Descent of the Demon Master-Chapter 631. Arriving (1)

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Chapter 631. Arriving (1)

'What am I looking at here?'

Zhang Dajing tilted his head while scanning the airplane before his eyes.

'Isn't this a cargo plane?'

A plane meant to exclusively transport cargo...? Obviously, Zhang Dajing had heard about the existence of such airplanes before. However, as a man with no relation to cargo-transporting professions, he never had a reason to ride in one, never mind go near it.

'At least on the outside, it looks like any other passenger plane...'

Zhang Dajing was suddenly reminded of Kang Jin-Ho's reach and power. Even in China, things like this happened very rarely. The Three Kings exercised incredible influence over China's political and financial worlds, but even they couldn't casually pull something like this off.

Part of the reason was that the three of them were busy keeping each other in check. However, the real reason was more like the influence of each faction in China being comparatively much smaller than what Kang Jin-Ho could exercise in Korea.

'Well, I gotta admit, that is something else, alright.'

Zhang Dajing had witnessed and experienced both the Crimson King and Kang Jin-Ho. So, he could compare the two and confidently say Kang Jin-Ho wasn't 'better' or 'more amazing' than the Crimson King. From Zhang Dajing's perspective, the Martial Assembly of South Korea still hadn't surpassed the level of an amateur organization in some rural Chinese outskirts. Comparing it to the Crimson King's faction, which ruled one-third of the vast continent, was an act only idiots would do.

However, Kang Jin-Ho had managed to conquer South Korea in only a few months. Not even the Crimson King could've pulled off such a feat without breaking some proverbial eggs in the process.

Of course, the Crimson King wouldn't encounter much trouble conquering South Korea's martial society through his might alone. However, that process would've been marred by excessive bloodshed and death, leading to a pronounced reduction in what the Crimson King could lord over.

On the other hand, Kang Jin-Ho acquired South Korea as 'peacefully' as possible. So peaceful, in fact, that it could've been called an overall bloodless victory. Thanks to that, no one seemed to be thinking about opposing him openly, at least not at this point in time.

Indeed, the elimination of mutinous elders and directors not too long ago had been enough to completely unify everyone under his banner. In that regard, Kang Jin-Ho was a self-made man who overcame his unfavorable environment to reach his goal. Despite being an enemy, someone like that was worthy of Zhang Dajing's respect, but...

Zhang Dajing glanced at Kang Jin-Ho before frowning deeply at how dazed the latter looked while standing there.

'Come on, man! Can't you be more dignified or something?!'

Simply looking at Kang Jin-Ho lugging a backpack on his shoulder while making a half-dazed face was enough to sap all enthusiasm out of Zhang Dajing.

There was no freaking way that's how a martial artist about to enter the enemy's territory should look and behave! No, Kang Jin-Ho currently resembled an exhausted, worn-down traveler who had visited every corner of the world and only had China left on his itinerary!

Besides, he was going to another country, so why the heck was he still in his bloody tracksuit?! A passerby might think Kang Jin-Ho was a pro backpacker going on another adventure!

This was so awkward.

Zhang Dajing was getting swept up in the emotion of barely-containable awkwardness. Vator used to be a good partner to converse with but was happily grinning away for some unfathomable reason. Talking to him about this deeply troublesome situation was not going to happen any time soon. Meanwhile, Zhang Dajing was just leery about talking to Kang Jin-Ho, full stop.

'I mean, come on. Think about it!'

Zhang Dajing was technically a new employee. Not an employee who got hired because he had all the right connections, no, but someone with a shaky employment contract who only got hired because the company was looking for an interpreter for the incoming non-executive director.

He might boast a bit of work experience from his previous job on his resume, but that wouldn't be enough to say he had a viable career back then.

Whether it was a fortunate thing or not... Zhang Dajing had always been preternaturally quick at knowing his place. His combat ability was worse than a random uncle found wandering in the Martial Assembly's corridors. Hell, a rookie Assembly martial artist, disparaged by his seniors for being a weakling and had to clean toilets with a brush as punishment, could've still beaten Zhang Dajing up with one arm tied to their back! f(r)eewebn(o)

The only reason Zhang Dajing could hold his head up and waltz around confidently was solely because Vator greatly cared about him. But something like that was...

'...Completely meaningless to Kang Jin-Ho!'

Against Kang Jin-Ho, something like Vator caring about Zhang Dajing would be no better than a lone candle against stormy winds. Even a casual sneeze from Kang Jin-Ho could easily snuff it out!

To make matters worse, Kang Jin-Ho was the most indecipherable man out of everyone Zhang Dajing had met until now. Should he say... That man switched between the demon king and an utter moron at a mere moment's notice?

Let's say Zhang Dajing confronted Kang Jin-Ho about this situation. He wouldn't be shocked if the latter holed up in some remote corner of the plane and munched on snacks to vent his stress or lost his temper and threw Zhang Dajing outside the moving plane.

