Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 3007 The Holy Spirit Sky Sea!

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Chapter 3007 The Holy Spirit Sky Sea!

The encryption function of Heaven-Connecting Book Language that prevented detection from the outside world was also very suitable for the Thoughts Letter Paper.

As a private communication ability, the Thoughts Letter Paper had to prevent the outside world from detecting it as much as possible.

Previously, Lin Yuan valued the Thoughts Letter Paper so much because it was very private.

Now that the privacy of the Thoughts Letter Paper had increased again, it undoubtedly increased its value.

Heaven-Connecting Book Language was not only suitable for Thoughts Letter Paper but the other abilities, exclusive skills, and divine kingdom abilities as well.

When Lin Yuan saw the Thoughts Letter Paper's newly obtained divine kingdom ability, he felt so excited, let alone Wen Yu, its contractor!

"Young Master, I sense that the Elemental Paper will easily be able to use Heaven-Connecting Book Language to cover the entire North of the Lonely River. From now on, Sky City's core members will no longer be restricted from communicating in North of the Lonely River!

"Even if we leave the range of North of the Lonely River, Sky City's current position can still reach an extremely far distance. Furthermore, even if the area controlled by Sky City expands in the future, the Elemental Paper can still guarantee Sky City's internal communications."

Wen Yu had always been proud of the Elemental Paper's function. However, as Sky City's territory continued to increase, the Elemental Paper's communication function became more and more difficult to maintain. For example, the territory of the Crimson Heaven Falcons was not covered by the Elemental Paper.

Now that the Elemental Paper had reached the Holy Spirit level, Wen Yu had nothing to worry about.

Lin Yuan had always been a very practical person. He had never thought of how far Wen Yu's Elemental Paper could cover.

Wen Yu's Elemental Paper only needed to ensure that Sky City's internal communications met Lin Yuan's expectations.

"Wen Yu, your Elemental Paper's new divine kingdom ability has obtained has given it a comprehensive improvement. From now on, your Elemental Paper should be able to completely grasp all the information within the radius of the entire faith country with the cooperation of Battleground Angel and Heaven-Connecting Book Language!"

Wen Yu nodded. "Young Master, it was previously a little difficult for you to Battleground Angel to collect information on the faith country. It should be enough now."

After evolving Wen Yu's Elemental Paper, Lin Yuan moved on to evolve her Wind Crystal Precious Bottle.

Back then, Lin Yuan had asked Wen Yu to contract the Wind Crystal Precious Bottle to increase her spiritual power. Apart from helping Wen Yu increase her spiritual energy, the Wind Crystal Precious Bottle had no other use. Neither Lin Yuan nor Wen Yu had any special expectations for it.

For example, the power of the divine kingdom it had obtained after reaching World Emperor/Divine Kingdom was not very useful.

Lin Yuan got the Realm Abyss Red Lotus to inject a large amount of faith power into the Wind Crystal Precious Bottle. Not long after, its grade smoothly increased.

After the Wind Crystal Precious Bottle reached the Holy Spirit level, Lin Yuan did not choose to check its data.

Wen Yu exclaimed, "Young Master, I've always felt that the Wind Crystal Precious Bottle's abilities and exclusive skills are not good and that its divine kingdom ability was unsatisfactory. I didn't expect it to give me a surprise after reaching the Holy Spirit level!"

Lin Yuan hurriedly used True Data to check the Wind Crystal Precious Bottle.

Lin Yuan understood why Wen Yu had said that.

Its new divine kingdom ability was called Spiritual Overlay.

[Spiritual Overlay]: Nourish its spiritual energy by absorbing things that contain spiritual energy, allowing its spiritual energy to continuously stack. When necessary, it can use the spiritual energy that it has piled up to increase the strength of its spiritual energy.

With Spiritual Overlay, Wen Yu's spiritual energy would be strengthened by her increased consumption of spiritual-type spiritual ingredients.

It would take some time to accumulate spiritual energy using Spiritual Overlay. This period was coincidentally an opportunity to hold an parliamentary meeting.

Wen Yu had spent her time consuming spiritual ingredients to increase her spiritual energy so that the parliamentary meeting could be held for as long as possible.

