End of the Magic Era-Chapter 1472End - The End

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Chapter 1472: The End

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When the King of the Undead finally entered the area that was surrounded by the six iron fortresses, Lin Yun’s heart suddenly pounded. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Magic Array, which were functioning at full speed, finally caught something usual.

Earlier, despite all the attacks he faced, the King of the Undead’s pace and the length of his every stride had never changed. None of his other body parts changed, either, because those spells didn’t work on the King of the Undead at all.

His pace never changed, even though the spells that hit him were more powerful. He moved, not to be stopped or even disturbed by anyone.

However, there was a tiny, almost unnoticeable change in him. Lin Yun couldn’t have spotted the change if the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Magic Array hadn’t been functioning at full speed.

The moment he spotted the change, Lin Yun unhesitatingly swallowed the potion he had made.

When he swallowed the potion, Lin Yun seemed to become an observer. He saw everything that would happen in the following 30 seconds. It was all recorded by the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Magic Array.

What he swallowed was the Prophecy Potion, a special potion that only Saint Alchemists could make. After swallowing the potion, he was like a fish that leaped from the river of time and saw things far away. When he fell back into the river, everything would be back to normal.

Normal Prophecy Potion could only display the future from the next 10 seconds. However, Lin Yun had added Agalon’s blood and soul power to the potion. Agalon carried the bloodline of the royal family of the Third Dynasty, and awakened the bloodline of prophecy. His blood and soul power made the potion at least twice as effective. Additionally, all the materials Lin Yun used were the best ones. Some of them were even extinct. So, the potion gave him 30 seconds.

The gray world was back to normal, and everything was exactly the same as before. When the King of the Undead’s foot landed again, he vanished.

At the same time, Lin Yun vanished too.

Both the King of the Undead and Lin Yun appeared on the surface of an ocean of bones, which was the skeleton battlefield he acquired earlier.

Lin Yun transformed into a skeleton king again, and activated the skeleton battlefield.

The King of the Undead passed exactly where Lin Yun had been standing, and reached the other end of the skeleton battlefield.

If Lin Yun hadn’t foreseen that, he would’ve been killed, and his Book of Death would’ve been looted.

Even though the King of the Undead despised everybody, and was too proud to even resist the attacks, he was not stupid. He was doing everything for the Book of Death. Everything else was just a negligible detail.

After he came to the skeleton battlefield, the black soul fire that was burning in the King of the Undead’s eyes glittered. He didn’t attack immediately. Then, a gray ancient scale appeared between Lin Yun and the King of the Undead.

The illusions of the King of the Undead and Lin Yun appeared on the two sides of the scale. Instantly, the King of the Undead’s side fell to the bottom, and almost collapsed the scale.

Ancient laws flashed, and the balance of the scale was soon restored. The King of the Undead’s aura plummeted, but Lin Yun’s aura soared.

It didn’t stop until Lin Yun surpassed the Heaven Rank. At this moment, however, Lin Yun detected that the gap between him and the King of the Undead was still enormous. At the very least, the King of the Undead’s indestructible body was not weakened at all.

The King of the Undead didn’t seem comfortable with the sudden weakening. He flew to the sky, and attempted to destroy the gray scale. Unfortunately, the scale was a manifestation of the most ancient laws, and could not be destroyed.

The King of the Undead passed the gray scale, as if it were just an illusion.

The King of the Undead fought back angrily, but Lin Yun wasted no time turning the Book of Death to the page of the Sage Chapter. There was a picture of blackened land on the spot for the ultimate level-9 spell. That was the level-9 spell that Lin Yun had copied.

A spot of dark light fell to the center of the skeleton battlefield, and soon spread throughout the entire area.

While flying in midair, the King of the Undead disappeared again. The moment he disappeared, Lin Yun had returned to his human form, and stepped back, quitting the skeleton battlefield. On the other side of the skeleton battlefield, a common skeleton had appeared.

Lin Yun reverted to his human form, but was still within the range of the skeleton battlefield. When he was gone as an undead creature, he was considered dead by the skeleton battlefield, which transferred his ownership to other undead creatures in the battlefield.

When the skeleton battle was unowned, everybody would be free to come in or leave. However, after Lin Yun left the battlefield, a skeleton soldier appeared on the other end of the battlefield.

