Descent of the Demon Master-Chapter 630. Feeling It (5)

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Chapter 630. Feeling It (5)

'Maybe I've done something stupidly wrong?'

Kang Jin-Ho couldn't help but think that way. Since the former knight of the Round Table was busy shouting passionately at him.

“Of course! I trust Sir Vator's capabilities! However, we're talking about China here, my lord! Sir Vator can't do much by himself in that country. Let me reiterate. That's China. I'm sure you don't know much about that country, but...!”

Of course Kang Jin-Ho knew. Not only that, but he knew a lot, too!

Hadn't he spent a lifetime in China? Even if his 'lifetime' was a wee bit different from most other people's idea of lifetime?

“Even then, you must know that many dangers will be waiting for you on that side. As things stand, the Martial Assembly and Korea's martial society heavily depend on you, my lord. With how delicate this situation is, have you not thought about how serious the impact of your absence will be? Worse still, what if you met with an accident, and...!”

Recently, Kang Jin-Ho's life experienced a massive upheaval. And that was...

'Somehow, the number of naggers around me has increased.'

It was all good and well to surround himself with 'his' people. However, for some unfathomable reason, every single 'his' person turned out to be a bit too talkative for Kang Jin-Ho's liking! Even the individual he thought would be stoic, Vator, was secretly a chatterbox!

“My lord! I sincerely believe this is not the right way.”

“I see. Then, what?” Kang Jin-Ho groaned and asked lifelessly.

“Take me with you as well!”


A new thought suddenly popped into Kang Jin-Ho's head.

'Maybe... This is actually what's happening? Escorting me is merely an excuse, and these people, they... They only want to go on a vacation in another country?'

When his thoughts reached that far, Kang Jin-Ho ended up blurting out a question. “I'm sure you can still have a good vacation in Korea, so why?” freeweb novel. com

“Mm? What do you mean, my lord?”

“...No, forget I said anything.”

Wiggins was British, to begin with. Didn't that mean he was technically already on a foreign holiday? So, why did he want to tag along to China, too?

“My lord, the whole reason why I'm here is you. As such, I cannot afford to let you walk into danger. Besides, I have a perfectly valid reason why I must accompany you, no matter what!”

“A valid reason?”

“Yes. My strength might not reach anywhere close to Sir Vator, but my ability to flee is second to none. In moments of great peril, the only person you can truly trust is me, Wiggins!”


Although that statement made it harder to trust the man, Wiggins' reason sounded... valid, indeed.

“However, Wiggins...” Kang Jin-Ho groaned loudly. “If a combination of a young man, a giant, and an elderly Caucasian man walks around in broad daylight, TV stations might dispatch reporters to interview us.”

“W-well, that is... Mm...” Wiggins' cheeks twitched as if not even someone of his caliber could successfully argue against that logic.

“Besides, you have something to do in Korea, don't you?”

“Yes, that is also true, but...”

“Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it. In the meantime, I want you to stay and protect the place.”

Wiggins didn't seem happy about this arrangement but still nodded away as if he had no other choice. He still hadn't formed a strong-enough relationship with Kang Jin-Ho to the point of successfully coercing the latter. Arguing any more than this would only sour the moods unnecessarily.

“In that case, please take this with you,” said Wiggins while taking an item out from his jacket pocket. He pushed this small item toward Kang Jin-Ho.

After accepting it, Kang Jin-Ho cocked an eyebrow. “What is this?”

“It's a pendant, my lord.”

“A... pendant?” Kang Jin-Ho frowned while studying this piece of jewelry with a flashy gemstone stuck in the middle. “So... You want me to sell this for additional travel expenses in case I run out of money?”

“No, my lord. That's an artifact.”

“Arti... what?”

“It's a... Hmm, I think a lengthy explanation is probably meaningless at this point. For now, please hold on to it. Promise me you will always keep it on your person at all times. Do promise me that, my lord.”

“Sure. I give you my word.”

Kang Jin-Ho wasn't sure what this was all about but didn't have a reason to refuse a clear display of goodwill.

“However, my lord? How about taking Elena with you since she can...”

“...Wiggins.” 𝒇𝓻𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝙣𝓸𝙫𝒆𝒍.𝓬𝓸𝓶

“Understood. I won't bring this matter up again,” said Wiggins while smiling like a pleased grandfather. Since everything was now set, he figured it wouldn't do to sour the mood any further. Still, there was one more topic left to discuss, so he leaned closer to Kang Jin-Ho and quietly raised his voice. “By the way, my lord...”


“Although it's a little strange to say this to someone about to enter China, I must warn you that maybe... China is not the biggest threat to us at the moment.”

“Explain in detail,” said Kang Jin-Ho, his eyes narrowing.

“The movements of the Japanese are suspicious,” Wiggins muttered quietly, his expression growing a little more serious. “It might not be enough to arouse deep suspicion just yet, but their behavior is... Shall we say ‘different’ from how they usually act?”

