Cultivation Online-Chapter 1431 Creation of the Shadow Army

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Chapter 1431 Creation of the Shadow Army

1431 Creation of the Shadow Army

The more Tian Xian's army watched him massacre the Celestial Army, the less they wanted to interfere. In the end, his soldiers could only stand in the distance like a group of stone statues and watch as piles of corpses quickly formed into mountains.

An hour later, Tian Xian lowered his spear after killing every single soldier from the Celestial Army. Some of the soldiers tried to escape toward the end of the battle when they realized that he was unkillable, but Tian Xian chased after each and every single one with a profound movement technique that he never displayed before until today.

As Tian Xian stood in a sea of blood and beside mountains of corpses, he held a dazed look on his face. He stared at the red sky with his blood soaking every inch of his body, looking like he'd just jumped into a bath filled with blood.

Despite the carnage he wrought upon the Celestial Emperor's soldiers, Tian Xian found no satisfaction in his actions. His bloodlust remained unquenched, soaring skyward like a relentless tempest, leaving him feeling no better than before.

His soldiers remained distant from him, fearing that he might attack them if they got too close. However, a fearless individual eventually approached him and kneeled before him in the sea of blood.

"My lord, what are your commands?" Dong Ye asked.

After a moment of silence, without looking away from the sky, Tian Xian muttered in a low voice, "I am stepping down from the position of City Lord, as I have to leave for a long, long time. I don't know when I will be back if I ever will… Dong Ye, I will leave the military and the city in your hands…"

"B-but my lord—"

"Don't follow me."

Before Dong Ye could even finish his sentence, Tian Xian flew toward the red sky and disappeared into it.

Dong Ye was left speechless. He wanted to chase after Tian Xian, but he didn't dare to defy Tian Xian's order.

In the end, Dong Ye could only relay Tian Xian's words to the other soldiers.

"The City Lord left his position and won't return?!"

"What will happen to the City of Xian now?!"

"What about our military?!"

"Where did the Commander go?! Why did he suddenly abandon everything?!"

Although these soldiers were filled with questions, they eventually understood the situation when they returned to the city and saw the scene at Tian Xian's house, who left in a hurry and never got the chance to clean up the mess at his house.

Dong Ye and the others were overwhelmed with sorrow and anger when they saw the gruesome scene inside Tian Xian's house.

Most of them were familiar with Xiu Mei and treated her as though she was a goddess, so one could imagine the shock they received when they saw what had happened to her and her unborn child.

Unable to leave Xiu Mei in such a state, Dong Ye and the others gave her a proper burial and even held a mass funeral for her. Many hoped Tian Xian would show up during the funeral, but alas, he was nowhere to be seen.

After the funeral, Dong Ye and the rest of the army gathered to discuss their future.

"The Commander is most likely fighting the Celestial Emperor and his army all by himself right now…"

"He left everything behind because he didn't want us to be targeted as well…"

"Damn it! How could we let such a thing happen to the City Lord and Fairy Xiu after everything they've done for us?! We are so fucking useless!"

"Isn't there anything we can do for the City Lord?! I refuse to sit still after what happened!"

After hearing the soldiers' complaint, Dong Ye stepped forward and spoke in a grim voice, "I have a suggestion…"

He continued, "I am going to assist the Lord in his revenge. As powerful as our Lord may be, he cannot deal with the Celestial Emperor by himself. If you want to come with me, raise your hand. Otherwise, you may leave, as this will likely result in our deaths."

The very next moment, every soldier who had fought alongside Tian Xian raised their hands, their faces filled with determination.

Someone then spoke, "But how can we assist him? We're all too weak. And the Commander had specifically told us not to follow him."

Dong Ye closed his eyes and pondered for several minutes before responding, "Indeed, we are too weak to do anything to the Celestial Emperor right now. However, things will not remain this way forever. Moreover, there are several ways to assist the Lord without letting him know."

"That sounds good."

"I'm all for it."

"Then starting today, will move in the shadows and assist the Lord from a place he cannot see! We shall become the Shadow Army!"


"Down with the Celestial Emperor and his lackeys!"

"For the City Lord!"

"For Fairy Xiu!"

"For their child!"

This moment marked the birth of the Shadow Army, Evil God's most fearsome and mysterious army that would play a massive role in helping Tian Xian defeat the Celestial Emperor.

Moreover, following Dong Ye and others' revelation of the dire circumstances to the rest of the city, the citizens rallied behind the cause, offering their unwavering support to the Shadow Army. The City of Xian, once the home of Tian Xian, now served as the bedrock for the establishment of the Shadow Army.

Together, they forged a network to gather information and resources to support the fight against the Celestial Emperor, eventually becoming Divine Heaven's most formidable and largest information-gathering network.

Since Tian Xian left the City of Xian and started hunting down the Celestial Army throughout the Divine Heaven, the Celestial Emperor stopped paying about them, allowing the city to grow without much hindrance. While many have tried to claim the City of Xian for themselves after news of Tian Xian's departure spread, the Shadow Army made sure to keep the place untouched for Tian Xian's return.

Despite the absence of Tian Xian, the Shadow Army remained as a formidable force, composed of veterans and prodigies who had been meticulously trained by him. United by a newfound purpose and vision, they continued to grow stronger with each passing day, fueled by their unwavering determination and commitment to their cause.

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