Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2954 Titan Rhinoceros Elephant!

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Chapter 2954 Titan Rhinoceros Elephant!

Wen Yu reported the news to Lin Yuan, "Young Master, if you're prepared to investigate this species, the information I obtained from the Second Elder of the Crimson Heaven Falcons should be very useful to you."

Wen Yu handed Lin Yuan the collated information from Chi Zhentian.

While Lin Yuan used Genius' exclusive skill, Connected Tails, to examine it, Wen Yu explained briefly, "Young Master, Chi Zhentian said that this species is called the Titan Rhinoceros Elephant.

"The bloodline legacy of this species is similar to the history of the Crimson Heaven Falcons. In the early days, the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants could not compare to the Crimson Heaven Falcons. But after generations passed, the Titan Rhinoceros Elephant's body became larger and larger, developing to this extent.

"The Crimson Heaven Falcons have been in North of the Lonely River for a few epochs. Chi Zhentian expressed that he doesn't know the exact situation of the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants who are out of the area.

"However, the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants in North of the Lonely River have at least doubled in size in the past few epochs! Chi Zhentian suspects that the area where these Titan Rhinoceros Elephants live has a secret that can enlarge their bodies."


After reading Chi Zhentian's report, Lin Yuan had a certain understanding of the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants and knew a lot about the Crimson Heaven Falcons' internal affairs.

The overall strength of the Crimson Heaven Falcons was slightly weaker than Lin Yuan had imagined.

The Crimson Heaven Falcons had been guarding this area to wait for a natural treasure called the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom to mature. This Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom was extremely beneficial to the Crimson Heaven Falcons' fire elements.

In addition, this Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom grew inside the skull of a huge bird skeleton, sucking the essence of this huge avian-type fey's skeleton dry.

The Crimson Heaven Falcons' leader ate the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom.

With the nourishment of the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom and the pure and surging avian-type fey bloodline power in the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom, there was a high chance that the leader's strength would improve further.

Spending a few epochs to allow the Crimson Heaven Falcon to gain an expert who could change the structure of the Crimson Heaven Falcons would be very beneficial.

Wen Yu had noted that Chi Zhentian had wanted to find out more about the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom. It was obvious that he did not want Sky City to take the Crimson Blood Mushroom away when they took in the Crimson Heaven Falcons.

With the Crimson Blood Mushroom, the Crimson Heaven Falcons had the possibility of breaking through their current situation.

The more powerful the Crimson Heaven Falcons were, the more authority they would have with Lin Yuan.

Wen Yu did not respond to Chi Zhentian's probing. She did not know what Lin Yuan was going to do.

In Wen Yu's eyes, all the Crimson Heaven Falcons were Sky City's prisoners. No matter what decision Lin Yuan made, the Crimson Heaven Falcons could only accept it unconditionally. He had no right to bargain at all.

Lin Yuan was not interested in this Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom but he was interested in another item in the Crimson Heaven Falcons' territory.

It was the Nirvana Feather Flower Spring that was used to nourish the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom! To Lin Yuan, this treasure was not inferior to the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom at all. In fact, it was far more precious than the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom!

The Nirvana Feather Flower Spring was effective on any avian-type fey.

A Nirvana Feather Flower would grow in the Nirvana Feather Flower Spring. The Nirvana Feather Flower was like a derivative lifeform of the Nirvana Feather Flower Spring.

The Nirvana Feather Flower could not be eaten by avian-type feys directly. Its sap was extremely toxic.

However, the fragrance emitted by the Nirvana Feather Flower could help avian-type feys nourish their body and increase the possibility of bloodline transformation.

From Chi Zhentian's message, Lin Yuan could sense that Chi Zhentian was actually dissatisfied with the Crimson Heaven Falcons' arrangements.

Since the Nirvana Feather Flower Spring had been used to nourish the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom, Chi Zhentian had not had a share at all. Not only that, even the fragrance emitted by the Nirvana Feather Flower could only be absorbed by the leader of the Crimson Heaven Falcons, Chi Mingyan.

