Cultivation Online-Chapter 1398 Regret

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Chapter 1398 Regret

1398 Regret

"A-Actually, I was on my way to apologize to Yuan for my behavior…" Xiong Lu subconsciously blurted out loud after being threatened by Wang Ming.

"Oh? In that case, let's get going." Wang Ming smiled as he started walking down the mountain again.

Xiong Lu could only accept his fate and follow the Demon Sealing Faction back to their residence. However, a few minutes later, Xiong Lu's cell phone started ringing loudly.

'Fuck! It must be the Deviant Bloods! Why did they have to call me back so quickly?! Are they trying to get me killed?!' Xiong Lu cursed inwardly.

The phone continued ringing, but Xiong Lu didn't dare to answer it and pretended to not even hear it. After all, he was surrounded by Spirit Grandmasters with incredible senses who would surely be able to hear his conversation with the Deviant Bloods from meters away.

If the Demon Sealing Faction were to learn that he'd tried hiring assassins to go after Yuan, he would surely vanish from the face of this earth before reaching Yuan's residence. Under such circumstances, Xiong Lu had no choice but to ignore the phone even if it might raise some eyebrows.

"Hey, aren't you going to answer it?" Wang Ming asked him with raised eyebrows.

"I-It's probably just spam."

"It's annoying! Hurry up and pick up the phone already!" Wang Bingbing shouted at him.

Due to the pressure on him, Xiong Lu completely forgot that he could simply put his phone in silence.

"Sorry…" Xiong Lu retrieved his phone and answered it.

"Young Master Xiong? We have come to a decision and—"

However, Xiong Lu immediately interrupted and spoke in an angry voice, "Fuck! Stop bothering me with your spam!"

"Huh? But we are—"

"Shut up! If you dare call me again, I will use all of the Xiong Family's resources to hunt you down!" Xiong Lu quickly closed his phone afterward, not letting the other party utter another word.

He proceeded to show an awkward smile to the others and said, "My apologies. Because of my position within the family, there are always people contacting me with bothersome things."

Of course, that was a lie. Even if people wanted to contact him for advertisements, they wouldn't have the means to find his personal phone number.

Eventually, the Demon Sealing Faction returned home.

"You can wait out here. We'll let Yuan know of your arrival." Wang Ming said to him.

"I understand." Xiong Lu nodded with an obedient smile, but deep inside, he was fuming with anger, as he'd never experienced such shame before. Even losing his army of exiles to Yuan wasn't as humiliating as this.

Inside the manor, Yuan was notified of Xiong Lu's unexpected appearance.

"Oh? Xiong Lu is here to apologize? I expected many things, but this was definitely out of my expectations." Yuan showed a look of surprise after hearing this information.

Wang Ming chuckled, "He's probably acting like that because we sort of threatened him a little."

Yuan smiled and said, "Anyways, I'll meet with him. Bring him to the living room."

"Let's make him wait a little longer—at least until we all clean up our appearance." Wang Xiuying suddenly suggested.

"That's a little mean, but I am not against it." Wang Bingbing chuckled.

"Hmph! That's what he gets for threatening us!" Chu Liuxiang sneered.

Upon hearing their suggestions, Yuan nodded with a smile on his face.

Once it was decided, everyone returned to their own rooms to clean themselves.

Half an hour had passed since Xiong Lu was told to wait outside the manor, yet nobody returned to speak with him, almost as though they had forgotten about him entirely.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck! These fucking bastards! How dare they treat me like this?!'

However, despite the mistreatment and humiliation, Xiong Lu's feet remained rooted to the ground. If he left now, he would most likely forever lose the opportunity to apologize to Yuan.

Eventually, after forty-five minutes since his arrival, Meifeng came outside to meet Xiong Lu, who was visibly trembling from anger.

"The Demon Sealing Faction is ready to meet you," Meifeng said, not even bothering to apologize for making him wait.

Xiong Lu clenched his teeth and silently nodded, his forehead bulging with veins that he couldn't control nor hide.

Meifeng led Xiong Lu to their living room, where Yuan and the rest of the Demon Sealing Faction were assembled. Seated at a long table, an intense atmosphere permeated the room, resembling a tribunal of judges ready to pass down judgment.

Xiong Lu swallowed nervously when he saw this. When he stepped into the room, he could feel the appearance of an invisible blade pressing at his neck, threatening to kill him if he misbehaved in the slightest.

Yuan, who was seated the furthest away, spoke in a calm voice, "Xiong Lu, right? You seem quite different from when we met in Cultivation Online."

Even though Yuan was seated, it felt as if he occupied an unattainable position, gazing down upon Xiong Lu from high above.

In comparison to Cultivation Online, the intensity and pressure of Yuan's gaze were unfathomably more potent in the real world.

Xiong Lu instinctively froze upon sensing this gaze, momentarily forgetting how to breathe. The terrifying pressure emanating from Yuan at this moment rivaled that of his father, if not surpassing it, resembling that of a beast with unfathomable power and deep bloodlust.

Despite encountering the Demon Sealing Faction and gaining insights into their real cultivation, Xiong Lu remained fixated on devising ways to destroy Yuan and those close to him.

However, upon meeting Yuan in person and comprehending the true extent of the monster before him, Xiong Lu swiftly discarded such vengeful thoughts and relinquished the pursuit of revenge.


Xiong Lu fell to his knees and kissed the floor with his forehead before shouting in a loud voice, "I AM TERRIBLY SORRY FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE! I DEEPLY REGRET MY ACTIONS AND VOW TO NEVER STEP IN YOUR PATH EVER AGAIN! PLEASE, FORGIVE ME!"


After Xiong Lu's voice stopped echoing, an eerie silence filled the room.