Aspiring to the Immortal Path-Chapter 730: Explosion (2)

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Chapter 730: Explosion (2)

Elder Wind was dead.

Tang Jie had killed him with a single strike.

The explosion of blood filled the vision of the other fiends and made all of their hearts tremble in fear.

This was a peak Soul Transformation fiend! Even a Fiend Emperor would have found it difficult to get rid of them so simply.

Drawing back his fist, Tang Jie coldly looked at the other fiends.

The four fiend kings shivered. One of them shouted, "Together!"

They still hoped that their numbers could overcome their opponent's power.

Tang Jie laughed in scorn. "I love fighting against groups."

Tang Jie raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.

With this clear snap, the fiends saw gouts of blood rise into the air.

If one observed closely, one would realize that this blood was the blood that Tang Jie had thrown up earlier from Aurora's palm strike. Besides this blood, there were also the chunks of organs. All of this had once been a part of his body.

At Tang Jie's command, they rose up like soldiers, flying up and scattering through the air, glowing with a dark red light.

A moment later, the blood and flesh began to transform into humans. In a flash, there were more than five hundred of them.

All of these were human cultivators. Some of them had taken on Tang Jie's form, while others appeared like Feng Wuxiang, Liu Zongchang, Reverend Seer, Shentu Yuan, Ximen Changfeng, and so on. The moment they appeared, they flew over to whoever they were pretending to be, joining their original in battle against their opponents.

This caught the fiends completely off guard. Initially, they were able to identify the fakes from the real one, but in an intense battle, with everyone constantly moving around, they quickly lost track. Moreover, the human cultivators weren't fools. Once they saw this move, they understood what Tang Jie was up to. They each used their own techniques to conceal themselves, working together with the illusions to attack. The fiends were soon being pushed back, and the tables began to turn.

Liu Zongchang was the greatest beneficiary.

The Aurora Fiend Emperor's Millepluma Guard wasn't to be underestimated, and he was having a rather tough time fighting against this force. If the battle dragged on, he could even lose.

But Tang Jie had given him ten-some illusory clones, greatly reducing the pressure on him.

After a few blinks, the Millepluma Guard lost track of him, and the battle grew chaotic. Liu Zongchang's figure was everywhere, as was his large sword. The Millepluma Guard could only randomly attack and defend, and Liu Zongchang was able to seize this opportunity to unleash his most powerful move, the Celestial Gate Smash.

To his surprise, when he used the Celestial Gate Smash, all of the illusions did so as well, and ten-some swords as large as mountains descended from the sky.

The Millepluma Guard couldn't tell which one was real and could only react as best they could. The mountain of spears unleashed a web of light as they attempted to deal with the oncoming attacks.

But at this time, the real Celestial Gate Smash arrived from the side rather than from above.

The combination defense of the Millepluma Guard was aimed upward, and the side was their weak point. Liu Zongchang's Celestial Gate Smash blasted apart the barrier, and its remaining power cut into seventy-some fiend guards before finally disappearing. The terrifying power of a Violet Palace expert caused these fiend guards to die instantly.

Liu Zongchang didn't let up the assault, harnessing his Divine Will and manifesting several hundred rays of rainbow light that shot at the fiend guards.

This was a moment of weakness for the Millepluma Guard, their defensive barrier shattered and yet to be reformed, so Liu Zongchang's light beams pierced through at least two hundred fiend guards. While these attacks weren't necessarily enough to kill them, it would reduce their combat strength. He then unleashed a furious wave of sword energy, and then a blast of lightning from his palm. These three attacks in a row swiftly got rid of more than half of the two-hundred-some fiend guards, and punched a large hole in their defense line. At this time, the Millepluma Guard was finally able to put its barrier back up, and Liu Zongchang retreated so as to recover the energy that this round of attacks had consumed and also to heal the few wounds the fiend guards had inflicted on him in this assault.

The tables had instantly been turned, the Millepluma Guard sustaining losses heavy enough to make the Aurora Fiend Emperor want to throw up blood.

Liu Zongchang took only a few seconds to recover, upon which he laughed and said, "Little Brother Tang, thank you for the help!"

As a Violet Palace cultivator, there were few cultivators among the masses that he respected. That he would address Tang Jie as Little Brother showed how highly he viewed him.

This was understandable. The Reflections of Floating Life could take on all forms and even copy spell arts, making them very difficult to see through. Just ten-some illusions would have been enough to break the deadlock, and Tang Jie had created several hundred.

In a duel, such a spell art didn't seem powerful, but it became incredibly useful in a group battle.

Liu Zongchang didn't know that this was a Dao Art, or else he would have been even more stunned.

"You're welcome. But Sect Master Liu should be more careful," Tang Jie said with a smile.

The ten-some illusions he had given to Liu Zongchang had all been destroyed, but the Millepluma Guard had been cut down to seven hundred, reducing their strength to the point where they would find it hard to threaten Liu Zongchang. Thus, he didn't give Liu Zongchang any more illusions, letting him fight on his own.

