Aspiring to the Immortal Path-Chapter 731: Explosion (3)

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Chapter 731: Explosion (3)

Tang Jie tumbled through the air before landing on the ground, one knee digging into the earth. Raising his head, he looked up at the sky.

Up there, the young Aurora was coldly staring at him.

"Oh, so you've finally started showing your strength," Tang Jie chuckled as he slapped a demon that was rushing at him, obliterating it. And then he took a forceful leap off the ground, rising into the air and creating a bottomless fissure under him.

With a flip of his right hand, he produced the Heaven Thunder Saber and unleashed a Thundershatter Saber against the young Aurora. At the same time, he produced the Sovereign Blade from his left hand, turning it into a long sword and stabbing it at the nearest fiend king. He was attacking two people at once!

"Arrogant!" the young Aurora bellowed. Lightning gathered above his head, but then a rainbow burst out from his back, whisking him away from the lightning.

At that moment, the old Aurora pushed back Feng Wuxiang with a burst of rainbow light, upon which the young Aurora abruptly grew stronger. He looked at Tang Jie, and a multicolored light surged out of his eyes and swept toward Tang Jie.

Tang Jie immediately halted his attack, bringing back the Sovereign Blade and unleashing a wave of sword energy. Both sides exchanged countless blows in a split second.

Bang! Tang Jie was thrown backward.

As he was flying back, he turned the Sovereign Blade into a whip and lashed it at a fiend general, coiling it around the general and slicing him in half. Meanwhile, his other hand began to form countless hand signs, manifesting a giant hand that flew toward Aurora.

Aurora simply grunted, which reverberated like muffled thunder, and it grew louder and louder until it was like heavenly drums. These sound waves coalesced together into a spear of sound that stabbed at Tang Jie. At the same time, there was a bolt of divine light, and then a barrage of palm attacksthree attacks in all aimed at Tang Jie.

This was the special privilege of Divine Division fiends. Thanks to the ability to cast arts with a thought, a Divine Division great fiend could make three to eight attacks for Tang Jie's every one. Even though Tang Jie had cultivated the Ninedark Mantra, making his casting speed much faster than the average, it was impossible for him to keep up with Aurora.

This storm of attacks instantly bowled him over.

"Die for me!" the young Aurora snarled, the rainbow divine light sweeping over to wrap around Tang Jie like a belt and render him immobile.

Thunder Blade's subordinates used this opportunity to attack.

The restraints made from the rainbow divine light were too powerful for Tang Jie to break free from, and even the Chaoswind Step was sealed. The fiends barraged him with spell arts and art relics, and even though he was a body refiner, he was still left battered and bruised. Worst of all was that these restraints of divine light were even absorbing his energy, preventing him from putting up any defenses and even reducing his recovery abilities.

Tang Jie was like a live target before these attacks, and he was soon heavily injured.

Liu Zongchang grew frantic at this sight, shouting, "Feng Wuxiang, what are you doing? Hurry up and hold down Aurora."

It went without saying that the young Aurora was able to suppress Tang Jie because the old Aurora had given him a great deal of energy, which was why Liu Zongchang was questioning Feng Wuxiang.

Feng Wuxiang replied, "The old thing is going all-out, taking my blows so he can eliminate Tang Jie first!"

The book in his hand let out a dazzling light, sending waves of clouds at the old Aurora. Sure enough, even though the old Aurora wasn't capable of dealing with them, he simply endured the attack rather than take energy from the young Aurora.

In this way, Tang Jie wouldn't be able to escape and could only endure the attacks of the fiends.

The two fiend kings attacked with all their power. One of them swung an axe at Tang Jie's neck like a woodcutter, causing blood to splash all over him. As that fiend king hacked away, he shouted, "So tough! Hurry up and break already!"

"Tang Jie!" Shentu Yuan, Ye Xiao, and Ice Phoenix all panicked.

They were all dealing with their opponents and couldn't get away, so they could only watch as Tang Jie was beaten up.

The attacks from the fiends were not to be underestimated. Those fiends grew more and more excited, and that axe was already striking Tang Jie's neck bone, each strike letting out a resounding clang, but Tang Jie still couldn't escape.

In this perilous moment, the voice of an extremely flirtatious woman rang out in his mind, "Hah, little brat, you're at your limit now, aren't you? Do you want this venerable one to save you?"

Startled, Tang Jie was just about to ask who this was when he realized that something was wrong. Wasn't this the result of Demonic Will infiltrating his mind?

It was that demon on the other end of the passage.

The other party seemed to know what Tang Jie was thinking, giggling as she said, "Smart! Besides me, is there anyone else who can save you?"

"You can sense what I'm thinking?" Tang Jie asked in his mind.

"My, I can't believe you can even think about that at a time like this."

"Answer me!"

"Fine, since you're not afraid of death, this venerable one won't get worried for your sake. This one truly can read minds, but that depends on the target. Relax. It's only because you've had your five senses and energy circulation cut off by that dumb peacock that this one can invade your mind. In normal circumstances, this venerable one wouldn't be able to do it. And this one can only read what's on your mind at the present, not read memories of the past. So? Are you satisfied now?"

"But that could be because your body is on the other side and you can't use your full power, right?"

The laughter rang out once more.

"You really are a clever little rascal. But is this really the time to be thinking about this, when you're about to die? Wouldn't it be better to"

"'Wouldn't it be better to listen to you and make a trade with you'? So long as you help me escape, I will help you tear off the seal and set you free. Is that what you wanted to say?" Tang Jie coldly replied.

"Look at you! Really, talking with smart people really does save time. Young man, you don't have much time left. If you don't agree now, you won't get another chance."

