Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2213 - : Tong Ya’s Gift! (1)

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Chapter 2213: Tong Ya’s Gift! (1)

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The events at the entrance of the Academy Arbitration Association quickly spread throughout the Seventh Stellar Academy.

“Wang Teng became a councilor?!”

This was everyone’s first reaction after hearing the news.

Wang Teng had been an associate council member, and now, surprisingly, he became a councilor. It caught everyone off guard.

Outsiders were unaware of what had happened, and why Wang Teng had suddenly become a councilor without even passing the councilor promotion assessment.

However, they had to believe it as many saw on the internal network video that several councilors had acknowledged Wang Teng’s councilor status.

This was an undeniable fact.


When Feng Qingyan learned of this news, his expression changed drastically. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

He had just prepared to seclude himself for cultivation when he heard this news, making it impossible for him to focus on seclusion.

“This person must be eliminated!”

Murderous intent surged in Feng Qingyan’s eyes. Wang Teng had gradually reached a threatening position. If he was allowed to continue developing, even standing firm in the Academy Arbitration Association, Feng Qingyan would likely face difficulties.

Knowing Wang Teng’s vengeful nature, Feng Qingyan believed that, given Wang Teng’s past actions, he wouldn’t easily relent.

“How are the preparations you made?” Ruan Banlian hurriedly approached, asking immediately upon meeting.

“As long as he leaves the stellar academy, we can take action,” Feng Qingyan glanced at her and said calmly.

“Good!” Ruan Banlian took a deep breath, calmed her emotions, and coldly stated, “Now that he has become a councilor, he will definitely leave the stellar academy for relevant tasks. This is an excellent opportunity. We can’t let him continue to grow.”

“Rest assured, this time he won’t escape.” Feng Qingyan spoke with confidence.

Seeing his demeanor, Ruan Banlian was very curious about the methods he had employed. However, she didn’t get an answer after asking him a few times. Hence, she decided not to press further this time.

On the other side, Yue Qiqiao, Wu Yan, and others also received the news simultaneously, causing quite a stir.


“I didn’t expect Wang Teng to become a councilor!” Yue Qiqiao exclaimed.

“How did he manage that?” Wu Yan’s eyes flickered with disbelief. That guy had become a councilor.

That was the councilor of the Academy Arbitration Association, a position that even heaven-stage martial warriors might struggle to attain. It was unbelievable that Wang Teng, who was only at the cosmos stage, became a councilor successfully.

Yu Yunxian, Baichuan Liu, Lu Tian, and the others showed expressions of surprise as well. Despite acknowledging that Wang Teng was indeed more formidable than them, the speed at which he ascended to become a councilor was astonishing.

In a blink of an eye, he became a councilor of the Academy Arbitration Association. They immediately felt the difference in status.

“Hahaha, the boss is mighty, the boss is awesome!” Wade, on the other hand, didn’t dwell on the complexities. For him, the news of Wang Teng becoming a councilor was a huge cause for celebration.

Becoming a councilor with the status of a new student was an unprecedented event. The only way to describe it was with one word-impressive!

“But this guy offended another councilor right after becoming one. Is that a good move?” Yue Qiqiao remarked with a speechless expression.

“Uh…” The others were also a bit speechless.

Upon reflection, they realized that Wang Teng seemed to have offended a veteran councilor named Ernest right after becoming a councilor, and he did so quite thoroughly without leaving any room for reconciliation.

His talent for stirring up trouble was truly unmatched!

“But it seems like that Councilor Ernest didn’t do anything to the boss in the end?” Wade couldn’t help muttering.

“Wang Teng may not seem to have suffered a loss this time, but the other party is a seasoned councilor with tremendous influence. If he wants to deal with Wang Teng, it’s simple,” Yue Qiqiao shook her head.

“That’s true. I’ve heard of that Councilor Ernest. Even my big brother has to be cautious around him,” Wu Yan said with a slightly serious expression.

“Let’s hope Wang Teng is truly confident in dealing with it,” Yue Qiqiao sighed. They had no way of intervening in the matters of the Academy Arbitration Association.

Wu Yan and the others shook their heads and didn’t say much more.

On the other side, inside an estate, Tong En and a breath takingly beautiful woman sat together. Both of them had also received the news of Wang Teng becoming a councilor.

“Sister, see? I was right about him. This guy is not simple at all,” Tong En’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. Then, she gloated.

“A councilor?” The stunning woman raised an eyebrow and nodded. “Becoming a councilor in the Academy Arbitration Association right after reaching the cosmos stage is indeed not simple. No wonder you’ve been praising him.”

The beautiful woman was none other than Tong En’s sister, the beauty listed on the universe goddess rank, Tong Ya.

If one observed their features closely, there were similarities between them.

It could be said that Tong En’s cute appearance was a slightly misshapen creation by the Creator.

“And he dared to offend Ernest the moment he entered the Academy Arbitration Association. It really surprised me,” Tong Ya commented as she watched the video circulating on the internal network.

“He’s bold and fearless. Ernest thought he had him figured out, but he didn’t expect to encounter a tough and unyielding opponent who’s as hard as a rock.” Tong En laughed.

“Hard as a rock, your metaphors are quite crude,” Tong Ya said with a bit of exasperation.

“He’s just that kind of person,” Tong En grinned. “But he’s not bad to his friends..”

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