Indeed, Chi Mingyan was stronger than Chi Zhentian. Chi Zhentian admitted this. But compared to Chi Mingyue, he, the Second Elder of the Crimson Heaven Falcons, was just a decoration.

All these years, he had only been helping Chi Mingyan manage the Crimson Heaven Falcons. He had done all the dirty and tiring work, but he did not get a share of the benefits.

Even though he knew that this was to protect the interests of the Crimson Heaven Falcons to the greatest extent, the dissatisfaction in Chi Zhentian's heart accumulated.

Lin Yuan ignored Chi Zhentian's dissatisfaction. Chi Zhentian's dissatisfaction with the Crimson Heaven Falcons was meaningless to Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan couldn't help Chi Zhentian adjust his dissatisfaction.

As the leader of the Crimson Heaven Falcons, Chi Mingyan was definitely stronger than Chi Zhentian in terms of ability and strength. Otherwise, how could Chi Mingyue suppress Chi Zhentian? Even if Chi Zhentian had some complaints, he still had to do these things.

Lin Yuan was prepared to leave the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom to Chi Mingyan so he could digest and absorb it.

Chi Mingyan might not be able to steadily advance to the next grade with the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom alone. However, if Lin Yuan was willing to help, everything would be different.

Lin Yuan would rely on his body composition to help Chi Mingyan. The increase in his grade and quality was basically a sure bet.

Lin Yuan would take the Nirvana Feather Flower Spring if he left the Crimson Flame Blood Mushroom with Chi Mingyan.

The Nirvana Feather Flower Spring was too suitable for Chimey! With the help of the Nirvana Feather Flower Spring, Chimey could quickly raise its grade and quality in an extremely short period. It was not impossible for Chimey to not prevail despite being a late bloomer.

Lin Yuan had fulfilled the Crimson Heaven Falcons' expectations. Since Lin Yuan wanted the Nirvana Feather Flower Spring from the Crimson Heaven Falcons, the Crimson Heaven Falcons would not be dissatisfied.

"Wen Yu, I'll learn about the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants after I take a look at them. I hope the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants can surprise me! If we're sure that they can really be used, we can immediately build the war fortress!

"Since we've already decided to stabilize our footing and develop Sky City slowly, we might as well spend some effort to make Sky City and the faith country into an indestructible iron bucket. As long as there are no internal problems, this iron bucket will definitely not be destroyed!"

Wen Yu said seriously, "Young Master, there will definitely be no problems within Sky City. I've always believed that! While you are exploring the territory of the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants, I will take good care of Sky City.

"If there are any problems, I will communicate with the Moon Empress. Alternatively, I'll contact you through Thoughts Letter Paper or the Fantasy Crystal Birth Stone Flower."

Sky City held a profoundly warm place in Wen Yu's heart; it was akin to her home. Regardless of circumstance, she harbored a fervent desire to safeguard it.

Comprising just over twenty core members, Sky City fostered a tight-knit camaraderie among its inhabitants. Even in the face of conflict, the city's overall stability remained unshaken, with resolutions swiftly forthcoming.

Wen Yu pledged to risk her life to uphold Sky City's equilibrium. If she discovered anyone attempting to disrupt its stability, she would show no mercy.

Lin Yuan ventured out with a profound sense of reassurance. He knew that even if he were absent for decades, as long as Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter safeguarded Sky City's safety, it would continue to thrive and develop at a rapid pace.

"Wen Yu, don't worry about the Crimson Heaven Falcons," Lin Yuan reassured her. "Sky City won't be able to take over the Crimson Heaven Falcons' territory for a long time to come. When they launched a surprise attack on the territory of the Spinning Wings White Falcons, Spring and Autumn opened their barriers.

"The news of this conflict should not have reached the ears of the Crimson Heaven Falcons yet. Chi Zhentian and the others' faith has been taken by the Faith Tree. They probably won't tell the other Crimson Heaven Falcons.