The brainless skeleton soldier, upon receiving the voluntary transference of ownership from the skeleton battlefield, accepted it instinctively. He couldn’t think or refuse it at all.

Now that the skeleton soldier had accepted the skeleton battlefield, another duel of death had begun. No creatures inside could leave until they won the battle.

Even the King of the Undead could not violate the rule, because the rule was a manifestation of the laws of the Plane of the Undead. He couldn’t go out until he killed the skeleton soldier.

Even if the King of the Undead claimed ownership of the skeleton battlefield after Lin Yun gave it away, he would still have to eliminate all the other creatures on the battlefield in order to leave. Even the level-10 skeleton soldier could hold him back.

So, Lin Yun was free, but the King of the Undead was still trapped inside. In the center of the skeleton battlefield, the spot of light had covered more than half of the skeleton battlefield. Countless bones in the battlefield had been shattered. The rays of light were swallowed, and the gravity rose to unbelievable levels.

Even the King of the Undead had been significantly slowed down because of the gravity. He could only watch the low-level skeleton soldier wander about.

When the blackness covered the entire skeleton battlefield, the tiny skeleton soldier was finally reduced to smithereens and swallowed by the darkness. The skeleton battlefield was open again. At the same time, the King of the Undead had been mired in the darkness too, and could hardly move.

Outside the skeleton battlefield, Lin Yun appeared out of nowhere. He didn’t seem wounded at all, but his robe was already drenched with sweat.

He had acted faster than the King of the Undead in the battlefield. It was not because he had inferred everything with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Magic Array, but because of the Prophecy Potion.

He had foreseen what would happen during the 30 seconds. He had seen himself killed a million times during those 30 seconds. Furthermore, he wouldn’t really win until he saw the end of the 30 seconds.

He had taken action faster in every step. Finally, he was able to be slightly faster than the King of the Undead. He could’ve been killed easily.

He flew to the last of the six iron fortresses. Agalon and the others had each picked an iron fortress, and they were all waiting for Lin Yun.

They all looked at the center of the six iron fortresses, where the illusion of the skeleton battlefield lingered. However, it had been compressed to 100 meters in length and width. It could even be seen that the entire skeleton battlefield was being pulled into the darkness. It would collapse completely very soon.

In the center of the darkness, half of the King of the Undead’s body could be seen. He was holding the ground with one hand with his back bent, resisting the terrifying pressure.

However, nobody was in the mood for watching him any longer. All six of them were badly wounded. They were invoking the power of creation, and really activating the Hexagonal Array.

As the six of them activated the Hexagonal Array in the center, a streak of light instantly spread across the entire channel, connecting all the alchemy arrays that had been activated earlier. If they stopped here, then there would be nothing but a group of alchemy arrays. They had to activate them with the power of creation so that they would all become part of an enormous Hexagonal Array!

As the Hexagonal Array was slowly activated, the channel and the Hexagonal Array were combined. It was already disconnected from the Leviathan Plane and the Plane of the Undead.

Coming to this step, everybody was greatly relieved, even though the Hexagonal Array was still being activated.

The King of the Undead hadn’t walked out yet, so there was no need to worry about him anymore.

10 seconds later, the twisted illusion of the skeleton battlefield finally collapsed. The entire skeleton battlefield seemed to have been swallowed by the darkness on the ground.

The King of the Undead was on his knees in the center of the darkness, unable to stand up. He could only struggle to move. The dark soul fire in his eye sockets was no longer peaceful. It was almost erupting from his eye sockets like explosive flames.

The light slowly vanished, and a dark hemisphere arose slowly, consuming the King of the Undead. The dark hemisphere gradually spread out until it reached the six iron fortresses, and got blocked by an invisible force. The Hexagonal Array that was in the center of the six iron fortresses was covered in the dark hemisphere. Not a sound could be heard from inside the dark hemisphere at all.

Lin Yun looked at the dark hemisphere in the center, and was completely relieved.

The dark hemisphere contained not the power of darkness, but the power of earth!

Lin Yun had slightly modified Gravity Tide, a level-9 spell. He changed the direction of gravity, and added it to the power of earth, making it twice as powerful.

Even rays or sound could not break free from the dark hemisphere. Wherever the darkness reached, the spell would be effective, but outside that range, the spell would be absolutely ineffective.

