Constructing-Style Wizard-Chapter 221 - :109. Dangerous Meow_5

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Chapter 221:109. Dangerous Meow_5

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And that too with golden-orange fur all over its body!

If a Flurrie-lover were here, they might just faint with joy…

Noland Lee was not a Flurrie-lover.

He remained as calm as he should be.

His gaze focused intently on the Assassin’s hand movements, narrowly avoiding the Dagger while he yelled:


Before he could even finish the first syllable, the Feline Lady opened her mouth slightly and emitted a thick pink mist.

The pink fog rushed towards Noland’s face like a Sharp Arrow.

Noland quickly swallowed the words he was about to say, held his breath, covered his mouth and nose, and retreated back at faster speed.

“Is this cat lady trying to test my limits? Or kidnap me?”

Under the Sunglasses, Noland’s eyes remain calm. He fired a Deconstruction

Technique at the Cat-Lady.

[System Message: ]

[You are about to launch Deconstruction Technique at “Unnamed Extraordinary One”.]

[Estimated to consume 17,000 Energy Points, reaching 100% degree of deconstruction.]

“Hmm, she doesn’t really want to kill me. She’s using 7,000 more energy points than Kent. If she used all her strength for a sneak attack, I might have to use ‘Magic Shield’ to withstand it. What’s your goal, Meow Meow People?…Are you after my right eye?”

Noland leaned back to dodge the Dagger aimed at his ear, raised his right hand and reached for the glasses frame.

The Cat-Lady’s left hand trembled, shooting a Wolf Tooth Dart towards Noland’s right hand.

Noland had anticipated it and managed to dodge the cold Hidden Weapon in time.

Although his movement to raise the frame was interrupted, he didn’t panic. On the contrary, he became even more composed.

So far, only people from Iron Thorn Shield knew that he had to lift his glasses to reveal his right eye while activating his Extraordinary Abilities. The Cat-Lady in front of him seemed to know that as well.

There were only two possibilities:


The Cat-Lady was from Iron Thorn Shield or some closely related power that knew Noland’s signature move. f(r)eenovelkiss

She was here to gauge Noland’s true strength.


There was a spy within Iron Thorn Shield who had leaked Noland’s information to rival Gang Sects or other hostile forces. The Cat-Lady might be here to capture Noland alive.

No matter which possibility, it strengthened Noland’s judgment:

It was his fake extraordinary ability that had attracted this Meow Meow person.

“Heh, I didn’t expect my fake identity to draw attention so quickly. Who are you really?”

Noland chuckled to himself.

If she wasn’t using her full strength, it was best to try to wear her down first.

The two figures tangled on the empty street alley, advancing and retreating, moving through the crosswalks in a cat-and-mouse chase.

Impatience appeared on the Cat-Lady’s face, her gem-like eyes flashed with cold light, and her attack became even more fierce.

Her Dagger-swinging motion suddenly accelerated, leaving trails of afterimages under the Lamp.

The Dagger’s tip shone coldly, and amidst a series of feints, it was aimed at Noland’s lower body.

Noland felt an icy chill on his legs.

He knew that he could no longer hold back.

Noland directly activated the “Fear Spell” through the lenses of his Sunglasses.

Transparent Lightning shot out, aiming for the Cat-Lady’s face.

But a White Moonlight appeared out of nowhere, floating in front of the Cat-Lady, blocking the Transparent Lightning.

Noland’s gaze became slightly focused, and he felt a bit surprised in his heart.

White Moonlight neutralized the Transparent Lightning, and both disappeared without a trace.

The Cat-Lady withdrew her Dagger and slowly stepped back.

A mysterious smile hung on her lips as if she had achieved her goal.

“I’ll come for you again, Ray Lee. Let’s talk next time.”

Facing Noland, The Cat-Lady retreated backwards, her golden-orange fur shining even brighter under the moonlight.

Her figure began to fade, as if she were about to activate some extraordinary ability with an invisibility effect.

Noland tilted his head slightly, appearing calm as if he were just watching her leave, but inside he was puzzled.

“Did I let you go? Kitten..”

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