"Apart from how to develop the faith country, the focus now is on the development of the resources of the Spinning Wings White Falcons' territory. We have too few resources now. Such limited resources can't support the consumption at all. Most of the things I trade are rare resources, not basic resources for development.

"This time, with the development of the King Blood Jackals' territory, the basic resources will be stored in large quantities. I think these basic resources should be enough for a long time!"

Wen Yu hurriedly said, "Young Master, the Moon Empress has just reminded me of this matter. I have specially selected some people from Sky City's reserve team. These people are the weakest in the reserve forces. Even if they participate in the competition, they won't be able to achieve anything.

"I'll choose 500 members from among them and place them among the Spinning Wings White Falcons. These people will review every resource developed and used in the territory of the Spinning Wings White Falcons. This will ensure that there will be no problems with resources.

"Bai Yunzong is a very smart guy. He knows the current situation of the Spinning Wings White Falcons very well. He himself will most likely restrict the internal affairs of the Spinning Wings White Falcons!"

Lin Yuan was reminding Wen Yu before he left.

Since Wen Yu knew about this, there was no need for her to continue talking about this matter.

Lin Yuan brought Winter directly to the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants' territory. Winter's movement speed and traveling ability were the strongest among the four followers. It was most convenient for Lin Yuan to bring Winter out. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

Although Winter did not show it on the surface, he was still happy that Lin Yuan had chosen him.

Previously, when Lin Yuan had arranged the operation, he had not chosen Winter. Winter would not show his emotions like Autumn did. However, Winter would still make comparisons in his heart.

If Autumn continued to be so sensitive to such matters, Lin Yuan would choose to use Autumn more often when he needed people. Then Winter would have to find an opportunity to have a good chat with Autumn.

Spring and Summer were both people who did not fight over anything. However, if Autumn always acted like this, it was inevitable that Spring and Summer would be dissatisfied one day.

If the four of them had an internal strife, how could they live up to Lin Yuan's nurturing of them in his previous life?

At that moment, Lin Yuan had been thinking about how the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants had grown bigger in such a short period of time and eventually grown into such a huge body.

It would have been fine if the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants had been that big from the start. However, it was obvious that the transformation of the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants over the past few epochs was the key to the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants' huge size!

Lin Yuan asked Winter, "Winter, have you heard of the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants before?"

Winter fell into deep thought.

Winter had existed for countless epochs and had seen too many species. However, as long as it was a species that Don had seen before, he would have an impression of them.

Winter thought for a moment and said, "Young Master, I should have heard of the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants. Apart from having two mountain-like Rhinoceros horns on their heads, the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants have four extremely exaggerated tusks. Both their horns or tusks are weapons that can be used in battle.

"Young Master, do you think that the species that can be called a war fortress refers to the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants? In my impression, the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants are indeed huge, but it shouldn't be possible for them to become that large. This is unless the bloodline of the entire Titan Rhinoceros Elephants has mutated because of something. I have seen many species in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

"When I heard that this species that could be used as a war fortress was so huge that it could reach 400,000 meters, I was rather surprised. As far as I know, there are only a few experts who live in the sea. Only when their strength reaches a certain level can they grow to such a huge extent. But the members of this species can reach a hundred thousand meters in size. It's really against common sense.

"However, there are all kinds of strange things in the world. Life has infinite possibilities. There are indeed some special spiritual ingredients that can make lifeforms larger. When we see this species later, I'll most likely be able to see what's going on with them."

Winter paused before continuing. "Young Master, if this species is too unruly, I don't recommend spending too many resources on them because the war fortress is not for the elite members of Sky City but for the warriors selected by the faith country.

"This species might restrain themselves under the control of experts, but under the control of those ordinary warriors, if this war fortress loses control, it will definitely cause a huge impact."

Lin Yuan came to see this species with the intention of learning about them. If this species had flaws and was inconvenient to control, Lin Yuan would not force them to become Sky City's war fortress.

Winter was unaware of the information provided by Chi Zhentian. According to his information, this species was indeed relatively docile.

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