Deities: Starting From Goblins-Chapter 216 - 106: [Concept of Insanity]! Stepping into the Transcendent Tier, I will surely be able to kill Luo Dan! 2

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Chapter 216: Chapter 106: [Concept of Insanity]! Stepping into the Transcendent Tier, I will surely be able to kill Luo Dan! 2

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Abyss Turtlefield didn’t stop the movements in his hands, continuously releasing Faith Points and demonic spirituality. He wanted to quickly [repair] the Demon Insect Nest, and, with the help of the [Abyss Demon Dragon King’s Heart], breed a Transcendent-tier Demon Dragon.

Even though such an Abyssal Demon Dragon wouldn’t be able to leave its demon planet and could only exist like an Earthbound Spirit on the planet’s homeland, fighting there.

However, it would still be a Transcendent-tier! fr(e)ewebnov(e)

It could serve as a link in the pillar of Abyss Turtlefield’s strength, making his power even more potent!


While continuing his actions, Abyss Turtlefield looked at the slow [repair] progress of the Demon Insect Nest. Even under the time acceleration, it would take at least ten years to repair properly before breeding an Abyssal Demon Dragon!

Ten years; for a deity, it was not long.

One can even say that fixing the [Civilization Foundation] in ten years is already a fairly short time.

Madness gradually filled Abyss Turtlefield’s eyes,

“Why is it so slow?”

“Ten years?”

“I can’t wait even one day!”

With these thoughts, the insanity in Abyss Turtlefield’s eyes could hardly be concealed,

“No, I really can’t stand it!”

Suddenly, a “seed” in Abyss Turtlefield’s will sprouted.

Following that

He, filled with madness, looked at the characteristics in his hand. His chaotic mind seemed to be suddenly activated, as if he had just remembered something,

“I remember when my teacher took me to see his grandmaster, my master, the Abyssal Overlord.”

“My grandmaster once said a very important sentence to my teacher. Let me think about it.”

“I remember!”

“My master said -”

“Elijah, you’ve finally taken this step.”

“I originally gave you the characteristic of [Decay]. Only by having [Rebirth] is it possible to advance further. This child’s characteristic is [Inclusivity]

“Perhaps you can be reborn in him!”

“Yes, it’s this sentence!” When Abyss Turtlefield thought of these words, he couldn’t help but hesitate,

“Reborn in me?”

At that time, he was young and was about to be sent to the Mud Lord’s Forbidden Land to cultivate. He had never thought about the meaning of these words carefully.

After that, he never thought about it!

Until today, if not for hatred, he wouldn’t have remembered this sentence!

“Yes, I’m a deity. How could I forget this sentence!?” “And…”

“And, why did I suddenly remember this sentence?”

“What does this sentence mean? What implications does it have? Why was it said in front of me? Could it be meaningless?”

“There is…”

Abyss Turtlefield’s face was filled with extreme pain, and a trace of clarity appeared in his eyes,

“A big problem!”

But the next moment, his expression relaxed, and the clarity in his eyes was once again covered by madness,

“So what?” “All I need to know is that my characteristic is [Inclusivity]!”

“I can…”

“I can include everything!”

“Swallow this Abyss Demon Dragon King’s Heart, and I may be able to step into the Transcendent-tier!”

“Even if, after that, I may never have the chance to advance again…”

“But, as long as I can kill that Goblin Deity!”

“It’s all worth it!”

The madness on Abyss Turtlefield’s face intensified. The Abyss Demon Dragon Heart in his hand was squeezed, letting out black blood. He even laughed wildly,

“Let’s do this, aren’t demons supposed to be fearless!?”

Laughing wildly, spiritual energy surged crazily around Abyss Turtlefield, and he materialized all the spirituality of the Abyss Insect Nest and the Abyss Demon Dragon King’s Heart!

“Giggle! Giggle!”

The next moment, Abyss Turtlefield actually opened his bloody mouth, eating the Abyss Demon Dragon King’s Heart in bites as if it were an apple!

The heart’s blood splattered onto his face, corroding his already decaying face further.

Even if it corroded his throat and esophagus, he didn’t care!

“Hahaha, come on!”

“Come on!!!”

With an extreme mad laugh, Abyss Turtlefield finished eating the Abyss Demon Dragon King’s Heart!

“Not enough!”

“Still not enough!”

The Abyss Demon Dragon King’s Heart wasn’t something he could digest by devouring it alive!

Almost within ten seconds, not only did Abyss Turtlefield fail to digest much of the Abyss Demon Dragon Heart, he was instead corroded into a completely empty…


Atter eating tne ADYSS Demon Dragon King’s Heart, ADYSS ‘l’urtleneld Decame a sheet of demon skin, but he still made a loud, greedy noise.

The next moment, he set his greedy gaze on the still-repairing Abyss Insect Nest –

“Am I going to die?”

“The Insect Nest is the foundation of life!”

“If I eat you, even if I really die, I can be reborn! Hahahaha!”

Like a black demon, Abyss Turtlefield pounced on the Abyss Insect Nest, feasting on it regardless of its pain and wailing.

Slowly, the Abyss Insect Nest no longer made any sound.

Gradually, the empty demon skin of Abyss Turtlefield became full and robust. Just like he had thought, he had accidentally fulfilled his master’s words:

“I, reborn anew!”

“I’m the Blazing Blade Demon God.”

“My characteristic is [Inclusivity]. It’s not surprising that I can do this.”

“It’s just a pity, I’ve completely lost my potential..”

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