Constructing-Style Wizard-Chapter 220 - :109. Dangerous Meow_4

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Chapter 220:109. Dangerous Meow_4

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“So I’ll hole up in the dormitory for three days. Except for eating and going to the toilet, nobody can make me go out.”

Noland Lee quickened his pace.

He raised his hand, lowered his head to look at his thumb, and his gaze fell on the alchemy mark on the pad of his thumb, while his mind was filled with thoughts.

“I currently have three fake identities. First, an Iron Thorn Security Team Member, second, a Death Experiment Subject, and third, Sin Soldier No. 888 Noland Lee Jarvis.

“Considering the hostile wizards, the Empire’s Military Intelligence Section 6, and even the powerful alchemists I might accidentally offend in the future, it’s best for me to prepare more fake identities, layering them on top of each other. That way, even if I can’t beat my enemies, I can fake my death and escape through my fake identities.

“Compared to identity cards, I feel that the alchemy marks made by the Great Alchemist are more likely to convince my enemies.

“Well, it looks like I’ll have to add forging alchemy marks to my plan.”

Noland Lee knew about two other identity-mark-like magical effects similar to alchemy marks.

One was the “Mark of Resentment” of the Undead Cult, which allowed mindless undead from the Resentment Faction to ignore him.

The other was the “Wizard’s Law Seal” mastered by Death Notice Guild Wizard Greenshaw.

Greenshaw’s wizard seal consisted of three parts:

The emblem of the wizard faction in Wizards Teaching Forest, the personal seal of the lecturer professor, and a personal seal designed by Greenshaw himself for himself.

It’s worth mentioning that among these three components, only Greenshaw’s personal seal is intact, while the other two components are severely missing.

In Greenshaw’s memory, Noland Lee couldn’t find the missing parts of the seal.

Undoubtedly, some great magical power erased the things that shouldn’t exist in his memory when Greenshaw died suddenly.

Other examples include:

“Online teaching” specifics and teaching content, the appearance of the lecturer professor, the identities, and appearances of high-ranking members of the Death Herald Guild, etc.

So, the “seal” is a big deal in this world.

It’s definitely one of the essential tools for proving one’s identity.

If he cracks it, he could be Greenshaw, a Great Alchemist, someone else from other wizard forces, or even Kasha… um… yeah, never mind cross-dressing…

In short, any magical items that can achieve a nesting effect should be taken seriously.

It’s not all about securing multiple escape routes for Noland Lee.

The experience of exploiting the deconstruction technique to enjoy books for free during the day gave him a vague plan.

If he can solve the issue of faction identity and infiltrate various factions, he would be able to freely enjoy the knowledge within.

The deconstruction technique doesn’t have any external manifestations or noise during the process of enjoying books for free.

As long as he settles the issue of identity, all other problems will be solved.

And then the rolling profits will follow.

Knowledge is priceless, and the cost of obtaining knowledge is also extremely high.

Noland Lee may not be the creator of knowledge, but he can be the carrier of knowledge.

Sell the knowledge he enjoyed for free to those who need it.

Undoubtedly, this is a highly profitable business, with low asset requirement, high turnover, quick monetization, strong push factor, low cost, and high return.

Deep down, Noland Lee has a feeling…

He might not be the strongest person in this world in the future, but he will definitely be the most knowledgeable…

And all this will start with deconstructing the alchemy mark on his thumb. Noland Lee steadied his mind, stared at the mark, and cast the deconstruction technique.

But before he could check the system message, a cold light suddenly shot out from the alley he was passing by!

Noland Lee’s hair stood on end as he dodged the attack sideways.

With a “swish”, the cold light brushed past his waist and cut the strap of his gun holster.

His only firearm fell to the ground, and just as Noland Lee was about to pick it up, two more cold glints shot out. The first pushed the firearm away, and the second aimed at the back of his hand.

As the cold light was about to land on his hand, the arm movements in “Soul Casting Technique” emerged in Noland Lee’s mind. He subconsciously followed the instinctive guidance of his body, forcibly rotating his shoulder and arm.

His arm twisted like a turning python, adopting a strange posture to avoid the cold light.


The cold light fell short, striking the ground tiles in the street, rolling twice, and stopping in place – it was a chilling wolf tooth dart.

“A member of the Ferocious Hounds?”

Noland Lee didn’t have time to take a good look at the attacker’s figure, as he darted into a corner.

As soon as he steadied himself against the wall, a slender curved dagger came stabbing from the other side of the corner.

There was a furry hand holding the dagger, presumably the Ferocious Hound Alchemist attacking him.

The attacker probably didn’t intend to kill him.

Neither the previous wolf tooth darts nor the current dagger aimed at his shoulder targeted Noland Lee’s vital points.

Noland Lee guessed the attacker’s intention while twisting his waist, pulling his upper body, and avoiding the dagger blade.

He leaned against the wall, taking several steps on his tiptoes before retreating sideways.

The attacker’s dagger missed and struck the wall with a clang, emitting sparks.

A pair of well-proportioned thighs and a perfectly curved waist were the first things revealed from behind the wall, then followed by a furry upper body with female features and a surprising cat face. fre(e)novelkiss

This was not a “Wolfpack Guard” but an alchemy weapon related to “cats”.

When Noland Lee used to watch “Tom and Jerry” , he wondered why Tom was fascinated by the white cat, but now he knew the answer.

It turns out that there are indeed charming and graceful feline ladies!

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