Fallen Chronicles-Chapter 193 : The Pool and Playing Cards

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Chapter 193 193: The Pool and Playing Cards

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By the poolside, the sound of water flowing from the showerhead, "whooshing" and spraying, finally diluted some of the loneliness of the night. Under the bright moonlight overhead, the sparkling and crystal-clear pool water was pleasing to the eye.

Unfortunately, this peaceful and beautiful scene did not seem to be what a troubled young girl by the poolside wanted.

Eileen, bored and propping her chin, sat on the steps of the pool, having taken off her boots. She dangled her feet in the water while aimlessly studying the pool's showerhead.

In front of her, the pool had two showerheads. One, of course, was the indispensable dragon-head shower, whose appearance was majestic and imposing. The turbulent water flow gushed from the dragon's mouth, like a waterfall plummeting straight down, finally striking the pool's surface and creating one white wave after another, a sight thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing to watch.

In contrast, the second showerhead, located below the dragon head, was noticeably smaller in diameter, designed like a white lotus flower, with a gentle and continuous stream of water, resembling a beaded curtain.

However, Eileen soon realized that one should not underestimate the white lotus showerhead. Though it seemed less conspicuous, the entire operation of the fountain pool couldn't do without it. It provided the pressure from below, enabling the dragon-head shower above to work continuously. Whether it was the size or shape of the water flow, it was all controlled by it, indicating its dominant position in the pool's circulation system.


How incredibly bored must she be to be studying a fountain pool here?

'This is just terrible!'

Eileen couldn't help but curse herself in her mind.

Shaking her head, she tried to clear these messy thoughts from her mind. Eileen, addressing the maid who was fortunately still by her side, complained in a rather resentful tone:

"86, you say Old timer sent us all away, making it so mysterious. What is he doing with Sister Nana? We've been with him for so long, is there something that still needs to be hidden from us, the veterans?"

Eileen tried to find a sense of shared misery from the maid, but unfortunately, the maid in standby mode opened her eyes and glanced at the young girl by the poolside.

[Miss Eileen, who has been with the master for barely three months, dares to call herself a veteran. *Number 86 shook her head and sighed, remarking that Miss Eileen has once again refreshed the lower limit of shamelessness*]

"You dare..! Well, that's still better than you, a piece of junk picked up halfway through, and it was I who repaired you! You haven't been with Old Timer as long as I have!" the girl immediately retorted.

[Although I am grateful for Miss Eileen's repairs, I am a copy of 'Zero.' Rounding up, it's equivalent to having countless years of old experiences following master. There's a fundamental difference between me and a blank character like you. *Enjoying the feeling of bullying others due to one's birth and background, the villainous Number 86 said so*]

After the maid spoke, Eileen was expected to retort, but the imagined voice did not come. Instead, the girl's expression fell into a look of loss, appearing even more desolate under the moonlight.

Because indeed.

Eileen, on the same level as her peers, Ashe and the maid, one obviously had a better relationship with Sister Nana, belonging to the same subhuman species, practically having the backing of the Empress. And as for 86, there's no need to mention her, being the leader of the Mechanical Alliance, Zero is practically 86's sister…

Following this script, Eileen, born in the Holy Kingdom, should have the backing of the Goddess. But the reality was that she hadn't gotten along with the Goddess at all, even having punched her once, although at that time, it was when Suthia was borrowing Maria's body.

So, looking at it this way, everyone else had their own prestigious background, while she... was really just like the maid said, a blank slate, not even "ordinary" in her background. A scavenger who, when discovered by others later, would only be laughed at?

[Don't be disheartened, Miss Eileen. I recommend you read a novel called 'I Raised a Cannon Fodder NPC to Become a Legendary Witch.' The heroine in it came from a poor village in the countryside, an utterly ordinary village girl. But later, under the cultivation of the male lead, she became the strongest witch in the world, * Seeing Miss Eileen's complexion off, 86 began to regret her previous bullying and tried to comfort her*]

Eileen: "..."

Sighing, Eileen turned her head and continued to gaze forlornly at the pool water under the moonlight, soon feeling the maid quickly approaching from behind.

[Alright, alright Miss Eileen. Master has a special reason for not including us in his 'activities' tonight, *86 say with an exasperated look*]

"Special reason?" 𝒇𝒓𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝓫𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝓵.𝓬𝒐𝒎

[Master is playing cards with Sister Nana] 86 said with certainty. freewebno(v)el.com

"Playing cards?"

[Yes, in the first stage, master was using Paladin cards, in the second stage, Dragon Knight cards, and now, master should be in the process of card fusion, advancing into the higher-order Holy Dragon Knight. *86, who has crammed on card-playing knowledge, made a professional conjecture*]

[Of course, there's a certain probability that the 'Holy Light' card will turn into the 'Shadow card'. In that case, it becomes the 'Shadow Dragon Knight'. Compared to the Holy Dragon Knight, it has lower health but higher aggressiveness, *86 explained to Eileen, getting into the state herself, wondering when she could unlock the pack of Mechanical Knight cards*]

Eileen: "…"

'You better be telling the truth about playing cards!'

The girl's heart shattered a bit, and watching the maid analyzing seriously across from her, Eileen, who had observed quite a few card games, immediately conjured up many images in her mind, causing blushes to climb onto the young girl's cheeks.

Even in Eileen's heart, some whimsical thoughts inexplicably sprouted, such as if 86 is a Mechanical Knight card, then what card would she be? Of course, as soon as the girl came to her senses, she immediately spat out several curses in her mind, appalled that she could even entertain such thoughts, which seemed to sully the brotherly bond she shared with Renji.

Unfortunately, it seemed too late, as the maid opposite her had already seen through what Eileen was thinking.

[Miss Eileen, don't belittle yourself. You still have a 0.003% chance of becoming a Little Devil Knight card] 86 consoled in this manner after taking glance at Eileen's Chest.

'Little... Little...'

'Damn it!'

"I'll smash you into pieces today!"

Fuming with embarrassment and anger, Eileen leaped from the poolside, not even bothering to put on her boots, and flew towards the maid.

And 86, having successfully comforted her and diverted the young girl's attention, was preparing to join Eileen in frolicking to spend this lonely night when suddenly...

In 86's vision, the character model of Eileen rushing towards her began to... fall apart?

Then, before the maid could react, a series of glitches exploded across the retinas of her electronic eyes like a virus.

In 86's perspective, the whole world instantly turned like a broken, old television, with every pixel disordered, creating a scrambled screen.


This was not disorder but breakdown and then reassembly.

The first to fully reassemble was Eileen's character model. After a phase of blurring and distortion, the image of the young girl was gone. Instead, it transformed into a creature lunging towards her, with four eyes and four mouths, resembling a canine but with strange fish fins on its back.

A Miasma monster.

Seeing the monstrous dog, its ferocious gaping mouth flying towards her, about to bite off her head, she seemed to have no room to resist, only to watch helplessly as...


A gunshot rang out from behind the maid, a piercing bullet unbelievably grazing her hair, striking the monster dog only inches away from her. The beast, hit by the bullet's force, was blown away mid-air, twitching a few times before turning into a corpse in a pool of blood, lying on the desolate, dusky land.


Eileen's character model was just the beginning. In 86's eyes, the entire world had already completely changed its appearance.

The desolate dusky land, with yellow sand filling the sky.

Bones scattered everywhere, blood pools swallowed by cracks in the ground, then absorbed by something seemingly invisible, eventually becoming part of the blood-red sky that dyed both the sun and the moon scarlet, enveloping this land.

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