“In what way?”

“That's the problem, my lord. I can't give you a definitive answer. My suspicion is half-based on my gut feeling, you see...”

“Mm...!” Kang Jin-Ho sucked in a deep breath. 'Japan, is it...?'

The Japanese certainly had been quiet lately. Even though dozens of combatants dispatched with the sole aim of killing Kang Jin-Ho had lost their lives, the Japanese were maintaining radio silence for some reason. That certainly invited suspicion, without a doubt.

Wiggins continued to explain. “The Japanese possess a persistent and stubborn side. As such, they will never close the book on this situation. We should assume that they are planning something.”

“Sounds about right.”

“Since it's taking a while, we should also assume that whatever it is, it must be incredible in scope.”

Kang Jin-Ho contemplatively nodded. “As in... a full-frontal warfare?”

“That would be difficult to pull off in this day and age. Waging an open warfare like that in the modern era is asking for trouble, after all.”

“Mm. I agree.”

Having more combatants only increased the risk of the general public finding out. That was why the battles of modern-era martial artists took on the aspect of a select few elites fighting each other rather than two armies duking it out on a grassy plain somewhere. Also, one true expert could do more than a thousand so-so riff-raffs, too.

“That is why you need to be careful, my lord. There is no guarantee that Japan's reach hasn't infiltrated China's borders.”

“Mm. Got it,” said Kang Jin-Ho, then slowly got up to leave. 'This is tougher than I thought...'

Kang Jin-Ho finally felt 'it' now. He was now the Assembly Master.

Until now, Kang Jin-Ho had been telling himself that it didn’t matter whether he was the Master or not, and that it was perfectly fine to let Bang Jin-Hun nominally fill that position. Nothing would be different either way... At least, that’s what he believed. However, now that he was officially the Assembly Master, he realized things were much more different than he bargained for.

Just by having that title before Kang Jin-Ho's name, he was now forced to worry about so many more things. And the amount of attention and responsibilities he must deal with increased exponentially, too.

Kang Jin-Ho finally started appreciating that he was the Martial Assembly's Master.

After sighing deeply, Kang Jin-Ho glanced at Wiggins. “Well, I hope that's everything. In that case, I'm gonna...”

“I shall hand the baton over to the next person, my lord.”

Kang Jin-Ho was taken aback. “Baton? Next person?”

Wiggins simply smiled while standing up. He then walked over to the exit of the office.


And he opened the door to reveal Bang Jin-Hun doing his best impression of an enraged boar.

Bang Jin-Hun growled. “Mister Jin-Ho. We have something very important to talk about...!”

“...” Kang Jin-Ho clamped his mouth shut and stared at the distant heavens above as Bang Jin-Hum stomped his way inside the office, his nostrils flaring while expelling hot steam.

'Just when will this thing end? Just when?!'


Every person with a say in how the Martial Assembly operated voiced their disappointment in Kang Jin-Ho's irresponsible behavior.

Some spoke of their resentment at Kang Jin-Ho going on a vacation in China when everyone else was progressively withering away into a mummified corpse from trying to reorganize the Martial Assembly. Some others accused him of being too careless and insensitive in his decision to go to China, which was probably the most dangerous place on Earth for Kang Jin-Ho right now.

As they could find so many faults with Kang Jin-Ho's actions, some of them didn't even need logic to back up their claims.

However, Kang Jin-Ho couldn't counter any of their verbal assaults since most of their ire stemmed from issues related to his safety. Even he could tell these people were genuinely concerned about his well-being during his trip to China.

Strangely enough, though... Someone else was in an even tougher spot than Kang Jin-Ho.

'Why does it have to be me?!'

Zhang Dajing was dazedly standing around, his soul trying to escape through his slack jaw.

'Whyyyyyy, meeeee?!'

In all honesty, he couldn't care any less even if he tried; whether Kang Jin-Ho was going to China for a vacation, or the Martial Assembly crashed and burned down to ashes, it was none of Zhang Dajing's goddamn business! However, why did he have to accompany Kang Jin-Ho to China, too?!

He used to miss China so much. Zhang Dajing's job title forced him to come to South Korea, and it had been over three years since he last stepped foot on the land of his birth, with excessive workload and poor treatment being the chief culprit preventing his return.

Unsurprisingly, one of Zhang Dajing's ardent wishes was to return to China one day. He'd have broken into a song-and-dance routine if only the opportunity to go to China had come a month earlier, but now...!

'Why! Just why does it have to be now?!'

The heavens could be so cruel and uncaring sometimes, didn't they!

While working like a dog as an agent of the Crimson King's faction, Zhang Dajing was never once allowed back home. But to think he'd immediately get a chance to head back to China after his betrayal had turned his mother country into a death trap!

Even if his fate was twisted and cruel, this was going overboard, now wasn't it!

