Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2956 Legendary Breath Soil!

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Chapter 2955 Legendary Breath Soil!

If Lin Yuan had not known about the docility of this species in advance, he would not be so enthusiastic about building a war fortress.

With Winter's help, Lin Yuan would only need about a day to reach the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants' territory.

Lin Yuan did not give too much information to Winter. Instead of saying too much information to disturb Winter's judgment, it was better to let him judge the functionality of this species from a subjective perspective.

If the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants had the possibility of becoming a war fortress, Lin Yuan would spend a lot of effort to control this species.

If Winter and Lin Yuan determined that the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants did not have the possibility of building a war fortress, they would give up on it due to the low safety factor.

Lin Yuan would not touch the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants for a long time. The area where the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants were located was too far away from where Lin Yuan was developing. Even if Lin Yuan controlled them now, it would be very difficult for him to have the energy to develop the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants' territory.

While Lin Yuan was out, all the white-clothed followers' combat and reserve sequence members in Sky City seemed to be running on steroids. This especially applied to the reserve sequence members.

These reserve sequence members had never been used after joining Sky City. These people came from poor backgrounds. When they first entered Sky City, the reserve sequence members were shocked and terrified by the large amount of resources Sky City poured into them.

However, these reserve sequence members were no longer new to Sky City. They had been in Sky City for more than 20 years when they were in the main world.

These reserve sequence members could obtain a large amount of resources every day, but they did not see any chance of improvement.

Official white-clothed followers and combat sequence members received more resources than reserve sequence members.

The strength of these white-clothed followers had already been raised to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom, but they could be considered absolute experts to the reserve sequence members who were spirit fire experts!

This competition could be said to be the best news for the reserve members. This allowed these reserve Sequence members to see the possibility of advancing to the combat sequence or even the white-clothed followers.

Having been a reserve sequence member for a long time, it was inevitable that the lack of opportunities would cause them to feel like they were floating aimlessly.

These people felt extremely regretful and had the intention to work hard.

As for those who did not show any enthusiasm after the news of the competition spread, it would not take long for them to be eliminated from the reserve sequence.

Sky City was a huge faction. Apart from a dozen core members, there were only a few thousand basic members. Such a force only nurtured elites and not idlers.

Liu Jie and Zhou Luo, the two managers of the white-clothed followers' combat sequence and reserve sequence, had such thoughts.

Previously, when managing the white-clothed followers' combat and reserve sequences, it was usually Zhou Luo who put in more effort because Liu Jie was busy improving his individual power.

Currently, Liu Jie could be said to have the most feys in Sky City. Even Lin Yuan could not compare to him.

Liu Jie had to spend more effort on his insect-species carcinoma feys.

Elegance had always treated these insect-species carcinoma feys that transformed into fairies badly. This meant that Liu Jie had to enter seclusion every once in a while.

Apart from Lin Yuan, none of Sky City's peers were a match for Liu Jie. If Lin Yuan did not use his trump cards, he could not guarantee that he could defeat Liu Jie in a battle in the wild.

Now, Lin Yuan was preparing to hold a competition in Sky City. Once the news spread, Liu Jie would start managing Sky City.

Apart from Lin Yuan and Wen Yu, Zhou Luo was the first person in Sky City to be recognized by Lin Yuan.

Liu Jie's acknowledgment of Zhou Luo stemmed from that life-and-death battle they experienced together. Liu Jie and Zhou Luo were old buddies and their relationship could be described as close.

When Zhou Luo saw Liu Jie, he smiled and said, "Does the leader of the white-clothed followers have the time to pay attention to us now that you're done with the fairies? I got a few jars of good wine from Lord Lin Yuan. Let's have a few drinks! When Sky City's competition starts in a few days, the two of us will really be busy!"

Liu Jie said helplessly, "Old Zhou, don't tease me if you have nothing to do. What do you mean by done with the fairies? You make it sound like I'm not a serious person!"

Zhou Luo laughed when he heard that.

"To be honest, Old Liu, if anyone dares to say that you're not serious, I'll be angry with him! Besides you, who else doesn't have a girlfriend at such an old age? There are so many beauties in Sky City but none of them caught your eye.

"If you really like anyone, listen to my advice. If you really chase after her, she will be yours! As the saying goes, a good woman is afraid of being pestered by a man. Don't you know how my wife found me? I stuck around until she became mine!"

Zhou Luo only got married a few years before he came to the Sky Beyond the Clouds. His marriage partner was a combat sequence member. She was extremely talented and was affiliated with all support-type feys. Her affinity could be said to be similar to Chu Ci's back then.

At that time, Sky City was in need of manpower and the members of the white-clothed followers had yet to settle down.

This woman did not disappoint Lin Yuan's nurturing and completely relied on her own ability to become an official member of the white-clothed followers.

The female white-clothed follower was indeed not interested in Zhou Luo at first. But under Zhou Luo's relentless pursuit, she eventually became his wife. Judging from Zhou Luo's experience, it was indeed right to say that a good girl was afraid of being pestered by a man.

However, Liu Jie's mind had never been on this.

If Liu Jie had been chasing after a target all these years, it would definitely be Lin Yuan.

However, Liu Jie's pursuit of Lin Yuan had started with Lin Yuan's salvation and the retainer knight's oath. It was Lin Yuan who had given him hope to survive.

Even now, his heart had not changed. But he did have more thoughts. Apart from wanting to protect Lin Yuan as a retainer knight, Liu Jie also wanted to manage Sky City with Lin Yuan and realize their dreams together.

This was the motivation for Liu Jie to work so hard to increase his strength.

Liu Jie had spent the past few decades on such matters and was not in the mood to consider anything else.

