Behind the Scenes in Naruto World-Chapter 727 - Uehara Naraku: Tony, We Are on the Same Side. Akatsuki Is an Outsider!

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Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 727 Uehara Naraku: Tony, We Are on the Same Side. Akatsuki Is an Outsider!

Asgard Third Princess?

What the hell was this title?

Wasn’t Loki a Prince from Asgard?

Tony Stark scratched his cheek, his expression a little stiff, “Could it be that the legendary Loki… is a woman? And in the information I just saw about Asgard, only a man named Loki has been to Earth…”

“It’s just a form of contempt for Loki.”

The mysterious masked man’s voice on the phone was unusually cold, but the information he provided for Tony Stark was very effective.

“Loki, the adopted son of Odin, the Allfather of the nine realms.

For some unknown reason, he was exiled by the Allfather Odin. It is said that it was because he failed to seize the throne… According to our information, Loki has been in Chitauri’s territory recently. How do you know about Loki?”


Tony Stark hesitated for a moment. He recalled Steve Rogers’ accusations towards him. He thought that he did not trust his comrades but trusted aliens.

However, the Cosmic Cube was a big matter…

Tony Stark hesitated for a second, but he felt that there was no need to hide this matter, “Alright. In fact, Loki took the Cosmic Cube…”

“It’s over.”

The mysterious masked man’s voice instantly lowered. He said in a deep voice, “The Cosmic Cube can open a space channel and allow Chitauri to descend on Earth… Howard Stark’s son, perhaps we are going to fight side by side on Earth this time.”


Before Tony Stark could react, he instantly understood the meaning of the mysterious masked man’s words, “That guy Loki snatched the Cosmic Cube. Is he trying to open a space channel and let Chitauri occupy the Earth?”

“Maybe that’s the case.”

The mysterious masked man nodded quickly and continued in a deep voice, “Please help me tell the leader of Earth… If Chitauri comes to Earth, Akatsuki’s army must also come to Earth and fight with Chitauri.”

“Wait… army?”

Tony Stark was suddenly a little speechless.

Once the so-called army was mentioned, it seemed that it was not an easy thing to solve. Why did they need to gather an army?

This Akatsuki Organization…

Why were they so scared of Loki?

Were Loki and Chitauri really that terrifying?

“There’s no time to explain.”

“The Cosmic Cube has fallen into Loki’s hands, and Chitauri may descend at any time. We must gather the army as soon as possible to rush to Earth… Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable!”


Tony Stark thought of Nick Fury’s request and whispered, “I suggest you meet with the leader of the world peace organization on Earth. Maybe things are not that bad yet. We might be able to take back the Cosmic Cube…”


The other side of the line fell silent.

The next moment, the mysterious masked man suddenly said, “In five minutes, I will rush to your location. If he is willing to talk… I will give him ten minutes.”


Tony Stark hung up the phone.

Tony Stark hurriedly left the laboratory and rushed to the Helicarrier command cabin. The other people present were slightly puzzled. They felt a sense of separation.

This feeling was like…

Tony Stark disdained to associate with them.

Steve Rogers suddenly stood up and was about to stop Tony Stark. Fortunately, Uehara Naraku reached out to stop Steve Rogers.

“I will go and talk to Mr. Stark!”

Uehara Naraku shook his head and motioned for Steve Rogers to sit down again. Then he rushed to catch up with Tony Stark.

“Mr. Stark.”

Uehara Naraku caught up with Tony Stark and whispered, “Is there anything I can do to help now? If it’s materials that need to be tested…”

“No need.”

Tony Stark shook his head.

He stopped and looked at Uehara Naraku, “I just made a phone call. My friend promised to see the one-eyed black man… Prepare a reception room!”

“I will inform Director Fury immediately.”

Uehara Naraku nodded quickly. Just as he was about to leave to make arrangements, he turned around and looked at Tony Stark. His eyes were a little serious.