"Young Master's Wind Crystal Precious Bottle has been upgraded to the Holy Spirit level and has increased my spiritual energy by a large amount. I need some time to familiarize myself with the increase in my spiritual energy! Right now, my mental strength is in a state of surging. I'm feeling a little dizzy. It's as if I'm floating."

Wen Yu deliberately maintained her composure when she spoke. Otherwise, she would definitely lose her composure in front of Lin Yuan.

No matter who raised a large amount of spiritual energy in a short period, it would take time to adapt.

"Wen Yu, rest well for two days. We'll hold the Astronomical Parliament after you familiarize yourself with your spiritual energy's boost!"

When Lin Yuan saw that the Elemental Paper and Wind Essence Treasure Bottle had reached the Holy Spirit level, he thought that he had misjudged the faith power needed for a Divine Kingdom fey to step into the Holy Spirit level.

When the Elemental Paper and the Wind Essence Treasure Bottle entered the Holy Spirit level, they did not even exhaust half of the faith power accumulated by the Realm Abyss Red Lotus.

While Wen Yu was resting, Lin Yuan prepared to strengthen Sky Sea. This would enable Sky Sea to undergo a transformation from the Divine Kingdom to the Holy Spirit level. Once Sky Sea's grade increased, not only would its abilities and exclusive skills improve, but Sky Sea would also become bigger!

Once Sky Sea's back grew, Sky City would be able to build more buildings.

Lin Yuan left the main city and observed Sky City's environment.

From the size of the buildings to the size of a blade of grass and a tree, all of this was because Sky Sea's exclusive skill, Knotted Life Cohabitation, was rooted in Sky Sea's flesh.

This was because Sky Sea had obtained Whale World Piety after reaching the Divine Kingdom level. During this period, Sky Sea's faith power had increased.

However, the faith power was not enough to support Sky Sea in evolving its grade.

While Lin Yuan was observing the environment in the north of Sky Sea, Sky Sea's voice sounded in his mind. "Yuan, I haven't seen you for some time, but I will enter a deep sleep every once in a while. I heard from Gray that every time I fall asleep, it will last for a long time. Did everything go well for you when you went out to train?"

Through his spiritual energy, Lin Yuan replied to Sky Sea with a smile, "Of course it's going smoothly. Otherwise, Sky City wouldn't be developing as well as it is now! I'll help you increase your grade later and help you reach the Holy Spirit level!"

Sky Sea had always been very enthusiastic about improving its strength. When it heard that Lin Yuan wanted to help it reach the Holy Spirit level, it was exceptionally happy.

Gray stopped beside Lin Yuan and hugged him.

Gray was not envious at all that Lin Yuan wanted to evolve Sky Sea's grade. Gray knew that Lin Yuan would increase its strength sooner or later, just like how Lin Yuan was doing for Sky Sea today!

Due to their bloodline connection, the relationship between Sky Sea, Gray, and Lin Yuan was like that between a parent and a child.

From a certain perspective, contracting feys through bloodlines was better than contracting feys through spiritual energy!

Lin Yuan sensed Gray's presence and smiled as he said, "Gray, don't worry. When Sky Sea reaches the Holy Spirit level and gains faith power, I'll use this faith power to help you improve."

Lin Yuan asked Sky Sea, "Are you ready to advance your grade now?"

Sky Sea said excitedly, "Yuan, I've been waiting for this day for a long time! I have a feeling that my strength will definitely increase greatly after evolving to the Holy Spirit level!"

Lin Yuan asked the Realm Abyss Red Lotus to inject the existing faith power into Sky Sea's body.

Lin Yuan was uncertain whether this faith power could allow Sky Sea to evolve smoothly. After all, as a Heavenly Family Fey, Sky Sea was different from ordinary lifeforms. Before reaching the Divine Kingdom level, its grade and quality progressed much slower than ordinary lifeforms did! However, due to Whale World Piety, it was much easier for Sky Sea to increase its strength.

The faith power obtained by the living beings on Sky Sea's back was enough for Sky Sea to get a portion of it.

With the infusion of faith power, Sky Sea's aura was steadily increasing.

Due to Sky Sea's Lashing Spirit Tail Wing, spirit qi automatically gathered on Sky Sea's back.

The concentration of spirit qi in the Sky Beyond the Clouds was extremely high, making it difficult for Lin Yuan to see his surroundings.

