Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 1516 - Has He Been Possessed by the God of Misfortune? (2)

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1516 Has He Been Possessed by the God of Misfortune? (2)

Jiang Chenxi was hit by the palm and crashed onto the ground. Blood seeped down the corners of her mouth, her black long hair a mess. She looked miserable, and had no choice but to admit defeat.

Sawyer returned to Zone 1’s platform indifferently.

“Raging Gale Palm!” the Second Prince exclaimed.

“Raging Gale Palm?” Wang Teng muttered and stared at the latter.

“It’s a battle technique of the Rodriguez family that’s only passed down to their members. Indeed, it’s very powerful,” said the former with a smile. “However, the technique is extremely hard to learn. Enlightenment is paramount. Normal people can never cultivate it to a high level.”

Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.

On Zone 2’s stone platform—Jiang Weisheng, who was in third place’s seat, didn’t look so good. Only two members of the Jiang family were left in the top five hundred; the rest had been eliminated. Since his sister was out of the picture, he was the only one left.

On the Jiang family’s spacecraft—Jiang Weisheng and Jiang Chenxi’s father, Jiang Hanfeng, was frowning furiously. There was a universe stage ancestor sitting in front of him.

“This generation of youths is highly disappointing,” said the elder.

Jiang Hanfeng’s heart skipped a beat. He knew his ancestor was angry, but he never dared to refute. He replied, “I will work hard to groom the next generation.”

“Considering Chenxi’s ability, she might be able to pass the revival round. But, this is her last chance,” said the universe stage ancestor.

“Yes!” Jiang Hanfeng felt the same way. Five candidates could come out of the revival round, but only 2 would get the chance the next round. Based on Jiang Chenxi’s ability, that was indeed her last chance. Her performance during the revival round would affect her ranking.

“If Weisheng performs as usual, he can enter the top hundred,” said the ancestor. Then, he shook his head. “Unfortunately, he’s still far behind the talents from the other dukedoms!”

“Weisheng is really close to grasping a domain…” Jiang Weisheng sighed. He left the sentence unfinished.

Contrary to the gloomy and depressing atmosphere the Jiangs were in, the Rodriguez were in a good mood; they had a few exceptional talents.

There was Sawyer, who was an outstanding warrior. Being one of the top ten in Zone 1 was enough to prove his ability.

The universe stage warriors from his family had high hopes for him. They wished he could defeat Jin Tiankuang and keep the Jin family down.

Flair, who fought with Jin Yujie, was not bad either. He was defeated by the latter but he managed to fight his way back in the revival round, becoming one of the fifty who made it.

Wang Teng released his spiritual power and collected the attribute bubbles in the spot where they battled.

Constellation Force (Wind)*6700

Raging Gale Palm*2100

Constellation Force (Wood)*6000

Wood Ultima*1200


The attributes instantly merged into his body, forming an image in his mind.

There was a giant palm with a storm and strong winds, twisting and turning around it. The move was driven by a formidable force.

That was a universe stage technique of the wind element!

The Rodriguez’ coat of arms was the Tornado Griffin. Thus, theirs was a wind talent trait. The move was the palm battle technique passed down as a legacy.

It was just as the Second Prince mentioned.

Wind battle techniques were rarer than those of the five basic elements. Even Wang Teng only had the Dragon Wing Tornado.

The latter was a heaven stage technique while the Raging Gale Palm was of the universe order; it was undoubtedly stronger.

This was a good gain.

If the Rodriguez learned that Wang Teng had stolen their exclusive battle technique, would they flip the tables on him?

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp and the corners of his lips formed a subtle smile. He looked through his attributes board.

Raging Gale Palm: 1100/3000 (well-versed)

His own Raging Gale Palm went from foundation to well-versed with the 2,100 points collected. He was able to unleash some portion of its power.

The Second Prince said that enlightenment was a strong factor to practice the technique. And yet, he learned it entirely by collecting attributes. Easy-peasy.


The Rodriguez family would go green with envy if they ever knew about this.
There was also a Raging Gale Ultima, which was of the wind type.

However, Wang Teng’s ultima was already at the tenth-level, so the newfound ultima was useless to him.

His was the most comprehensive. Raging Gale was just one of the wind ultimas forms.

Most of Wang Teng’s Forces and ultimas had already reached the perfected stage. Since no more breakthroughs could be achieved, further additions were no longer effective.

The young hero left the attribute board alone and refocused on the matches.

As for Jiang Chenxi, he didn’t even look at her.

Since she had lost to Sawyer, her strength was at best ranked at the bottom of the top five hundred. Even if she pushed her way to the top of the revival round, entering the top 140 wasn’t possible. The gap was huge.

Time passed gradually. The talented warriors stepped into the arena one by one.

In the afternoon, when the time came for the 36th match—Leng Qianxue’s name was announced. Her opponent was also a female warrior specialized in earth Force. The person was tall, with wheat-colored skin; she had a healthy and wild look.

If she wasn’t standing beside the aloof Leng Qianxue, she might have drawn the attention of many of the male warriors.

After all, many people loved big-sized…