Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2165 - : Poking It A Few Times Naturally Evoked A Reaction! (1)

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Chapter 2165: Poking It A Few Times Naturally Evoked A Reaction! (1)

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As the tenth day arrived, there were only a few talented martial warriors left on the Spiritual Hollow Mountain.

More and more people reached their limits and eventually withdrew from the Spiritual Hollow Mountain.

Inside the Spiritual Hollow Mountain, their spirit, Force, and more could not recover. Even talent and willpower had reached their limits and could no longer sustain them.

Although human willpower was infinite, not everyone could unleash a powerful will at any time.

In the end, only the top ten talents were left on the Spiritual Hollow Mountain.

Even Yue Qiqiao and the others couldn’t move forward and had to give up.

Meanwhile, Yu Yunxian and others continued to lead ahead of Wang Teng, climbing without paying attention to him.

At this moment, no one had the energy to care about external matters.

Their eyes were fixed on the mountaintop!

And their minds were focused solely on the ascent to the summit.

At this point, they had depleted their Force, and the physical strength they had consumed had almost reached its limit.

Even their talent was becoming difficult to maintain.

It had turned into a battle of willpower.

However, what they didn’t know was that their current position was only about two-thirds of the way up the Spiritual Hollow Mountain. There was still a considerable distance to climb.

“This Spiritual Hollow Mountain is really high!” Round Ball exclaimed in Wang Teng’s mind.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Wang Teng responded with a hint of sarcasm.

Of course it was high. They had been climbing for ten days and hadn’t reached the summit.

The academy was quite ruthless. They gave them the challenge of ascending such a terrifying mountain.

Even with Wang Teng’s formidable mental and spiritual strength, along with his talent and willpower, he felt immense pressure.

Without his unique abilities, the ascent would have been far from easy.

At this moment, he planted both hands firmly on the mountain wall, and leaped upward like a monkey, effortlessly surmounting a significant height.

Simultaneously, his spiritual power penetrated the mountain wall, teasing the ancient runes within and collecting the attribute bubbles that dropped as a result.

Ancient Runes*50

Ancient Wood Runes*ioo

Cosmos realm Spirit*i20

Ancient Earth Runes*i50

Ancient Runes*i30

One by one, the attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s mind, transforming into insights that intertwined with his memories.

These insights manifested as mysterious and profound runes, shimmering in the depths of his memory. Among them were two particularly special runes one radiating a vibrant green light, brimming with vitality, and the other emanating an earthy yellow glow, as thick and solid as the earth.

Wang Teng felt no surprise anymore. After climbing to such heights, he had already encountered many of these special ancient runes.

By now, he had collected a variety of special ancient runes, completing the set of the five elemental ancient runes, along with lightning, ice, and poison runes, totaling eight.

His speculation received confirmation.

The Spiritual Hollow Mountain could indeed suppress warriors of all attributes because the runes here covered all aspects.

Yet, he couldn’t help but consider if there might be one missing – the dark rune.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng didn’t dare to use his Dark Force. If he did, he would likely be caught and thoroughly examined by the academy’s powerhouses.

His Dark Force was purer than Yu Yunxian’s. They couldn’t be compared at all.

Yu Yunxian was at most bewitched and there was still room for salvage. As for him, in other people’s eyes, he probably couldn’t be saved. He could be sentenced to death.

Of course, this was Wang Teng’s guess.

Even with a remote possibility, Wang Teng wasn’t willing to take such a risk. He wasn’t done living yet.

“Round Ball, what do you think will happen if 1 master all the ancient runes?” Wang Teng continued climbing while posing the question to Round Ball.

“Master all of them?” Round Ball was momentarily stunned and couldn’t help but chuckle.

Young man, you might be thinking too much!

Mastering all the ancient runes was a tall order, not even achievable by a saint-level rune master, much less a grandmaster rune master. Wang Teng was quite daring to suggest that.

However, Round Ball didn’t dare to provoke Wang Teng.

Climbing the Spiritual Hollow Mountain was already irritating, and what if Wang Teng decided to take out his frustration on it?

“You think it’s impossible?” Wang Teng smiled faintly and asked.

“Well… it’s challenging!” Round Ball hesitated for a moment, expressing tactfully.

“Setting aside that, what do you think will happen if I truly master all of them?” Wang Teng continued, indifferent to the response.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen anyone who could master all the ancient runes. There were, however, some ancient saints who were knowledgeable in many runes, but even they wouldn’t claim to have mastered them all. In those times, ancient runes hadn’t completely disappeared, and they were still widely spread knowledge in the runic world.” Round Ball spoke with seriousness.

Wang Teng nodded thoughtfully. Suddenly, his spiritual power detected something, surprising him.

Inside the mountain, a sphere composed entirely of runes floated, emitting a faint light.

“What is this?” Wang Teng was surprised.

“What is what?” Round Ball thought that Wang Teng was talking to it so it asked curiously.

“Nothing. 1 found something interesting.” Wang Teng smiled and didn’t pay further attention to Round Ball. His gaze focused on the runic sphere suspended within the mountain.

This runic sphere was located at the center of the mountain and was still quite a distance away from Wang Teng’s spiritual power.

Moving his spiritual sense within the mountain was no simple task. It felt like navigating through a muddy swamp, challenging to move a fraction of an inch..