Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2157 - : Increase In Spirit! President Of The Seventh Stellar Academy! (2)

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Chapter 2157: Increase In Spirit! President Of The Seventh Stellar Academy! (2)

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Wang Teng’s solemn demeanor made Tong En feel as if she had found a kindred spirit.

For a moment, the resentment in Tong En’s heart dissipated quite a bit. She suddenly realized that this guy did have a good eye.

Indeed, her looks were undoubtedly on par with her sister’s, and she was determined to make it to the universe goddess rank.

A sense of determination ignited in Tong En’s heart.

“Well said! Well said! You do have a good eye,” Tong En patted Wang Teng’s shoulder and said contentedly.

“Of course, I may not have other skills, but my talent in appreciating beautiful women is top-notch,” Wang Teng boasted, pleased with himself.

Everyone was speechless.

Appreciating beautiful women is considered a talent?

He dared to say such shameless things.

This guy was truly shameless.

“By the way, are you really not introducing your sister to me? Just a glimpse would be nice,” Wang Teng added.

“Get lost!” Tong En retorted, annoyed.

This jerk hadn’t given up on pursuing her sister.

Everyone was surprised to see that Wang Teng had easily defused the tension.

Could it be done this way?

Damn it, he managed to escape unscathed. This guy was too cunning.

Wang Teng breathed a sigh of relief. Close call! He had sensed the killing intent emanating from Tong En just now, and fortunately, he reacted in time.

Never question a woman’s looks. The consequences were severe.

Wang Teng finally had the time to look around him. His gaze flickered and finally landed on the Grand Universe Hall in front.

The entire Grand Universe Hall was suspended in the air, exuding a sense of mystery.

Now that they were closer, the image of the Grand Universe Hall appeared in Wang Teng’s mind again. It seemed even clearer this time, with the projection mirroring the actual Grand Universe Hall, capturing every detail without any distinction.

Upon closer observation, one could notice celestial bodies carved on the outer walls of the Grand Universe Hall – stars, planets, satellites – even nebulae, galaxies, black holes, and more, as if imprinting an endless and vast expanse of the cosmos.

The Grand Universe Hall was named after the universe. Did it bear the imprint of the stars?

Thinking of this, Wang Teng couldn’t help but chuckle.

Then his gaze landed on the plaque above the main entrance of the Grand Universe Hall. Three massive ancient characters seemed to exude an indescribable spiritual fluctuation, invading his mind.

These words were written using the ancient language!

Wang Teng was no stranger to the ancient language, and he quickly recognized it.

Simultaneously, an unexpected situation occurred, surprising Wang Teng.

Bubbles of attributes actually appeared around the real Grand Universe Hall, hovering in the air as if magically summoned.

Wang Teng was astounded. He immediately released his spiritual power and picked up the attribute bubbles.

Cosmos Realm Spirit*i2ooo

Cosmos Realm Spirit*8ooo

Cosmos Realm Spirit*6000

It’s Spirit attributes! Wang Teng was stunned. Then, he was overjoyed.

The attribute bubbles he picked up were all cosmos realm spirit attributes. However, there were many of them, and the total surprisingly reached 63,500 points!

Spirit: 178700/200000 (cosmos realm)

Wang Teng’s Spirit attribute instantly soared by a significant margin.

Previously, his Spirit attribute was close to the sixth-level cosmos realm. Now, it increased by more than 60,000 points and reached the ninth level cosmos realm. It was almost at the perfected stage.

At this moment, a cool force circulated in his mind, giving him a slightly swollen feeling in his head.

It was the peculiar sensation brought about by the instant expansion of his spiritual power.

Wang Teng took a deep breath. Could it be that the God stage was truly left behind by a god-stage martial warrior? Just a few dropped attribute bubbles had elevated his spirit attributes to such an extent, which was truly unbelievable.

Wang Teng’s eyes sparkled as he stared intently at the Grand Universe Hall in front of him. If only more attribute bubbles would drop.

His spirit attribute was almost at the perfected stage!

With the surge in spirit attributes, his spiritual power would become even more formidable.

At this moment, if he were to unleash his full power, he might even be able to compete with the talents on the top 100 heaven-stage martial warrior ranking.

Unfortunately, no more attribute bubbles were dropping around the Grand Universe Hall, which left Wang Teng extremely disappointed.

The Grand Universe Hall was too stingy!

Clearly, with such a strong spiritual influence, there must still be powerful residual spiritual waves. How could there be only so few attribute bubbles?

Come on, a bit more, please!

Wang Teng unleashed his spiritual power, continuously teasing and provoking, even trying to sense the three ancient characters on the plaque of the Grand Universe Hall.

Still, there was no effect.

After all, the Grand Universe Hall was just an inanimate object. This was like performing a seductive dance for a blind person – a waste!

The Grand Universe Hall:…

Helpless, Wang Teng gave up on his antics and stopped making any more moves. He quietly waited, occasionally observing the geniuses around him, looking for any potential targets worth exploiting.

The square became more and more crowded. No one dared to be late for the Grand Disciple Acceptance Ceremony today. They were all here early.

The square was buzzing with voices, a sea of people.

However, the square was spacious enough, even with so many people standing on it, it didn’t feel overly crowded.

The Constellation Society was all gathered together, appearing extremely conspicuous.

Many people cast their eyes over, their expressions complex.

Shi Tianyun and Shen Yanfeng stood some distance away and looked at the members of the Constellation Society with grim expressions.

Compared to the splendor of the Constellation Society, they seemed much more destitute.

Since their defeat by Wang Teng last time, they had been ostracized by many, and even Feng Qingyan didn’t have much regard for them..