Cultivation Online-Chapter 1399 Li Jinxi’s Dreams

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Chapter 1399 Li Jinxi's Dreams

1399 Li Jinxi's Dreams

Yuan raised an eyebrow with a somewhat surprised look on his face after witnessing Xiong Lu's exaggerated apology. freew(e)bnovel

However, he had no intentions of forgiving Xiong Lu so easily and spoke in a cold voice, "Why should I accept your apology? You think you can provoke me and make it go away with an apology whenever you want? Who do you think you are? Do I look like a pushover to you?"

"N-No! Of course not!" Xiong Lu quickly said, but he couldn't think of anything else to say in this situation. After all, it was true that he had provoked Yuan out of sheer jealousy, and Yuan had no reason to trust his sincerity."

"What do I have to do?" Xiong Lu asked after a moment of silence.

"Nothing." Yuan calmly said.

"E-excuse me?" Xiong Lu wore a dazed expression on his face, seemingly unable to understand the meaning behind Yuan's words.

Yuan quickly responded in a calm tone, "I will not accept your apology, but I will also not come after you for revenge. If you stay out of my way and don't provoke me any further, we can both continue to live our lives without any unnecessary headaches. However, the moment you try to do anything to me or those around me to get to me, I will immediately crush you and your entire family. Do I make myself clear?"

Xiong Lu did not immediately respond, as he had to take a moment to comprehend Yuan's words.

He nodded a moment later, saying, "You have my word."

Yuan sneered, "Your words are worthless to me, nor will I believe them. But as I said, I don't want any unnecessary bloodshed, so you don't have to worry about that. If you have nothing else to say, you may leave."

Xiong Lu didn't dare to stay there any longer, fearing that Yuan might suddenly change his mind. He left the place the following moment, escorted out by Meifeng.

"I think you let him off the hook a little too easily, Yuan. He deserved to be punished a little more for what he'd done to you." Wang Ming suddenly said.

A few others proceeded to chime in, agreeing with Wang Ming's view.

Yuan smiled and asked, "What kind of punishment should I have given him? We're not in Cultivation Online, so it's not like I can chop his hands off for messing with me. He's just an overly prideful and reckless young brat who went a little overboard with his provocations. I don't have the energy to deal with someone as meaningless as him."

"Young brat? You sound like an old man." Shi Lang laughed out loud.

Sure enough, Yuan's mentality had matured even further after absorbing more of Tian Yang's memories, perhaps a little too much. However, this was an inevitable change, and it would only get worse as he continued to recollect more memories.

Yuan stood up and said to them, "Get some early rest today. I will train with you guys tomorrow. I am curious how the Lord trains you all."

While everyone left their seat, Li Jinxi remained seated for a little longer, her gaze on Yuan, looking as though she was in deep thought.

Ever since Yuan handed the Golden Empress to her in Cultivation Online, Li Jinxi has been having weird dreams in her sleep, mostly about living as someone with a similar face and name in a world similar to Cultivation Online.

Li Jinxi didn't initially give it much thought, considering it was common for dreams to be influenced by one's thoughts before sleep or throughout the day. She often contemplated cultivation, so such dreams were not unusual for her.

Yet, as she encountered more and more of these dreams, a realization gradually dawned on her—that perhaps they were more than mere dreams. These visions were oddly specific, intricate, and realistic, almost as if she were reliving another life she had once known.

Moreover, intertwined within these dreams was someone strikingly familiar. This person bore Yuan's face, yet his demeanor was cold and aloof. Despite that, the person in her dreams followed this person from the moment they first met, akin to a newborn chick following its mother.

Li Jinxi wanted to share her experiences with Yuan, but she hesitated, wary of sounding crazy. Thus, she had been suppressing the urge for a considerable time. However, after witnessing Yuan's reaction to Xiong Lu today, he seemed to bear a resemblance to the man in her dreams.

In the end, Li Jinxi refrained from approaching Yuan and returned to her room, immediately heading to bed to dream—

a world that had captivated her as of late.

"Tian Xin, where are you heading to now?"

"That's none of your business."

"Hmm... You always seem to have a destination in mind, and it would always benefit your cultivation greatly in the end, almost as though you knew it would happen. How is that possible? Can you see the future or something?" Jin Xi pondered, expressing her observations after following him for decades.

Tian Xin glanced at her and sneered, "Do I look like a god to you? It's just coincidence."

"Coincidence? Do you think I am stupid? Every place you go just happens to have exactly what you need at that moment! If you cannot see the future, then you can control fate! You cannot convince me otherwise!"

"Whatever you say." Tian Xin merely shrugged at her words, treating her as though she was just a random crazy lady.

Li Jinxi woke up after sleeping for exactly eight hours, but it felt like she had lived for years within her dreams. f(r)eenovelkiss

"My cultivation went up again…" Li Jinxi mumbled to herself after inspecting her body.

The biggest reason why Li Jinxi believed her dreams were more than just ordinary dreams was because her cultivation would increase a little after every dream.

Unfortunately, she could not explain the reason behind this phenomenon.

'There must be a reason why I am having these dreams. Hopefully, the answers will reveal themselves through the dreams…' Li Jinxi thought to herself as she prepared for another day of training.

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