Epic of Caterpillar-Chapter 2154 Overpowered Skills

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Chapter 2154 Overpowered Skills




I checked the other Skills, first the ones I acquired from my Evolution. I'll be skipping the resistance skills because it is quite obvious what they do.


[Metaphysical Manifestation: Lv1]

A Unique Skill granted to someone or something whose existence is nothing but metaphysical, theoretical, irrational, or impossible.

As a being who was destined to die and be reborn one last time to go back to your former life, your prolonged existence and growth was never within the plans of those that entrapped you into this cycle of reincarnation.

The power of [Defiance], born from the torture you've suffered through these reincarnations, is now fueling you with this new Skill, the power to manipulate the probability of your own existence, and therefore, to make yourself real or not.

Every piece of you is you, and every you are a piece of you. A droplet of blood, sweat, your hair, a piece of your flesh, your nail, your spit, anything can become you as long as there's a percentage of probability.

By spending Cosmic Energy and Essence, you can recreate yourself within these pieces of yourself and become them at the same time. There'll be certain penalties and restrictions, and your stats might grow weaker the more you multiply your own metaphysical existence, so be careful.

It is also possible for you to temporarily manipulate your percentage of probability of existence, decreasing it by 0% will make you disappear from the face of the Reality for as long as 5 seconds before your probability of existence goes back to its original value and you come back.

Similarly, you can "teleport" by increasing the chances of your existence within a vicinity that has a piece of yourself, virtually transferring your new existence into that piece of your own body.

More powers and abilities can be discovered as the Skill is constantly used and experimented with other Abilities.

With each Skill Level, increases all the effects of this Skill by +100%, and decreases their Essence and Cosmic Energy consumption by -5%.


And this is the most ridiculous Skill I've ever acquired, period. The things it can do are completely out of this world. Completely out of any world ever and anything at all. It is what allowed me to win against Shub Niggurath no matter the odds, and what helped me constantly revive myself without issues. Though it eats away cosmic energy and essence like crazy, I need to carefully use this ability if I don't want all my reserves drained in a second. I already spent six million Essence on the class and subclass fusions. Gotta be careful!


[Partial Dimensional Warping: Lv1]

A Unique Skill granted to entities capable of warping across dimensional pillars and walls without restraints. Yours is partial, as you receive a few penalties and need to spend Essence to move through such boundaries.

Grants the ability to partially warp across the Dimensional Pillars within a billion-kilometer vicinity surrounding you. Through warping with this Skill, you can ignore Spatial Barriers, Black Holes, Gravitational Forces, World Laws, Spatial Restraints, and Dimensional Restrictions.

Each time you warp, a set amount of Essence will be needed. A cooldown of five seconds will reset this cost to its original amount, but if you constantly warp without taking a break, the cost will continuously increase.

Constant warping might also cause your body and soul to distort, because this is only a partial ability, you might risk getting pieces of your own soul and body trapped between dimensions.

Additionally, you can employ this very warping power to not just move yourself but warp the very fabric of dimensions and shape them, but this requires further practice and mastery.

With each Skill Level, increases Dimension, Space and Gravity Attribute Magic Affinity and Power by +200%, and decreases Magic of these Elements Essence cost by -5%.


Absolutely fantastic Skill too, with this I could easily evade most deadly blows, and even overwhelmed many Outer Gods through the pressure of warping between dimensions. I was also not restrained by any of their domains that could entrap me within an area of space.


[Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Lv1]

A Unique Skill that has been born from the combination of the Maxima Universe Ruler Authority's Essence and the Ego Creation Abilities you possess, further converged through [Defiance].

Grants the ability to use your Cosmic Power and Essence and temporarily activate [Absolute Cosmic Enchantment] on any piece of your body or on any Maxima Summon or Ego you possess and that has created a Soul Bound with you.

This power can be further extended towards allies Egos, Maxima Summons, or even their own bodies if similar requirements are met.

You can select which part you want to enchant; each part requires Essence and you cannot enchant everything within a target at the same time.

Once something is Enchanted, the following effects occur:

Automatically Transforms into a Maxima Summon and is affected by all your Skills and Abilities that boost their capabilities.

Automatically becomes an Ego Weapon, Armor, or Accessory, boasting new abilities and powers, and a new form convergent with the Maxima Summons.

Increases Durability and Attack Power by +1000% (+100% with each Skill Level)

Can ignore 50% of a foe's Total Defenses.

It is possible to slice through Space and Concepts.

Increases the wielder's Health, Essence, and other Energies Recovery Speed by +500% (+50% with each Skill Level)

Enhances the power of Weapon Skills compatible with the type of weapon created by +1500%.

Can merge with different Cosmic Enchanted pieces of body, equipment, or more to form even greater and powerful effects.


And the last of the trio, it was just as amazing, helping me shape and transform my body into deadly weapons with ease. My blood, my flesh, my exoskeleton, my wings, everything could be turned into Maxima Egos, as I'll call them now.

They temporarily gain intelligence, become alive, and therefore receive all the buffs that my Maxima Skills grant to Maxima Summons, and as Egos they develop amazing abilities too! And that's without even mentioning everything else…

With these three Skills, I am confident I can take all these damned Outer Gods one after another.

"So we've arrived." Lucifer interrumpted my train of thoughts, as she pointed at the gigantic forest blocking our path.

"Oh, I can feel a lot of life inside, finally, no more wastelands." I smiled. "Alright, let's go inside while we're moving to our destination."