Everyone Wants to Pamper the Lucky Daughter-Chapter 215 - : Rebuilding the Homeland_1

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Chapter 215: Chapter 215: Rebuilding the Homeland_1

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Xu Wan’er was overjoyed, laughing and making a fuss when she saw Su Qingluo, not stopping for a moment.

Mu Xuerou also brought exquisite gifts.

The Mu family had been doing business all year round, and had dealings with Luo Zhan. Mu Xuerou’s father learned from Jufeng Trading Company that Su Hu was a distinguished guest of the young master and wanted to get closer to him.

He also seized this opportunity to have his daughter bring generous gifts to deepen the friendship between the two families.

Tian Qi and the other seven youngsters all came from wealthy families, with prosperous backgrounds and generous spending habits.

Ever since the eight boys acknowledged Su Qingluo as their boss, the magnitude of the change in them was astonishing.

These eight troublemakers who used to be disobedient and liked to cause trouble, not only toned down their tempers and personalities but also made progress in their studies.

Their physical fitness, strengthened through martial arts training, developed strong bones and muscles, and they grew taller.

These eight seemingly hopeless children now appeared more energetic, and began to understand humbleness and how to respect their parents.

Seeing them grow, the families of the eight couldn’t help being overjoyed, smiling even in their sleep.

Of course, the enormous change in the eight youngsters was largely due to the excellent guidance of their boss.

All eight families were delighted and extremely grateful to the little lucky doll, widely known across the whole area, who had impacted their children’s lives.

When they learned that the Su Clan had also suffered greatly in the recent flood, the parents of the eight boys rushed over with admiration and gratitude, bringing generous gifts to visit the legendary Fortune Child.

Wang Yehan, Li Moyun, Wei Ziming, and other noble children, accompanied by their families and carrying lots of supplies, returned to the royal residence after the disaster struck.

They assisted the two masters in resettling the victims and participated in the bustling post-disaster reconstruction.

Wei Ziming’s grandfather was the Magistrate of Xuzhou and arrived the earliest. 𝑓𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝘦𝑏𝑛ℴ𝓋ℯ𝑙.𝘤𝓸𝓂

In order to leave a good impression on the two female officials, despite his age, the magistrate personally led the reconstruction support and stayed in the countryside for a month.

Only after witnessing the heavily affected villages recover and witnessing the fertile lands being plowed and re-growing new crops did he feel relieved enough to leave.

The ten privileged children were study companions of the Little Prince and naturally knew about the Little Prince’s relationship with the siblings of the Su Clan.

All of them were clever kids who, under the guise of visiting their boss, secretly visited the Little Prince and presented him with valuable gifts.

Since the post-disaster reconstruction, the Su Clan had welcomed wave after wave of guests, receiving so many gifts that they had to clear a room to store them all.

Woniu Village took on a new look, with the newly built houses of the thirteen families showing a clean and beautiful layout of white walls and red tiles.

On behalf of the villagers, Su Qingluo expressed gratitude and gave ten medicinal cuisine recipes to Luo Zhan.

Luo Zhan happily accepted them.

Business was booming in the medicinal cuisine shops of Xuzhou City, with a steady stream of high-ranking officials coming to place reservations and orders.

Xue Rufeng planned to relocate the main store of the medicinal cuisine shops to Capital City, and open branches in the Seven Kingdoms in the next few years.

When talking about the Master of Thousand-Mechanism Pavilion, one couldn’t help but praise Su Qingluo’s medical skills.

Since force-fusing the Ice Soul Cold Lotus, Xue Rufeng had faced the hidden danger of demonic possession. However, under the nourishment of the spirit pills gifted by Su Qingluo, her damaged meridians gradually healed. The heart disease that used to flare up on the first and fifteenth of each month had not recurred in over two months.

Luo Zhan and others from the old Xueyu Kingdom were overjoyed, and grateful to the miraculous little Divine Doctor.

For this reason, when they heard about the floods, Jufeng Trading Company offered great assistance. In only half a month, they helped all the villagers of Woniu Village rebuild their homes and took this opportunity to establish an unprecedented reputation of the Su Clan within the village.