“This is just so bloody unfair! Dammit...!”

Why China, of all places?!

The Triads ruling the Chinese underworld with an iron fist were infamous for their brutal retaliatory tactics. One of their rules was to never let a traitor walk away. However, their barbaric methods still proved to be an effective breakwater in protecting China from other nations' darkness.

However, even their cruelty was child's play compared to the retaliations dished out by the Chinese martial society, which the Crimson King's faction was a part of.

Then again, this fact shouldn't come as a surprise since the Chinese gangsters learned their retaliatory tactics by observing how the martial artists carried out their punishments.

So, to summarize... Zhang Dajing was a traitor to the Crimson King's faction. If he got captured by the faction's agents, his problem would no longer be about ensuring his survival. That was because he'd end up in a state where death would be a better outcome for him!

But now, he had to walk into China on his own two feet? Seriously?! All the while escorting that man?!

Zhang Dajing's trembling eyes shifted over to Kang Jin-Ho. For some strange reason, Kang Jin-Ho was making an expression that... A man whose soul had fled his body would make!

Outwardly, Kang Jin-Ho looked like any other ordinary young man with a dazed look on his face. Sure, he was still devastatingly handsome, but that handsome face lacked a sense of vitality. It was as if... As if he was lifeless.

However, Zhang Dajing wasn't naive enough to fall for that ruse. That man, Kang Jin-Ho... was a demon king! And no, that was no mere hyperbole but an actual truth!

Kang Jin-Ho caused the Crimson King's blood pressure to shoot through the roof merely by suddenly entering the Korean martial society. And he ruthlessly turned South Korea into the center of a violent storm!

A man who was incredibly cruel! A man who was incredibly powerful! And...!

'Also, a man who is incredibly inconsiderate, too!'

Why did that man have to go to China now?! And, and! If he simply had no choice but to go, why was he dragging Vator along with him, too?

No matter how hard Zhang Dajing tried to hold a positive opinion of Kang Jin-Ho, he couldn't think of any!

Besides, who were they trying to kid here? Vator couldn't accompany or assist anyone even if he tried. That man couldn't even scratch his own back due to his abnormally thick arms, so how could he possibly assist anyone during this bloody trip!

Even a moron could tell that all sundry chores would be dumped on Zhang Dajing's shoulders.

From Vator's perspective, Kang Jin-Ho was his liege, someone he must serve. However, Kang Jin-Ho was nothing more than a dastardly foe in Zhang Dajing's eyes! So, to think he now had to serve his foe, too...!

This remarkable turn of events was making Zhang Dajing cry a little.

“Mm? You seem pleased by the prospect of going home, Zhang Dajing,” said Vator. He seemed utterly and completely oblivious to Zhang Dajing's inner thoughts.

“...” Zhang Dajing clamped his mouth shut after noticing how happy Vator was. Was it really okay to trust and follow someone like this? Really?

“Fufufu... No need to fret, Zhang Dajing. If everything works out favorably, I'll speak to my liege and request a brief stop at your hometown.”

Well, that sure sounds nice, Sir Vator...

Although, I should inform you that my hometown is teeming with martial artists who know my face, sir. And all those folks frothing at their mouths while charging at me with swords and spears should be a proper spectacle to behold, Sir Vator! You, you... oblivious boomer!

'Urgh, what's the point? Nothing's gonna change, anyway...'

Zhang Dajing sighed, then lifelessly picked up the luggage. They might not need a lot of stuff during a trip, but basic essentials still had to be prepared.

“Well, then! Let's get going, my liege!”

“Mm...” Kang Jin-Ho frowned slightly while glancing at Vator before sighing softly. “Right. We should go...”

“No point in wasting time like this. Let's get going quickly,” said Vator.

“Sure thing...”

A brightly-grinning giant grabbed the shoulders of two resigned men and dragged them forward. Kang Jin-Ho and Zhang Dajing didn't offer much resistance. Not even a cow being dragged into an abattoir would've looked as downcast as these two!


And then... There was a group of men watching the trio from afar.

“So, they are finally leaving.”

“What a bunch of idiots...!”

These men hiding deep within the shadows were staring into their binoculars. They confirmed the sight of Kang Jin-Ho and the cargo plane he was about to board, then slowly lowered their binoculars. Insidious smirks began creeping up on their faces.

“It seems he has no idea what it means to leave the safety of his backyard. And he'll soon learn that lesson while losing his life in a distant foreign country!”

“Indeed! Who's going to report this?”

“I will. And I'll do it right away.”

The man who said that locked his glare at Kang Jin-Ho's back in the distance. Although it was too far to see with naked eyes, the man still glared in the direction, anyway.

“Soon, you shall pay the price for making an enemy out of the Great Nihon Empire, you stupid Chosenjin!”

While receiving the attention and glares of so many individuals... Kang Jin-Ho's trip to China was about to begin.

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