To throw someone outside, Kang Jin-Ho would have to break a window or two. Then, Vator might say the plane would crash. And Kang Jin-Ho would nonchalantly retort with, 'So what? It's not like we're gonna die, anyway.'

After all, Kang Jin-Ho was fully capable of surviving a plane crash and swimming the wide expanse of the Yellow Sea to reach the Chinese shore!

'Hang on a second. In that case... Why is he even bothering with a plane?'

It wasn't as if Kang Jin-Ho had plenty of luggage, anyway. With his abilities, couldn't he reach Yantai in the proverbial blink of an eye by diving into the sea off the coast of Incheon? While wearing nothing but his underwear and his luggage tightly packed inside waterproof vinyl?

'Now that I think about it... I'll never get the mindset of the higher-ups.'

Those folks must've had a fetish about ballooning the scale of their operations. Why did they have to go this far just to smuggle someone into China? It made zero sense to hire a cargo plane and load it with just three people, not actual cargo!

At this point, wasn't this smuggling operation more like the stuff usually seen in 007-esque spy thrillers? Sure, the impact of military personnel getting caught red-handed during their operations would be much more severe than what they were about to do, but still!

Whether it's South Korea or China, officials would obviously raise one mighty hullabaloo after apprehending foreign spies in action. However, in the case of martial artists getting caught while entering another country without a permit, the usual reaction would be more like, 'Uh-whew, these stinking bastards are about to cause another scene, huh?'

Since the officials couldn't publicly arrest and prosecute the martial artists, they simply chose to look away from such unsanctioned entry to their country. What choice did they have but to tacitly accept this situation when martial artists were like cockroaches and couldn't be wiped out even if they tried? Of course, that acceptance extended only up to a certain level. Even after considering that, though, wasn't the scale of this operation a bit too... big?

While frowning slightly, Zhang Dajing walked up to Kang Jin-Ho. โ€œMister Jin-Ho, is that really the plane we're going to use?โ€

โ€œ...Not sure?โ€ Kang Jin-Ho replied while making a face that said, 'Why are you asking me?'

That was when Zhang Dajing had to severely admonish himself. Indeed, this was all his fault. His fault for asking such a question to Kang Jin-Ho, that was!

In the end, Zhang Dajing was forced to scan the vicinity in the hope of finding someone, anyone, capable of answering his questions!

'To think I must act as a guide!'

How was this even possible? Kang Jin-Ho being Kang Jin-Ho was one thing, but why was Lee Hyeon-Su also so... irresponsible? Why did that man entrust Zhang Dajing with this assignment when he had zero experience in this sort of thing?!

Sure, Zhang Dajing was an agent of the Crimson King's faction. However, he still entered South Korea via official channels. Getting a work visa wasn't difficult, after all! In other words, Zhang Dajing didn't have to smuggle himself inside a hidden compartment in some fishing boat's refrigerated cargo bay!

But now, Lee Hyeon-Su dared to entrust the smuggling-by-plane operation to a man who hadn't even experienced the smuggling-by-boat before? What madness was this?

As if Zhang Dajing's inner thoughts could be heard in the open, a man suddenly walked up to him to show him the way.

โ€œGood day to you. Are you Mister Kang Jin-Ho?โ€ The unknown man, who seemed to work for the airport, greeted Zhang Dajing.

โ€œAh, no. It's this gentleman,โ€ said Zhang Dajing while politely gesturing toward Kang Jin-Ho with both hands, his expression brightening rapidly. Although his gesture was undoubtedly courteous, the light in his eyes still screamed, 'Yes, this dude over here is Kang Jin-Ho! So, please! Save me from this situation as quickly as possible!'

โ€œI see. We received word of your arrival earlier. Please come with me.โ€

Zhang Dajing inwardly screamed in joy at the arrival of this unnamed savior. Unfortunately for him, though...

His celebration didn't last for long.



Zhang Dajing was enveloped in this feeling of bizarre incongruity while staring at the interior of the cargo plane. ๐“ฏ๐™ง๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐”€๐“ฎ๐™—๐“ท๐“ธ๐™ซ๐“ฎ๐™ก.๐’„๐“ธ๐’Ž

'Well, I... Uh...'

A cargo plane existed to transport goods. So, it needed to load as much cargo as possible within the plane's maximum weight limit. Since some goods weighed comparatively less but occupied a larger volume, the interior of all cargo planes was designed to maximize space by removing unnecessary items, like passenger seats.

In other words, a cargo plane might look the same as a passenger plane on the outside, but its interior was stripped back as much as possible. But now...

'What is up with this over-the-top dรฉcor?'

Of course, Zhang Dajing wasn't suggesting that the interior of this cargo plane had been converted to resemble a first-class cabin. This interior had not been changed much, after all. Even so, the presence of luxurious seats from a first-class cabin and a smiling flight attendant inside a cargo plane was something no one would've imagined seeing one day.

โ€œHmm, this chair is...โ€ Vator pursed his lips while nodding in approval at the seats.

