Everyone Wants to Pamper the Lucky Daughter-Chapter 216 - : Meeting My Biological Mother_1

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Chapter 216: Chapter 216: Meeting My Biological Mother_1

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Foshou Temple was a thousand-year-old ancient temple, with a long history and bustling incense. Pilgrims who came to worship and make vows were endless.

The beautiful scenery of the temple is behind the mountain, with clear waters and green mountains. Flowers bloomed in all seasons, the streams flowed endlessly, and it was known as the back garden of Xuzhou City.

The prestigious families in Xuzhou City liked to bring their families to Foshou Temple for a visit, take a break in the temple during their leisure time, practice Zen and worship Buddha, cultivate their hearts and nurture their natures, chat and make friends, all of which were quite a pleasure.

After the flood, there was a constant stream of villagers coming to Foshou Temple to worship and fulfill their vows. Su Hu’s family also took advantage of the good weather to offer incense at the temple and pray for blessings for their family.

Su Ziqin was going to the Capital City for his studies at the end of August. It would take a day of riding fast horses to reach the Capital City from Xuzhou City, and it was even more far away from Woniu Village.

Li Xiu’e was worried about her eldest daughter and wanted to ask for a peace lottery before she embarked on her journey.

If time allowed, she also wanted to calculate a marriage hexagram and ask for a Marriage Luck Lottery. If she could draw an excellent lottery, it would also settle an old mother’s worry.

The family arrived at Furong Town by carriage and took a short break at the Blessing Feast Restaurant at the foot of the mountain.

After drinking enough tea and eating enough dim sum, paying the bill, and leaving their horses and carriages at the back of the restaurant, the family, along with Jifeng, Jiyu, and Grandma Liu, left the restaurant satisfied and started climbing up the mountain along the stone steps.

Blessing Feast Restaurant was located close to the foot of the mountain, so there was no need to detour. Going straight up the steps led to the back door of Foshou Temple.

Su Hu and his wife brought their eight children into the crowd of worshippers, enjoying the scenery along the way and talking and laughing as they climbed halfway up the mountain.

With children of various ages, Li Xiu’e was afraid of them getting lost, so she deliberately instructed the older children to take care of their younger brothers and sisters.

Su Ziqin held Wan’er, Su Zixuan held Maodou, Wang Meng carried four-and-a-half-year-old Heidou on his shoulders, and Su Qingluo was still responsible for looking after the Little Prince. fr𝚎𝗲𝐰ebnov𝐞𝐥.𝐜o𝗺

There were too many people climbing the mountain, people touching people, people squeezing people.

Little Mengbao, who was short, felt uncomfortable being squeezed in the crowd, and hugged his sister like a spoiled child, insisting that his sister hold him and refusing to walk.

Su Qingluo sighed and took a few deep breaths, finally lifting up the little sticky, mischievous boy who had gained quite a bit of weight.

The Little Prince hugged his sister’s neck, sniffing the intoxicating fragrance of her hair, and felt bubbles of happiness in his heart.

“Ahem, ahem.”

A delicate cough came from a single-person sedan chair climbing the mountain.

The maid following the sedan chair looked nervous, sticking to the curtain and whispered softly, “Madam, is your chest hurting again? Do you need to stop and rest?”

“No need, it’ll be fine in a moment.”

A light and faint voice came from the sedan chair, soft and gentle, with a hint of the tenderness of a Jiangnan woman.

Su Qingluo couldn’t help but glance at the sedan chair as her ears perked up.

Her keen eyes lingered on the conspicuous mark hanging on the lower right side of the sedan chair.

Double Swords Armor?!

On the oval symbol, there were two clearly engraved crossed treasure swords, and a set of silver armor below.

“The double swords and armor are the symbols of the Duke of Zhen’s residence,” Little Kingfisher transmitted his thoughts in time to clarify the confusion for his mistress.

“Only the direct relatives of the Duke of Zhen’s residence are eligible to hang the symbol of the double swords and armor when they go out. The person sitting in the sedan chair has a distinguished identity, either the Duchess of Zhen or the Prince’s wife.”

The Prince’s wife?!

Su Qingluo’s breath caught, and her heart skipped a beat.

The Prince’s wife was her biological mother!

“Ahem, ahem.”

Another round of delicate coughs came from the small sedan chair, pulling back her wandering thoughts.