Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast-Chapter 290: 231: Barry Simulates to High-Level Commanders 2

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Chapter 290: 231: Barry Simulates to High-Level Commanders 2

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This time, Vincent Wolf still wanted to simulate Barry.

Because Vincent plans to go to the Bright Secret Realm these two days to eliminate that Shadow Puppet.

If he lacks the strength, it’s possible that he might be the one getting killed. This would be tragic.

“I want to start the simulation!”

[Secret Realms available for selection: Water Mysterious Realm, Life Secret Realm, Miracle Secret Realm, Bright Secret Realm]

“Since Barry is now a low-level Commander, he has not yet reached the limit of the Water Mysterious Realm so I choose the Water Mysterious Realm!”

[Simulation objects available for selection: Slime, Three-tailed Fox, Charm


“Choose Slime!”

[Please select the type of clause for this time: Survival Type, Skill Type]

“Given the current Water Mysterious Realm and Barry’s abilities, I don’t know how I would die. I choose Skill Type!”

[Random clause obtained: Dripping Water Pierces Stone (Green)]

[Dripping Water Pierces Stone (Green): The bottleneck of your skills can be eroded over time.]

[Simulation has started:]

[On the first day into the Water Mysterious Realm, you found yourself to have become a Slime.]

[Unlike your mentality when you first entered the Water Mysterious Realm, you are now well aware that with your strength, as long as you do not anger the crowd to provoke the attack of many high-level Commanders, you will not be in any danger.]

[On Day 2, you want to first raise your level to a high-level Commander, to enhance your strength, so you start looking for resources.]

[Because of your Devour skill, you can use other pet beasts as your boost of energy, so any time you encounter an Extraordinary or above, you devour it to enhance yourself.]

[On Day 3, you find that with your current level of proficiency and realm of Mimicry, you can already mimic the form of the Undying Bird.]

[Thus, you immediately transformed into the Undying Bird, but you discovered that this form requires a high level of energy but it also travels at an extremely fast speed, saving you a lot of time on the road.]

[For the next few days, you focus on rushing to the inner ring.]

[On Day 7, after entering the inner ring, you didn’t rush to devour the Commander pet beasts within, instead secretly observing to find the weak ones. After that, you started devouring not only the beasts but also the resources in sight.]

[On Day 12, you have consumed dozens of commanders, which has alarmed the pet beasts within the inner ring. They have noticed something wrong and are all on high alert and started grouping.]

[On Day 15, even if they group together, they can’t stop your actions. In these few days, you have eaten quite a few Commanders.]

[This time has alarmed the Sharkman Tribe. They start sending Sharks to search for you, the source of upheaval. But you have Mimicry and can melt into the water so they could not find you no matter how hard they search.]

[On Day 20, you have been promoted to intermediate-level leader, your strength has further increased, and you become more reckless.] [On Day 21, you started targeting the Sharkman Tribe.]

[On Day 30, the Sharks who were searching for you were basically all eaten by

1/011- The inner-ring net beasts couldn’t stand the pressure and fled one after

another. Only the Sharkman Tribe rallied most of the high-level commanders and began orienting layers of patrol. You feel the pressure.]

[On Day 35, your traces were unknowingly leaked during the devouring process, so you were chased by all the pet beasts of the Water Mysterious Realm.]

[Even though your concealment ability is very strong, many pet beasts could still locate you. However, the ones with strong tracking ability were eaten by you beforehand, so now they could only detect a vague location.]

[On Day 40, you are still not caught, but while you were running away, you didn’t forget to eat the beast chasing you, which made them even more furious.]

[On Day 45, you haven’t been chased for a long time, and the remaining beasts are either gathered together or far away. It’s impossible for you to eat them.]

[At this moment, you noticed a human Beast Tamer approaching you, he released a large bird hovering in the sky. This bird has beautiful blue feathers, and a pennant-shaped tail that is even longer than its body. But most important, it is a Monarch-level pet beast!]

[You realized the reason why those pet beasts stop chasing you was not because they gave up, but because they invited external reinforcement!]

“You see a blue bird in front of you, spewing freezing cold ice towards the water below, so you quickly use Teleportation to flee into the distance.”

“Behind you, an icy chill is steadily closing in. You have no choice but to speed up and escape.”

“On Day 55, you haven’t shown yourself these days, you’re just observing from a distance.”

“The blue bird has been attacking the surrounding waters for these days, but after a week nothing has happened. The Beast Master is getting annoyed, and you haven’t seen him recently.

“You’re afraid the Beast Master is pretending to leave, so you wait a few more days. ”

“On Day 60, you notice some High-Level Commanders wandering around over the past few days, seemingly confirming whether you have disappeared, and the number of pet beasts is also gradually increasing.”

“On Day 65, seeing the beasts have returned, you immediately start a massacre in the dark, beginning a new round of devouring the remaining beasts.”

“By Day 67, after eating the beasts, your Death Attribute has increased from the original 60% to 70%, and your Species Level has reached High-Level


‘You feel you’ve touched the ceiling of your racial level, a yoke is subtly chaining you tightly in place, rendering you immobile.”

“On Day 70 while you are still devouring, the Sharkman King suddenly appears next to you with the Beast Master you originally saw, staging a joint pincer attack.”

“In a panic, you quickly mimic the Undying Bird to fight the blue bird.”

“Unfortunately, although the Undying Bird is a dual-type fire and life, it still can’t bridge the gap in levels.”

“You are dead.’

“You can keep the following options upon the Simulation Ended:”

“Choice 1: Keep the memory of the simulation and all the Imowledge, skills, and combat experience learned in it.” “Choice 2: Keep the Species Level.”

“Choice 3: Keep the Growth Level.” “Choice 4: Retain the ‘Seven Days’ Retained Clause.”

“I choose to keep the Growth Level.”

With the choice completed, Berrys realm is also upgraded to High-Level Commander, and Vincent Wolf receives plenty of feedback.

“Those Water Mysterious Realm pet beasts were devious enough to ask for human reinforcement. Despicable!”

“Luckily the purpose of this simulation was achieved, otherwise I would’ve wasted one simulation turn.”

“I’ve done one simulation today, next time I’ll need to take my chances in the Bright Secret Realm. Just like the Life Secret Realm initially, it may not be that easy to enter.”

“If I had a space attribute pet beast, that would be great. I have a Positioning Beacon, which allows me to teleport directly into the Secret Realm, granting me one more simulation run.”

Now, Vincent Wolf can’t help but envying Elly Ford. Her Boundary Cat made everything so convenient, saving her a lot of trouble!

“Although I have Instant Step, it’s only capable of short-range teleportation, it’s useless over long distances.”

“Looks like I’ll have to get me a Space System pet beast in the future.” After considering these, Vincent Wolf started considering how to deal with

Shadow Puppet.”

“Barry, no doubt, is powerful. Dragon Town’s dragons are good at taking a hit, I needn’t worry about them having any disasters. Maybe tomorrow I should try to eliminate the Shadow Puppet. Flora Gates has the light-type now, tomorrow she will simulate twice more against the dark-element Shadow Puppet, guaranteeing success.”

Having decided to get rid of Shadow Puppet tomorrow, Vincent Wolf didn’t just sit around waiting for tomorrow, but opened the Intelligence Hall, began purchasing information and tracking on the Kyoto City Beastmaster Association President.”

“I have another chance for a Q&A tomorrow, I’ll give this chance to the current President. But I don’t need to wait for tomorrow for the information, I can get it now..”

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