Fallen Chronicles-Chapter 192 : "Sister Nova, you wouldn’t want your future child to be bullied, right?"

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Chapter 192 Chapter 192: "Sister Nova, you wouldn't want your future child to be bullied, right?"

"Eh!? Really? Are you sure?"

"Absolutely, in this manner, I'm eager to see who would dare to speak ill of Thia!"

"Sob*, Sister Nova, you are truly wonderful, Thia likes you the most!" The nun, overwhelmed with emotion, sought comfort in Nova's embrace.

Observing the nun's elation over the nuances of status, Nova felt a twinge of perplexity. Being a demi-human, her understanding of such matters was limited. her curiosity piqued and she asked "Suthia, is this distinction between senior and junior truly significant for us?"

"Of course it is, Sister Nova!"

Suthia immediately became serious, and earnestly explained to Nova "Once you become the junior, not only can't you walk in front of the senior, but you also have to wait for the senior to start eating. Even the time spent with Lord Ashen, you must prioritize the senior. At most, the junior gets the leftover soup. And if, by chance, some succubus becomes the senior, they might not even leave any soup!"

"And without any soup, how can one bear children with Master? Then you can only watch others bear Lord Ashen's children one after another, increasingly gaining his favor, while you remain lonely and desolate, touching your flat belly under the cold moonlight at night."

Nova: "..."

"Alright, even if you're lucky enough to bear Master's child, the status of the children after birth will also depend on the mother's status. As the junior, your child will receive less attention and care from Lord Ashen! Starving, lacking warm clothes, all because of you, the mother!"

Nova: "…"

"What I mentioned is just a small part. For example, in future records, the senior's name will be listed first, and being junior, your name will be at the end, hardly remembered by anyone, and so on."

"No need to say more, Thia!" Nova interrupted, unable to listen further.

From Suthia, Nova realized how important "status" was and began to waver about her recent statement, " You will be the big sister, and I'll Follow."

But at this moment, of course, she couldn't take back her words, so she stopped Suthia, fearing that if Suthia continued, she really wouldn't be content being the junior anymore.

Suthia smiled slightly, seeing Nova's anxious appearance, which was exactly what she wanted. The nun then cunningly said: "But don't worry Sister Nova, luckily we have five people. Even if I become the senior, Sister Nova can still be the second!"

"Second..." Nova hesitated.

Not giving Nova much time to think, the nun continued to press the issue: fre(e)webno(v)el

"Sister Nova, you now know how important status is, right? So, for the future, for our family, let's unite now and decide the ranking of status."

"First and second will be us, third goes to Zero, fourth to Miyuki, and the youngest, fifth, to Lena!"

In Suthia's heart, when it comes to the ranking of threats to herself, Lena is definitely the highest, while Nova is the lowest. Comparing Zero and Miyuki, a "three-no" mechanical girl definitely lacks competitiveness against a motherly elf big sister.

"I feel this is a bit..."

"Sister Nova! We're doing this not to use status to oppress, but to protect our family, to prevent power from falling into the hands of bad people. That's why we need to seize it first!"

"Okay, okay, I'll listen to Thia"

The girls' night talk made Nova very emotional.

"I didn't expect that Thia had thought so far ahead, even about having children with Master."

"So, Sister Nova, how many children do you want to have with My Lord?" Suthia asked innocently, tilting her head.

"I think not too many, just... ten should be good."

Watching Nova across from her, who seemed to seriously thinking before answering, even Suthia's mouth twitched. Is this what demi-humans are like?

She quickly informed Nova that for them at their level of strength, having children is difficult, and having even one would be good.

"So if there's only one, would Sister Nova prefer a boy or a girl?"

"A boy." Although Nova is female, for most demi-human races, male offspring are preferred.

However, the nun blinked at this.

"Is that so? But it seems Lord Ashen prefers females a bit more. I wonder if he would..."

"Then a girl!" Hearing this, Nova, who immediately saw reason, quickly changed her mind, as Renji in her memory did indeed seem to prefer females over males.

Afterward, the nun nodded in satisfaction, then pretended to hesitate and said: "But a family can't be without a boy. Never mind, I'll bear a boy for My Lord!"

"Thia, you..."

Nova was suddenly moved, knowing that a boy might not be favored by her master, but the nun was willing to bear a boy for the family. This courage, she really...

"It's okay, Sister Nova, since I'm the senior, I should take this responsibility. But when my child is born later, can you be his godmother?"

"Of course, and for the child I'm about to have, I'll have to rely on Thia"

"Yes, leave it to me, I'll surely take care of her, huh? WHAT!?"

Suthia, halfway through her sentence, sensed something wrong, and her eyes widened, her entire demeanor like a startled mother cat.

"Wait a minute, Nova, you you you you, what do you mean by a child about to be born!? Are you pregnant!?" The nun jumped out of bed, not even calling her 'sister' anymore.

"Not yet, but I feel it's about time."

"What do you mean? What do you mean by 'almost'? How many times have you done it with Lord Ashen!?"

Watching the flustered nun, Nova opened her palm.

"Five times?"

Nova shook her head.

"Fifty times!?" Suthia's tone was already a bit dangerous.

Nova across from her shook her head again.

Now it was the nun's turn to ask in a trembling voice, looking incredulous and utterly astonished at the outrageous number.

"Five hundred times!?"

"What are you thinking, Thia? Even as a dragon, I can't do that much in this short time. It was only fifty-five times."

Nova shook her head, sighing with a slight sense of regret.

And across from her,

Suthia: "…"

"Sister Nova is really… impressive." The nun said through gritted teeth.


"Heh, heh, heh~"

'You, an empress of the Dragon Nation, it's only been a few days, and you've already done it with My Lord fifty-five times!? And you say "only" with regret? Haha! I, his first, had only done it seven times!'

Suthia looked at Nova with eyes that turned back to being hollow and merciless. She began to ponder if she had underestimated the threat of Nova, who seemed simple and foolish. She was already regretting giving Nova the second place.

"Then it seems I also need to work harder."

Nova nodded without any objections, even offering, "Hmm, you go to Master room tonight, I, I'll just..."

"No, Sister Nova, don't you understand? My Lord intentionally created this scenario to trick me, actually, it's for... us to go together, right?"


Nova didn't understand at first, but after the nun whispered in her ear, her face turned red. At first, she showed a very traditional and conservative reluctance, but underneath, there was a hint of excitement.

Suthia wasn't surprised by this at all, as she had long seen through the cold exterior of Nova.

'Damn it!'

But soon, Suthia's eyes shifted, and she returned to being that lovable little nun.

"By the way, Sister Nova, there's one more thing about status I didn't tell you."

"Which is?"

"If the circumstance arises where we must collaborate closely to serve My Lord, as the 'senior', I hold a certain authority. Sister Nova, as the 'junior', you would be obliged to comply with any request I make,"

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