The purest power of laws was working only in that fixed range.

After Gravity Tide was copied to the Sage Chapter, it evolved into an ultimate spell. It could increase gravity to the maximum that laws allowed. Under such gravity, even elements would be pulled down to the ground, and couldn’t rise again. Even Heaven Rank Sword Saints would’ve been killed by their own weight if they had entered the range. They would’ve been pressed into meat pies.

Lin Yun was quite surprised that the King of the Undead was not thrown to the ground. Nevertheless, he had never thought that it was possible to kill the King of the Undead with a level-11 spell.

The spell was not meant to kill the King of the Undead. Lin Yun had never planned that since the beginning, because he knew that it was impossible.

In the illusionary world of the Kingdom of Nightmares, the last book he read was about the theory of relativity, which didn’t belong to the decaying library.

However, Lin Yun received inspiration from it. If he couldn’t kill the King of the Undead, then it wouldn’t be bad just to suppress him. With that in mind, he searched for level-9 spells that could be copied to the Sage Chapter, and found Gravity Tide.

If Gravity Tide turned into an ultimate spell, and its increase of gravity reached the highest point as a level-11 spell, it might be able to change laws and trigger a surprising unknown effect. f𝒓𝑒e𝙬𝒆𝚋𝘯૦𝘷𝐞𝑙.c𝑜𝐦

The spell was meant to tear apart one’s opponent with an enormous pressure. However, when gravity was increased to the maximum, the speed of time might be changed.

Time was relative. The greater a place’s gravity was, the more slowly the time would flow. When the King of the Undead was suppressed inside, the speed of time’s flow would be very slow there, but it was normal in the outside world…

A week later, the entire Hexagonal Array was activated. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Then, all six of them flew out of the iron fortresses, and breathed heavily on the ground, not caring about their respective image.

Agalon looked at the black hemisphere with worry in his eyes.

“Merlin, I don’t think the King of the Undead is trapped by the spell. He’s still able to move. It won’t be long before he gets out. Even though this world has been disconnected from the Leviathan Plane and the Plane of the Undead, the King of the Undead will surely be able to escape…”

Lin Yun grinned and swallowed a potion one mouthful after another. He then dropped the bottle, and lay on the ground with a pale face.

“It’s alright. I’ve made preparations for the worst since the beginning. It would be great if we were able to kill the King of the Undead.

“But if we aren’t able to do that, it’s not bad that he’s suppressed here. Even in the worst-case scenario, where he is still able to move despite the pressure, he’s free to escape.

“By my calculation, considering the King of the Undead’s power he has displayed, it will take at least a month for him to free himself…”

Before Lin Yun finished, everybody’s expression had changed. Even Alonzo, who had always been proud, seemed terrified.

“Merlin, a month? We’ll have to confront the infuriated King of the Undead in a month? Even if the Plane of the Undead cannot swallow the Leviathan Plane anymore, the King of the Undead will still be able to invade Noscent…”

Lin Yun casually pointed at the dark hemisphere.

“The spell is much more effective than I expected. One month is the worst-case scenario, but it’s one month in there. In the outside world, it will be at least 5,000 years, or even 10,000 years. Time flows differently between him and us. By the time he escapes, we, or Noscent, will definitely be capable of destroying him.”

Everybody put on a weird expression.

“The law of time?” Agalon exclaimed in a strange tone, and Alonzo’s ugly face was twisted. Not far away, Enderfa emerged from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and looked at Lin Yun with shock on all his three faces.

“Merlin, have you understood the truth of time?”

Lin Yun shook his head, and didn’t bother to explain to them. It was not possible for him to explain, either. Could he teach them the theory of relativity or laws of gravity? Certainly not. It was fine as long as the problem was solved.

Hearing that the King of the Undead would be suppressed for ten millennia, nobody cared about him anymore. In 10,000 years, Lin Yun would probably be the only guy of the six people here who would be alive, unless any of the other people ignited the God Fire.

After resting for a few days, they examined the channel carefully, and ensured that nothing went wrong. Finally, they came to the Leviathan Plane, passing through the barrier between the channel and the Leviathan Plane.

Only the six of them could’ve entered the Leviathan Plane from the channel so easily under such circumstances.