“Mr. Stark, perhaps those outsiders wearing black robes with red clouds are your so-called friends, but we humans who are born on Earth… are also your comrades-in-arms.”

This was Uehara Naraku’s sincere advice.

The meaning of this sentence was very clear. Uehara Naraku and the others were on the same side, and Akatsuki was just an outsider!


Tony Stark’s expressions immediately became tangled.

Uehara Naraku was right…

In a sense, Akatsuki was a space mercenary. As an earthling, he naturally should not excessively trust this mercenary group.

However, his father had mentioned in his letter that this mercenary group was a friend that Earth could trust. They had also never done anything that would harm Earth…

What should he do now?

If it was in the past, Tony Stark would definitely think that he could handle everything by himself. It was only after seeing Akatsuki’s strange ability that he realized that the universe was very big…

They needed to gather more strength.

For Earth, Akatsuki was actually a natural ally.

What he needed to do now should be to find a way for Akatsuki, this mercenary group, to join forces with Earth. At least take back the Cosmic Cube or deal with Chitauri who might descend.

Five minutes later.

In the Helicarrier reception room.

Nick Fury and Tony Stark sat in the reception room. The two of them waited for the mysterious masked man to arrive. Tony Stark occasionally introduced some information about Akatsuki while they waited.

“Akatsuki is a space mercenary.”

“Akatsuki’s leader came to Earth more than thirty years ago when he was chasing a fugitive named Ego. At that time, he met my father by chance. They then became friends and studied the Cosmic Cube together.”

“Akatsuki is currently fighting with Chitauri.”

“They may be a little weaker than the Chitauri in terms of strength, but they are Earth’s friends. At least in my opinion, they can be regarded as our friends…”


Just as Tony Stark was chattering away, a spatial vortex quietly appeared in front of them without any warning!

This scene made Nick Fury’s eyes tighten!

This kind of strange ability was hard to defend against!

If all members of Akatsuki had this strange ability, did it mean that they could invade any corner of the Earth at any time?

“You have ten minutes.”

The figure of the mysterious masked man quietly appeared from the spatial vortex. Only one eye was revealed on his mask, but there was a touch of scarlet in his only eye.

The two one-eyed men looked at each other.

Nick Fury was the first to stretch out his palm. He placed his large palm in front of him, “Welcome to Earth. I hope that we can have more time to have a good chat. Earth might not be as weak as Mister thinks…”

“Akatsuki has never underestimated Earth.”

The mysterious masked man shook his head and continued softly, “Dozens of years ago, our leader received some information that Kree wanted to destroy this planet. When we came to support Earth, we received information that Earth had already repelled Kree’s fleet…”


The smile on Nick Fury’s face froze for a second.

This matter had always been the biggest secret that Nick Fury had hidden. It was also the beginning of the Avengers Initiative. Did Akatsuki even know about this?

Before they met, Nick Fury was still thinking about which card to play to make Akatsuki reach an equal cooperation with Earth. He believed that Earth had the ability to deal with the Cosmic Cube problem.

As a result…

Akatsuki directly exposed the trump card that he had hidden and never thought of playing. She was Nick Fury’s friend when he was young. She was also the strongest superhero in Nick Fury’s heart, Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers.


This really caught people off guard!


The corners of Tony Stark’s eyes twitched. He said with a face full of surprise, “Do we still have such a powerful guy here? How come I didn’t know there was such a…”

“Tony, she’s the first Avengers!”

Nick Fury stopped Tony Stark. He extended his palm and invited the mysterious masked man to sit down. He smiled and said, “Since Akatsuki knew about what had happened on Earth, why didn’t you believe that Earth could also handle it?”

“We have never doubted the power of Earth.”

The mysterious masked man slowly shook his head and continued in a deep voice, “Earth has never believed in how terrifying the power outside the universe is… We must ensure one thing, whether it is Earth or the Cosmic Cube, we absolutely can not let it fall into Chitauri’s hand.”

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