Tang Jie sneered, "You really think I'll die without your help?"

"I can't see how you can survive your current situation. That stinky peacock's rainbow shackles aren't that easy to shake off, at least not for the current you."

"That's just because you're uninformed!" Tang Jie leisurely said, "Forget it. Today, I'll give you some new knowledge, and I won't even charge you a fee!"

At this moment, under the frenzied attacks of the fiends, Tang Jie's neck bone had almost been cut off, and his head was beginning to tilt to the side. The axe-wielding fiend king excitedly shouted, "DIE!!!"

"'Die'?" Tang Jie suddenly said.

That almost-severed head rose up a little, and a vertical eye opened up in the center of Tang Jie's forehead, locking on to that axe-wielding fiend king.

The fiend king froze, instinctively realizing that something was wrong.

And then Tang Jie roared, "Then go ahead and die for me!"

He opened his mouth wide, firing out a red beam that struck the fiend king at a point three inches below his left armpit.

There seemed to be nothing remarkable about this location, but as that red beam struck it, the fiend king howled in pain.


He staggered backward, and then his body erupted in flames, the Pale Cloud Flame beginning to burn him from the inside out. The fiend king seemed completely incapable of defending against the flames, howling in pain as he turned into a long-armed giant ape. He rolled on the ground, stirring up great clouds of dust, occasionally shouting, "How did you know? How did you know? How did you know where my Life Gate was!?"

The long-armed giant ape was a fiend with an extremely tough constitution, and normal attacks wouldn't work on him. Even if his head were cut off, he could regrow it, and the Pale Cloud Flame wouldn't have been able to do anything to him. But his Life Gate was located three inches below his armpit, and when the Pale Cloud Flame attacked from that point, it attacked from his very foundation, allowing it to terrorize his body. The fiend king couldn't endure this, and the Pale Cloud Flame burned him to ash.

At the same time, Tang Jie roared, "Stop!"

The effect of the Four-Nine True Word made all the fiends freeze for a moment, and even the young Aurora felt his rainbow shackles tremble for a moment.

He paled, realizing that this was trouble.

Tang Jie used this brief moment to wag his finger.

This was all it took for the Sovereign Blade to transform into a thread, coil around the rainbow shackles, and attach itself to one of their nodes.

Tang Jie's eyes flashed. "Break!"

As the Sovereign Blade constricted, the rainbow shackles exploded.

Tang Jie immediately threw a punch, striking the last fiend king in the chest and punching a large hole in him.

Fiends had tenacious life force, and he managed to survive this grievous wound, bellowing as he swung his truncheons.

But they couldn't even kill Tang Jie when he couldn't move, so now that he could, their attacks became useless.

Letting the truncheons bash his body, Tang Jie swung his right hand down, hammering that fiend king's head into his chest cavity. The fiend king tried to pull his head back out, but Tang Jie reached through the hole in his chest and smoothly pulled out his head, throwing it over to Er Hu.

"How could this be?" The young Aurora was stunned.

He was well aware of the power of his rainbow shackles. The interlinking energy made them impervious to the cutting of edged weapons, but Tang Jie had seemingly recognized the weakest point of the rainbow shackles, shattering its structure in one strike and causing the chains to crumblerather than being cut open, they had been directly destroyed.

In other words, Tang Jie had identified the weakness of the rainbow shackles in a brief moment, and besides that, he had identified the weak points of the fiends he was fighting.

Tang Jie's body flashed red as the Flesh Millstone rumbled toward the fiend generals. But this time, rather than evenly spreading its power, the Flesh Millstone concentrated it into thin tendrils that wrapped around the fiends. Then, these tendrils transformed into whips, sabers, swords, and other weapons and stabbed at the weak points of the fiends. Tang Jie had used the Flesh Millstone to strike at the weak points of all of his opponents at the same time!

Plush! Plush! Plush! All ten-some fiend generals had been nailed to the air.

These fiends that wouldn't die even if their heads were cut off had been instantly turned into corpses by Tang Jie's single strike. Blood flowed out of the wounds, whereupon those tendrils-turned-weapons absorbed them, growing stronger as the corpses withered.


The blood tendrils withdrew, and the bodies plopped to the ground.

As Tang Jie let out a long breath, his injuries began to heal. Tang Jie had used the blood essence of the fiends to recover, and even that terrifying wound through his neck began to heal. Meanwhile, Tang Jie began to charge at the next group of fiends.

With a swing of the Sovereign Blade, more illusions appeared, and Tang Jie began to move about the fiends like the Grim Reaper, taking the lives of fiends wherever he went. In a flash, he had already killed two more fiend kings and ten-some fiend generals.

The tables had turned once more, the balance beginning to tilt toward the human side, and all of the human cultivators cheered.

This was the first time in a thousand years that the humans held the advantage in a battle against the fiends, and in such an important battle as well!

After this battle, the fiends would be so greatly wounded that they wouldn't have the strength to invade the humans. Perhaps the humans could even launch a counterattack.

All of this was because of one person: Tang Jie!

Everyone gazed at Tang Jie in admiration.


After killing another fiend, Tang Jie flew toward Aurora.

A brilliant light gathered on the Sovereign Blade. "Die, Aurora! Ten Extinctions Blade!"

In the face of this furious wave of sword energy and Feng Wuxiang's attacks, Aurora simply chuckled. Ignoring Tang Jie's attack, he focused all his power on Feng Wuxiang.

The Ten Extinctions Blade seemed about to strike Aurora in the back, and given its power, if Aurora didn't defend himself, it could easily cut him in two. But a moment later, the sword light changed trajectory, brushing past Aurora and biting into Feng Wuxiang's chest!freewe(b)

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