However, the change in Sky Sea's aura told Lin Yuan that it had already become reached the Holy Spirit level!

[Fey Name]: Floating Island Whale

[Fey Species]: Large-winged-whale-species/island-whale-species.

[Fey Grade]: World Emperor (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Water/Wind

[Fey quality]: Holy Spirit

[Divine kingdom grade]: Medium


[Whale Blood Screen]: Set fire to the essence blood inside its body and form a screen that can protect everything on its back.

[Water Vapor Whale Feelers]: Transform its feelers into water vapor and use them to gather nutrients from the environment to recover itself.

[Whale Spout Empowerment]: Through the blowhole in its head, it can shoot out energy from its energy and supply it to entities with compatible bodies to replenish their energy or fix them up in other ways.

[Lashing Spirit Tail Wings]: After being nourished by pure spirit qi, the wings and tail will be covered with a skin that can filter out spirit qi. With every movement of the wings and tail, the spirit qi can be directed to its back to increase the concentration of spirit qi on its back.

[Flesh Solidification]: An additional mouth that is connected to the additional stomach will grow below the blowhole. The metal and rocks that enter the additional stomach will strengthen the flesh during the contraction and expansion of the additional stomach. The solidified flesh will not affect the growth of the whale's bones.

[Whale's Breath]: Gather energy that is compatible with its body and shoot it out at a target. Before the target escapes the breath's lock, the breath will lock and track the target.

[Floating Whale Sinks]: When the things and lifeforms on the whale's back are dying, a mournful cry of grief will be released. The sky will be like the ocean and its body and soul will be the price paid to protect all the beings on its back.

[Sinking Whale Becomes Life]: When Floating Whale Sinks is used, its bloodline will combine with the whale bones. While the whale bones are being upgraded, they will produce a fetus and the fetus will take on its current bloodline.

[Sea Sky Exchange]: Exchange the sea or sky of the current environment to either turn the sky into the sea or the sea into the sky. (The change in the environment is foundationally related to the strength of the world wills' acknowledgment)

[World Roots Consume]: Consume and digest the world's root power. The world's root power will be used to strengthen itself and enable the whale's back and abdomen's secret realm to gain the same grade of conception power as that of the world's roots.

Exclusive Skill:

[Floating Island Secret Realm]: By swallowing wind-elemental energy, a special space will be opened within the whale's abdomen. The higher the purity of the wind-elemental energy, the larger the space will be. But the space will not exceed twice the size of the body. By swallowing water-elemental energy, the flesh will gain powerful fusion abilities that will enable the fats to stick to any lifeform, dead or alive, and drain nutrients from them. The purer the water-elemental energy, the stronger the fusion ability will be.

[Knotted Life Cohabitation]: Pick a lifeform on its back to fuse and share its life with. Before its life comes to an end, the target will not die. Before the target dies, it will be able to continue living even if it sustains a serious injury.

[Accommodating Territory Transformative Environment]: A territory can be subsumed into its body and the body will become a part of this territory. The entities on its body can also be placed anywhere on this territory. The root power of the surroundings can be used to nourish the body and allow the body to be acknowledged by the environment.

[Sea Sky Stance]: As the ruler of the sea and sky, it will be able to change the stance of the sky and sea. It will use the stance to defend against enemies. When energy is absorbed from the sky and sea, it will be able to continuously recover its injuries (Anything joined to it will also suffer the same damage).

[Whale's Extension]: When energy is at its maximum, some of the bloodline can be sacrificed in order to produce a fetus with the same bloodline. (The fetus will take on the same characteristics but will not have the same abilities and exclusive skills)

[Faith Gift]: Give some of the accumulated faith power to other lifeforms. If given to whales that it produced on its own, the faith power will not be depleted. If given to targets with unrelated bloodlines, the faith power will be used up at differing degrees.

Divine Kingdom Abilities:

[Whale World Nurturing]: All of the faith power gained by the lifeforms on the space on its back and abdomen will be used to nurture it based on different proportions. The faith power will then either be turned into its own faith power or given to other targets to be absorbed.

[Continued Support]: When the embryo is created through the continuation of the bloodline, the embryo will have the same strength as it. The energy consumed during the enhancement will be paid by the embryo.

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