Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 1517 - Has He Been Possessed by the God of Misfortune? (3)

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1517 Has He Been Possessed by the God of Misfortune? (3)
Unfortunately, not many women could steal Leng Qianxue’s limelight.

The latter was like an ice fairy hovering in midair, displaying her fair and smooth feet. She gathered ice power in her hand and sent it to freeze the incoming attack completely.

The match ended quickly and easily.

Gaunt appeared during the 40th match. His opponent was… Wade!

The poor fatty!

He looked depressed and gloomy as if a crisis had befallen him.

Everyone gave him weird looks.

“Pfft… pardon me for laughing.”

“Did he offend the Seven Stellar Academies? Why are his opponents always so scary?”

“Seven Stellar Academies: Don’t spout nonsense. We have always upheld the principle of fairness and openness. We would never do such a shameless thing. This fatty’s misfortune has nothing to do with us.”

“He must be possessed by the god of misfortune. First, he met Wang Teng… and now, he met Gaunt.”

“Stop it. The fatty is about to cry. Give him some face.”

“Fatty: Many thanks.”

The audience on the live chat platform couldn’t control themselves and burst out laughing when they saw this scene unfold.

Even Wang Teng started to sympathize with him.

What kind of sin has he committed?

The candidates started fighting.

Since they were taking part in the renowned League of Talents, no one would admit defeat that easily.

Everyone wanted to perform their best and leave a deep impression on the Seven Stellar Academies.

The representatives of the institutions were watching them all the time.

Honestly, Wade was quite powerful. If careful enough, Gaunt would have a hard time defeating easily.


Wade knew his strengths, so he didn’t engage in head-on combat. Instead, he chose a flanking maneuver, darting back and forth quickly, using his agility and speed to launch numerous long-range attacks. Concurrently, this would make it hard for his opponent to find his position.
Such a fighting method was quite cowardly.

What the audience saw was that the chubby fellow was frantically running in circles while hurling occasional attacks at his opponent, hoping to catch him off guard.

Gaunt frowned and snorted. An extremely poisonous Force was emanated by his body; formless and invisible.

Wade didn’t notice a thing; he continued circling Gaunt furiously, and even getting a little excited as he went about it, feeling that he had a way to deal with the fellow. As long as he didn’t get too close, he wouldn’t be poisoned. His opponent couldn’t do anything to him.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows. Why is he getting excited? Doesn’t he know he’s about to lose?

Soon, the excitement on Wade’s face froze. He was poisoned. The toxins seeped into his body and turned his face green.

“Strange, why am I feeling dizzy?” Wade mumbled. Then, he fell from the sky and smashed against the ground, making a deep hole. Dust flew all over.

Gaunt turned and went back to Zone 3’s platform without giving his opponent a second look.

Everyone sympathized with the fatty, who was probably unaware how he lost. They could tell he was poisoned, but they didn’t know how it happened.

This made everyone instantly warier of the poison-element warrior.

A few more of the top ten warriors stepped into the arena, easily beating their opponents. The crowd’s speculations about their strengths rose.

Wang Teng’s name wasn’t displayed, so he kept on waiting.

It wasn’t until late in the afternoon of the following when the young hero’s name appeared on the light sphere.

Wang Teng vs Parkers’ warrior no. 2!