Zhang Dajing alternated his gaze between the seats and Vator.

'Well, that reaction makes some sense.'

Unless a chair was as commodious as a first-class seat, it'd not be able to accept Vator's hips. Even though Vator's upper torso was excessively more developed than his lower half, his hips were still much wider than an average person's.

To Vator, an economy-class airplane seat must've felt even smaller than one of those tiny little foldaway fishing chairs.

โ€œAlthough a little cramped, this arrangement is fairly acceptable,โ€ said Vator while nodding his head again. He seemed pleased that these people had gone to the trouble of installing these seats in a cargo plane.

'Huh, even my seat is a first-class item?'

Zhang Dajing cocked an eyebrow. Even if he was relegated to a mat at the back of the plane while the other two were seated on these luxurious seats, Zhang Dajing would've had no problem whatsoever. Whether it was fame or strength, he couldn't even hold a candle to either Vator or Kang Jin-Ho, after all!

Still, he should be grateful for receiving the same sort of treatment as the rest of his tour group. Or, should he really...?

Zhang Dajing sighed deeply at the sight of the chairs. It was nice to see these first-class chairs, but for some reason, they were arranged side-by-side. Since Kang Jin-Ho and Vator took the seats by the windows, Zhang Dajing had no choice but to sit in the middle.

On his left was Vator, while Kang Jin-Ho was to his right! With this line-up, Zhang Dajing could confidently say he was being protected by an azure dragon from the left and a white tiger from the right! [1]

Of course, he didn't mean that in a positive sense! With these two by his side, Zhang Dajing would have felt utterly confident in moments requiring him to act all pompous and the like. However, would he even get a chance to act all haughty and mighty during this plane ride? Of course not! The presence of these two would only be a burden in this situation!

โ€œSir, allow me to take your luggage,โ€ said the flight attendant.

โ€œOh, uh, sure thing...โ€ Zhang Dajing watched the flight attendant smartly deal with their luggage as cold sweat broke out on his forehead. 'Hang on. Is this really okay?'

Weren't they trying to illegally enter another country here? Indeed, they were hiding in a cargo plane to enter China, so was it okay to have a flight attendant like this?

โ€œLogically speaking, I guess not...โ€ Zhang Dajing quietly muttered.

โ€œI'm sorry, sir?โ€ The flight attendant innocently asked back.

โ€œN-no, it's nothing.โ€

Unlike Zhang Dajing, who was obviously flustered and out of his depth, the flight attendant looked shockingly composed as if she had experienced this sort of thing plenty of times before.

'But that can't be right!'

Yes, there were plenty of lawbreakers in the world, but how many of them actually broke laws in this manner?! Zhang Dajing was getting mighty tempted to applaud the professional attitude of the flight attendant.

โ€œWe'd like to ask you to please fasten your seatbelts as we will be taking off shortly. The safety protocols during the flight are...โ€

Zhang Dajing hurriedly intervened. โ€œYou can skip that one, thanks.โ€

โ€œOf course, sir. Then, well...โ€ The flight attendant smiled brightly and bowed courteously. โ€œI'll speak to you again once we are in the air, sir.โ€

Zhang Dajing grimaced a little. It'd still be fine even if she didn't come back. No, really!

Vator grinned while turning his head to look at Zhang Dajing. โ€œSo, how do you feel, Zhang Dajing? Since you're finally going back home?โ€

โ€œMay I be honest with you, sir?โ€

โ€œ...Mm, no. Don't. I have a feeling that it's going to be too emotional and somewhat embarrassing to listen to. In any case, I want you to enjoy this moment.โ€


Zhang Dajing felt like a cow being dragged into an abattoir, yet Vator wanted him to enjoy this feeling?! Maybe this big man was shockingly poor at empathy? Whatever the truth was, all Zhang Dajing could do now was sigh deeply, then fasten his seatbelt.

As a martial artist, he wouldn't get injured by the plane rocking about. However, he should still respect the flight attendant's wishes.

The pilot made the usual pre-flight announcement over the plane's loudspeaker, then the plane slowly began taxing on the runway. Zhang Dajing turned his head to stare outside the window and prayed inwardly.

'Please... Please, let us avoid any mishaps on the other side. Please!'

Although he wasn't a religious man, this moment still required the power of the divine for him to endure. So, he ardently prayed and prayed some more to an unknown deity who might hear him out.

Unfortunately, no god was benevolent enough to bless a man who had never offered a devout prayer until today.

โ€œHmm, hmm. I'm getting all excited about our trip to China. It's been such a long time, after all! Fufufu! I have a hunch that things will get mighty interesting for us!โ€ Vator unhesitantly spat out those flag-raising words.

Zhang Dajing squeezed his eyes shut.

Yeah, let's just go to sleep. At least I can avoid getting stressed that way...!

1. โ€œ??? ???โ€: This line is a reference to a feng shui term indicating a great location for a structure to be built. ?

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