Epic of Caterpillar-Chapter 2155 Invading Private Property!

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Chapter 2155 Invading Private Property!




As we reached the gigantic forest, a system notification appeared in front of our eyes.

[You have entered the [Domain of the Dracul Family]: [The Living Forest of Crimson Blood]]

[A Boundary Barrier of Divine Blood Essence blocks you from entering. It is only possible for powerful Vampires with a Blood Core of Rank 8 or above to enter without penalties.] 𝒇𝓻𝙚𝙚𝙬𝙚𝒃𝙣𝒐𝓿𝙚𝓵.𝒄𝒐𝒎

"Oh, there's a spatial barrier around this forest." Lucifer noticed it as well, touching the red barrier surrounding the area. "But why? Hmm, it seems this place could actually be more like the property of someone else. A Dracul Family or something."

"Hey Blood God, time for explanations again." I called him, as he appeared resembling a small red colored bat.

"The Dracul Family is one of the three strongest Families of Vampires within Abyss. They are well known for their wars over the expansion of their territories, their powerful Blood Knights and Blood Paladins, and also their mighty militaristic culture." The Blood God answered half-boredly. "If this is their forest, then we must be around the Lands of War Peak, within the Realm of Blood Crown. King Vlad and Queen Cecilia, their eternal sovereigns, were two very loyal subjects of mine. I wonder if they're still hanging out without me."

"Is that so? There are only three families?" I asked while raising an eyebrow. "For such a huge world, that seems underwhelming."

"I said the most dominant! There are dozens of lesser families serving the three dominant ones. And also everything else in between. Humans too, the normal ones have their small territories and kingdoms, constantly battling against us pathetically and pointlessly. Some decided to ally us willingly, becoming our sources of food while we protect them from danger. And well, there's also the Blood Elves and the Werewolves, but they're also Vampires anyways, just branched families that specialized on different Bloodline Refinement Paths." The Blood God explained.

"What are the other families then?" I asked, as I used Absolute Cosmic Enchantment on my fists and broke the barrier in a split of a second.



The entire barrier gained countless cracks and exploded into pieces, falling as crimson rain over the forest. Several presences immediately flared within the forest's interior and to the other side of it, directing their gazes towards me.

"Y-You broke the barrier?! How you're not even a Rank 8 Vampire- Ah, well, I guess logic doesn't apply for foreigners such as you!" The Blood God complained.

"What are the other families?" I asked. "I won't ask thrice!"

"A-Ah, right! Ahem! To the east from here, there are the desolate and cold plains of Mourn Equinox, Land of the Dead. No humans live on this barren and cursed soil, well not the weakest of them. But this land is far from deserted. The aberrant Nosferatu Family reigns supreme in those deadlands, masters of Necromancy and the control of Undead. They walk through the Path of Death and Souls like no other. They have Ancient Kings, who wake from their ancient tombs every millennium, awaiting the resurrection of their Emperor of Death, forming the Council Of Nosferatu."

"You really love narrating things dramatically, you're happy you're back home?"

"Don't treat me like a pet! Anyways, the third family is the Hecatenian Bloodline, masters of magic and witchery. Powerful and cold headed sorcerers that live in the east lands of Frozenheart. For them magic is blood and blood are magic. In complete contrast to the Dracul, they specialize on the learning, researching, and mastery of all Vampire Magic. They might not have large armies, but one of their Sorcerers is equivalent to an army of thousands."

"Cool!" I nodded, as I suddenly felt something approaching, Lucifer was only listening absentmindedly. freewebn(o)vel.com


A gigantic monstrosity surged from within the gigantic, black trees with crimson leaves. The dry land where the trees grew shook as it grew corrupt, red miasma spreading around. Is this some sort of corrupted form of Blood Energy?


The creature appeared, it resembled a three-headed crimson wolf, kind of similar to Wagyu in a few things, except the two other heads were also putrid skulls, this thing as an Undead of sorts. The Blood Miasma was most likely unique to Vampiric Beasts that became Undead.

[The commotion you've caused as enraged one of the ten rulers of the Forest, the [Three-Headed Decaying Blood Wolf Lord (World Devourer Realm: Tier 6)] has come to devour you whole!]

It exuded the power of at least a World Devourer Realm Monster, not bad at all! This world is promising in terms of EXP. Oh, and talking about features, this thing had eight legs, three tails, and a pair of decaying bony wings.

It opened its jaws the moment it set its empty eyes on me, releasing three explosive blasts of crimson blood flames. At the same time, the damned mutt expanded a domain of powerful Divine Blood Essence, trying to trap me inside.


The three explosions landed on my body, as I felt no pain at all. My stats were so high compared to my cultivation level that he would need to do a bit more work to even hurt me.

"You're not bad, I guess you're as strong as those Barbarian Demons we had slain before…" I nodded. "Though, nothing compared to Nirvana, or Satan's Incarnation…"

Crack, crack… CRASH!

I broke the domain before it was to fully trap me inside with a mere though and the release of my Intent. The three headed vampiric beast glared at me in disbelief before I appeared above its three heads.

"[Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Left Arm] + [Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Ego] = [Star-Splitting Cosmic Flare Axe: Apocalypse]"

My left arm suddenly transformed into a gigantic purple, blue, and red colored axe blazing with cosmic demonic flames. Without wasting another second, I slashed the "King" of this forest with a single swipe, its entire body being cleanly cut into two halves, blood and gusts splattering everywhere, burning.


"According to the system message, there's ten of these guys around! So let's hunt them while we are at it. I need EXP after all!"

"Haha, sure, sure~" Lucifer shrugged.




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