Tang Jie had produced more illusions of himself, thirty-five of them.

These thirty-five Tang Jies joined together with him, all of them beginning to cast a spell art.

The image of these thirty-six pairs of arms all performing the same hand signs was quite majestic. If they were all stacked on top of each other, he would seem like the Thousand-Hand Guanyin.

The fiend kings under Thunder Blade shouted, "Don't be afraid! They're all fake!"

"Is that so?" The thirty-six Tang Jies all chuckled.

Then they all shouted, "Dragonlike Hand!"

Thirty-six arms extended, unleashing thirty-six blasts of wind, which transformed into dragons as they shot downward.

The combined might of thirty-six dragons was majestic to behold, completely on par with the full-power strike of a Violet Palace Titan.

Tang Jie's thirty-six dragons seemed to dominate the world, everyone else's battles paling in comparison. Even Feng Wuxiang and Aurora were startled, wondering what this spell art was.

They had sharper eyes than the fiend kings, and they could tell at a glance that these spell arts were all real!

Nobody had expected Tang Jie's illusions to not actually be completely illusory. When his illusions turned into other people, their spell arts were fake, but when they became him, they were no longer illusions, but actually a sort of avatar. The Reflections of Floating Life made it so that each of the real avatars could use Tang Jie's strength once, but they couldn't use something on the level of a Divine Connection like the Flesh Millstone.

Thus, these spell arts were all real!

Thirty-six dragons howled down, striking a green-faced fiend king.

This fiend king chopped through one dragon, and its immense power made his entire body shudder, so he shouted, "This one is real!"

Another dragon came charging in, but the fiend king paid it no mind, thinking it was an illusion. But then the dragon slammed into him in a dazzling explosion, and before he could catch his breath, the other dragons came slamming in, shattering his barrier and making him throw up blood.

"How!?" the fiend king cried out in terror. He thrust out his palms, throwing out blasts of energy, but it was too late. The thirty-six dragons merged together into a single massive dragon, and with a mighty roar, it trampled over the fiend king.

In truth, if the fiend king had known about the unique properties of the Reflections of Floating Life and had focused all his energy on defending, he might have survived. After all, while there were many Dragonlike Hands, it was a rather average spell art. But in his carelessness, he had been wounded, which prevented him from putting up an effective resistance, so the thirty-six dragons had trampled all over him.

Aghast, the other fiends tried to save him.

The thirty-six Tang Jies rushed in to intercept them. Although these illusions could no longer use spell arts, their fists and feet remained real, and they had inherited a part of the original body's strength, so they couldn't be underestimated.

A fiend king frantically bellowed, "Hurry up and die!" freeweb(n)

He spat out a shining golden object at the Tang Jie across from him.

Whatever this golden object was, as soon as it made contact, this illusion that had been so full of life disappeared with a bang.

The other two fiend kings used their own weapons. One took out two silver truncheons, which unleashed tens of thousands of blasts of energy. The other turned into a snake and spat out venom. The remaining fiend generals also attacked the illusions.

Alas, because they didn't know which was the real Tang Jie, they couldn't concentrate their attacks. As all of the illusions burst like bubbles, the real Tang Jie had already used the Chaoswind Step to appear behind a fiend king, right in the middle of all the fiends.

He had appeared precisely in the moment right after all the fiend kings and generals had used their attacks, the critical moment where the old energy had been spent and new energy had yet to be gathered. Tang Jie placed a hand around that fiend king's neck and twisted, snapping his neck.

The fiend king roared, and he used his hands to put his head back on. Tang Jie broke it again, and he put it back on again, the two doing this several times in a single second. As the fiend generals moved to his rescue, Tang Jie's body erupted with a red light, sweeping up the fiend generals. Meanwhile, Tang Jie used both hands and twisted the fiend king's head more than ten times before finally tearing it off.

The fiend king frantically grabbed for his head, and Tang Jie could see that the eyes were still looking around. He chuckled and said, "That's quite amusing."

At this moment, a fiend king managed to break through Tang Jie's Flesh Millstone and charged at him, so Tang Jie immediately thrust the head behind him.

There was a boom, and while the fiend king was pushed back, the head in Tang Jie's hand was also shattered to pieces.

"A pity. It was a good head." Tang Jie was about to leave when that headless fiend king grew another head.

"Eh?" Tang Jie gasped in surprise. He used his left hand to chop off the new head, and another one grew out.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Tang Jie continued to slice away, and after eight heads had been cut off, the fiend king finally had no more, and its body collapsed and turned back into its original form: a large, black-feathered bird with nine necks, the heads atop them all gone.

"So it was a nine-headed bird," Tang Jie laughed. He thrust out his hand, pushing back another fiend king. Meanwhile, the churning of the Flesh Millstone had ground down a few fiend generals.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Jie had killed two fiend kings and four fiend generals. The remaining two fiend kings and twelve fiend generals were all terrified, but Tang Jie had no plans to spare them, already moving on to the next fiend king.

In this fiend king's moment of peril, Tang Jie was blasted by a beam of divine light.

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