Liu Jie smiled and said to Zhou Luo, "Everyone has different aspirations and thoughts. You, on the other hand, have nothing to do but enjoy your life with your wife and child. But you have to remember not to allow your power to lag! I don't want to hear that anyone in Sky City has surpassed you!"

Zhou Luo said solemnly, "Don't worry about this. Lord Lin Yuan promoted me to this position. I definitely won't allow my strength to embarrass Lord Lin Yuan! It's just that faith power is really too difficult to obtain. Otherwise, my strength would most likely be able to increase again!" novelbuddy.co(m)

Liu Jie was not as optimistic as Zhou Luo; he knew how difficult it was to increase one's strength. It was all thanks to Lin Yuan's help that they could improve their strength so easily.

Liu Jie remembered that Lin Yuan had said that the main purpose of the faith country's existence was to collect faith power for Sky City. Judging from this situation, once the faith country could collect a large amount of faith power for Sky City and Lin Yuan distributed the faith power, the strength of Sky City's core members would increase again.

In the past, Liu Jie would have definitely split hairs over this and thought that all of this was a gift from Lin Yuan. However, Liu Jie no longer thought that way.

Sky City had only developed to this day because of the joint efforts of all its members. Su Yiren and Luo Lan had both contributed greatly to the prosperity of Sky City.

As the leader of the white-clothed followers chosen by Lin Yuan, he only needed to do his job well.

"Old Zhou, the competition is imminent. Have you observed the situation of the members of Sky City?"

Zhou Luo shrugged and said, "Most of the reserve sequence members are very excited. To them, this competition is equivalent to discovering a way to rise. However, there are still some among these 5,000 people who don't have much fighting spirit. They always feel that there's a huge gap between the reserve sequence and the combat sequence, much less the white-clothed followers.

"I originally planned to tell you about this so you can decide if there's a need to tell Lord Lin Yuan about this. These people were nurtured using Sky City's resources. But now, they're all acting as though they've forgotten about this. I think it's necessary to find an opportunity to send all these reserve sequence members to train in the future. They'll really lack courage if they don't experience bloodshed!"

Liu Jie did not say anything else. He knew Lin Yuan very well.

Since Lin Yuan had placed his focus on managing the white-clothed followers' combat and reserve sequences, he would definitely place more focus on this in the future.

Those hooligans would eventually be educated or expelled by Lin Yuan.

"Old Zhou, I think we need to mobilize these people's fighting spirits."

Zhou Luo nodded in agreement.

"The fighting spirits of the reserve sequence members do need to be mobilized, but that will be enough. The fighting spirits of the combat sequence members is already abnormally high. For members of the combat sequence, it's not only an opportunity but also a risk.

"The members of the combat sequence all want to become white-clothed followers but they're afraid that the members of the reserve sequence will suddenly rise and replace them. If we light a fire among the combat sequence members, the combat sequence will probably be completely ignited!

"The fighting spirit of the white-clothed followers is also high. They know very well how many benefits they get as white-clothed followers. Who would want to be demoted when benefits are at stake?

"Once they're downgraded, they'll be laughed at by their colleagues. Furthermore, Lord Lin Yuan has already said that there will be generous rewards before the competition. Even I am envious of the rewards personally given by Lord Lin Yuan, let alone them!"

Although Zhou Luo looked carefree most of the time, he was actually a very meticulous person.

During his time working with Liu Jie, Zhou Luo had spent far more time managing than Liu Jie did. Zhou Luo did not have any achievements in management, but at least he did not make any mistakes.

Zhou Luo's perception of emotions was extremely strong. He had once used his perception to cleverly resolve the internal conflicts among the combat sequence.

"Let's go, Old Zhou. Save the wine for later. Let's first take a look at the reserve sequence. Let's understand who among the reserve sequence has the potential to advance further into the combat sequence! During this period, pay more attention to the reserve sequence.

"If anyone really starts to mess up, compile a name list. There's a mission coming up that requires manpower. Let's keep these trashed people for the mission! The number of reserve sequence members applying for missions is far from enough."

Liu Jie admired those who knew that they were not strong enough and took the initiative to apply for missions.

At the very least, these people were still working hard and had not given up. If he encountered any opportunities in the future, they might be able to break through to the combat sequence!

They would give up on the competition this time and take the initiative to participate in the mission because they were preparing for the next competition.

However, those who did not choose to participate in the mission but continued to sit around doing nothing were the vermin of Sky City. It was a huge waste of Sky City's resources to spend a large amount of resources on these vermin!

Lin Yuan had already arrived at the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants' territory. As soon as he entered, he acutely noticed something amiss.

The vegetation in the territory of the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants was too lush. It was completely different from the vegetation outside the territory. It was as if there was an obvious dividing line.

After searching for a long time, Lin Yuan did not find any traces of the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants.

Winter pondered and said, "Young Master, if I'm not wrong, there should be some kind of Breath Soil in this area. Moreover, this Breath Soil has already developed intelligence. Otherwise, this Breath Soil wouldn't be able to control such a range as well as radiate so accurately while restraining its strength so outstandingly. I can vaguely feel the frequency of energy flowing in this land.

"If the Breath Soil really exists here, it's not impossible for the species that come into contact with its effects to multiply in size in a few epochs.

"There are a few footprints in the southwest that have clearly been left recently. Based on the shape of these footprints, there's a high chance that this Titan Rhinoceros Elephants is the one I know of. Young Master, let's head southwest!

"It shouldn't be long before we can find the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants. If the Titan Rhinoceros Elephants' bodies can really reach 400,000 meters, no matter how lush the vegetation here is, it won't be able to provide enough food for many Titan Rhinoceros Elephants. Therefore, there must be less than 200 Titan Rhinoceros Elephants!"

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