition and happened to meet Yang Zhi there. She wore a long white dress and stood gracefully in front of a painting, as if she had become one with the painting. I was attracted by her unique temperament and took the initiative to strike up a conversation with her.”

“Are you pursuing her now?” Feng Luo frowned.”

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