The Leviathan Plane was a substance plane, and not one of the supreme planes. In the collision of planes, it would’ve been inevitably swallowed by the Plane of the Undead. As the people who solved the problem, they naturally received privileges from the core of the Leviathan Plane.

When they came to the Leviathan Plane, all of them detected that a bit of the power of the core surged into them. Also, there was a new mark on their souls, the mark of the Leviathan Plane.

With that mark, they would be like the natives of the Leviathan Plane. They could live in the Leviathan Plane exactly the same as they lived in Noscent. Even if Noscent was destroyed, they could continue living in the Leviathan Plane.

It was impossible to acquire such marks after birth. Only the natives of a world could have such marks. Very few creatures could have the marks of two worlds.

As for Lin Yun, he already had the marks of three worlds…

He had the marks of Noscent, the Leviathan Plane, and the Natural Demiplane. As a matter of fact, he didn’t gain the mark of Noscent until he transmigrated to this age. He was not registered at all in the doomsday.

Of course, while Lin Yun and Agalon considered the mark most precious, other people thought that the greatest reward was the tremendous amount of core power of the plane.

Lin Yun was not interested in the tiny bit of core power of the plane. He directed it to the Book of Death. Very soon, a new page appeared on the Book of Death, with the picture of a big-mouthed monster on it. That was the Leviathan Chapter, a new chapter.

After digesting all of that, he looked back, only to find that the earth had been cut off. There was a bottomless cliff here. Nothing could be found in the darkness from the top. The previous Mesomiya Plain was gone…

The crisis of the undead was finally resolved…

After returning to Noscent from the Leviathan Plane, Lin Yun began to construct the Shelter Tower.

Because he had prepared the parts in advance, he was able to build the main part in the Starry Sky College very soon. As he added more and more parts, the crucial Reedpush Plate was perfectly crafted too.

Exactly at this moment, the Abyss Gate, the Hell Gate, the Undead Gate, and the Heaven Gate were opened in Noscent at the same time. Immediately, Noscent was caught in total war.

All the experts were split into four groups to resist the invaders in four directions. Because the Abyss Gate was right outside Neverwinter City, the Starry Sky College was responsible for resisting the abyss invaders.

During the resistance, Lin Yun felt the calling from the void. The Flame Demon Monarch, whom he’d left in the abyss, had woken up. Because he couldn’t find a way to ignite the God Fire after reaching the peak of the Heaven Rank, he entered the abyss, and sabotaged the invasion from inside.

During the exploration, Lin Yun learned some of the truth about Noscent’s catastrophe. In the doomsday, he didn’t die, and somehow survived through Noscent’s destruction until it was reborn. Then, through all troubles, he successfully grew into a horrifying strong expert. In the end, he traveled back to the age of gods, and instigated war among them.

The hatred among the gods had passed from one era after another. The doomsday Lin Yun wanted to find out the truth of the catastrophe, so he didn’t change the history, and simply followed the history, hoping to find out what happened.

But eventually, the history repeated itself, and the catastrophe happened again, until Lin Yun was reborn in this age.

Then, the history was changed. The doomsday Lin Yun thought he was wrong, and the Lin Yun from this era was right. However, he didn’t give up so many years of planning.

The doomsday Lin Yun discovered the pattern of every era’s destruction. Every civilization would be destroyed quickly soon after it reached its heyday. So, to prevent the mages from reaching their heyday, he opened the gates to four worlds, letting them slow Noscent down so that the final destruction could be avoided.

But in the end, Lin Yun from this era and the other experts of Noscent stopped him, and closed the four gates.

The doomsday Lin Yun found that he had been walking on the wrong path, and melted with the current Lin Yun.

The disaster came to an end. Lin Yun finally built the complete Shelter Tower successfully. Its radiance shrouded the entire Noscent, whose magic power didn’t decline at all, but was actually strengthened.

Lin Yun became the strongest mage of Noscent, and led Noscent to its heyday.

His Natural Demiplane also evolved into a real world. Lin Yun was the world’s master, but he lived in Noscent for most of the time.

Year after year, Lin Yun looked at the blue sky from the top of the Shelter Tower. Sometimes, a certain question still haunted him.

Would the doomsday come again tens of thousands of years later?