Deities: Starting From Goblins-Chapter 215 - 106: (Crazy Concept) ! Stepping into the Transcendent Tier, I will definitely be able to kill Logan!

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Chapter 215: Chapter 106: (Crazy Concept) ! Stepping into the Transcendent Tier, I will definitely be able to kill Logan!

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TOI+ World Region,

Goblin World Fragment – Border Island,

Beyond World Fragments,

When Logan saw Lord Yan take the initiative to propose signing the

[Partnership Contract], he was a little dumbfounded, but more surprised-

Originally, he thought that if he could sign an equal contract, it would already be good enough.

After all, the gap between Transcendent Tier and ordinary lifeforms is difficult to bridge, and he didn’t think too much about it.

He just thought that by using an equal contract as a bridge, he could make the other party owe him a favor and work for him step by step.

Play the long game and catch the big fish.

But Logan didn’t expect that this set of tricks would work so well, and Lord Yan took the bait, choosing the [Partnership Contract] by himself…


Logan had no thoughts of refusing, and seeing that Lord Yan had spoken out and there were signs of him sobering up, he hurriedly beckoned a [Partnership Contract] with a hyperdimensional mark from the void and set relatively loose conditions, and then sincerely handed it to Lord Yan, with a warm voice,

“Brother Lord Yan.”

“I just wanted to help out as much as I could, but I didn’t expect you to trust me so much!” “Then, I will do my best to protect you and your clan!”


The slight regret that had come over Lord Yan was now making him even more lucid.

But, being lucid, he felt that if he really signed the [Partnership Contract], it might not necessarily be a bad thing-

First, it could really protect his life and clan!

If they couldn’t protect themselves, why would these two deities go to so much trouble?

Second, by forming a relationship with the Angel God using the body of a goblin, Lord Yan felt an instinct…no, it was a will from the [Underworld] that was pushing him to approach the Goblin Deity.

With this in mind, Lord Yan’s eyes became more resolute-

Having made up his mind, he no longer hesitated, and instantly forced out a wisp of his own willpower to fuse into the partnership contract.

In an instant, he felt that he had established a close connection with the deity before him.

The establishment of this connection made Lord Yan, who was already a Transcendent Tier being, couldn’t help but have his black- gold pupils contract and his will shaken-

While signing the contract with Logan, a close connection at the level of will was formed.

Through this close connection,

He felt that he was not facing an individual, but a living, vast world!

A deity is a world!


Lord Yan was shocked,

At the same time, he also felt the terrifying will within Logan that was no less than an ordinary Transcendent Tier, which made him feel much more at ease, and he felt that he had not signed the wrong contract.

“Since that’s the case, let’s go.”

Logan showed a hint of a smile, wanting to fight a quick battle, and resolve Lord Yan’s matters in the Ancient Nest as soon as possible.

The presence of Heather Graham in particular made things much simpler.

And this matter was something Logan deliberately had Heather Graham involved in.

The Sky Man Tribe was supposed to be his planet.

Sophie Kerrigan knew about this, Heather Graham knew about it, and so did many people with authority.

And his Goblin Deity identity was not a secret to the high-authority deities; it was only a matter of time before it would be exposed.

It was just a matter of time. freewebnov

If his own planet was about to face great danger and be trampled underfoot, and he had no reaction at all?

It wouldn’t make sense considering his character.

But what if he “subdued” a Transcendent Tier lifeform and let it take the lead?

Wouldn’t that be more reasonable?

At the same time, it would also help to further distance his relationship with Martial Ancestor Hime!

Sacrificing one layer of disguise to ensure the safety of the true disguise, that’s what Logan truly had in mind. As for Heather Graham?

She was just a tool.

With Heather Graham’s “tiger skin” , he really didn’t believe that Phoenix

Ancestor, whose Dao heart was broken, would dare make any strange moves.

At this moment, Logan felt like he had become one of those outer sect disciples in some Xuanhuan novels, who went around threatening the leaders of affiliated sects while wearing a tiger skin.

And Lord Yan was the protagonist of the affiliated sect who was being bullied.

“Hm… ”

Logan pondered for a moment,

“No, Heather Graham should be considered a villain.”

“Father seated on a throne, possessing extraordinary talent, a former princess of the Ultimate Desire Imperial Royal Family, and arrogant and unsociable…”

“Perhaps she even has some ‘reconstruction’ ideas.”

“Heh.” freew ebnove

“The protagonist is with me, and the villain is also with me.”

“What will Phoenix Ancestor use…”

Logan reined in his dangerous thoughts, and under his guidance, the three of them stepped into the spatial passage leading to the Ancient Nest. The moment they entered the spatial passage, Lord Yan felt as if his destiny had deviated.

At the same time, whether these two deities could really save him and his clan, he was filled with anxiety in his heart,

“I hope they can really save us…”

T World Community,

T04 Region,

T0401em Planet (Demon Planet),

The spiritual Abyss Turtlefield lowered its body, preparing to start rebuilding the Demon Insect Nest and breeding the Abyssal Demon Dragon!

Feeling the powerful aura coming from the heart of the Abyssal Demon Dragon King, Abyss Turtlefield couldn’t help but feel a bit pleased, it didn’t believe that Logan could withstand the power of a fully evolved Transcendent Tier

King, Abyss Turtlefield couldn’t help but feel a bit pleased, it didn’t believe that Logan could withstand the power of a fully evolved Transcendent Tier!

“Killing a Transcendent Tier?”

“That’s just an injured Transcendent Tier, and with the help of the Abyssal Heavenly Sovereign Characteristic Containment Art, which can restrain alien tribes, even a pig could kill such a Transcendent Tier!”

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