Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 2242 - Dimensional Realm

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Chapter 2242 Dimensional Realm

[Hint: The player obtains rainbow crystal*8.]



“What’s this again?”

After acquiring all the rainbow crystals, Fang Heng notices a darker crystal remaining at the center of the dense forest.

Could there be something else good?

Fang Heng’s heart stirs, and he forms an imprint with his hands before him.

Relying on his psychic ability, the dark crystal slowly floated in the air and slowly floated toward Fang Heng. It floated in front of Fang Heng and was grabbed by him.

[Hint: The player has obtained an item-Nature’s Heart Crystal (energy crystal).]

[Hint: The player can submit this item to the Leaf tribe to gain friendship points, contribution points, and reputation with the tribe (or to other tribes if preferred).]

“Ah, it’s the Nature’s Heart Crystal.”

Fang Heng murmured to himself.

This was the item that the tree spirit tribe in the Inner World was previously fighting over.

He had obtained four of them before and had Cleriway attempt to research them upon returning.

It was strange that this item couldn’t directly activate the absorption of the sacred tree, Abe Akaya. Thus, its actual purpose remained unknown for the time being.

Meanwhile, Ji Haiting was also researching the crystals, but there hadn’t been any feedback yet.

Unexpectedly, Sidy also possessed one.

Well, might as well accept it.

There was no way he would submit it.

The tree spirit tribe could turn hostile faster than flipping a page, so one couldn’t rely on their friendship. Such valuable items were best used personally!

Since the Nature’s Heart Crystal could not be stored in his backpack, Fang Heng followed the old method and temporarily wrapped the crystal in the sheath of his lifeblood short blade, carrying it with him.

After completing this task, Fang Heng takes another look around before quickly heading back towards the direction of the temple. 𝗳r𝚎e𝘄𝐞b𝚗𝗼ve𝚕.co𝗺

Time had been somewhat delayed.

Hopefully, there wouldn’t be any changes on Rudyard’s end.

By the time Fang Heng returned to the temple, it was already more than 10 minutes later.

Fang Heng realized that he was overthinking.

The Leaf tribe continued its usual behavior of burning bridges.

They had completely taken over the temple, searching every nook and cranny, with no one caring whether Fang Heng was still alive.

At this moment, in the central hall of the temple, the magic array had been roughly repaired.

It did not seem to be in use.

Next to the center of the magic array, there was a new jar.

It seemed Rudyard had just obtained it from Sidy.


Seeing the fully repaired ritual magic array in the grand hall, Rudyard’s lips curve into a smile as he nods approvingly, “Everyone has done exceptionally well this time. I will report truthfully to the Great Elder, and Elder Farouk will arrive soon to help us activate the magic array. We’ll stay here during this time to prevent the Wood Tribe from returning. We must protect the magic array at all costs.”

“Yes! Understood!”

A few guards of the Leaf tribe checked the entire temple and reported, “Elder, we’ve checked. There are still many white frost ores in the warehouse next door, but there aren’t many. I’m afraid it can only maintain a small portion of the magic array’s transmission.”

“Alright, make a note of it, handle it with care. I’ve already contacted the Great Elder. Soon, Elder Farouk will arrive with a batch of white frost ore to help us complete the teleportation,” Rudyard says, glancing at Fang Heng as he enters the grand hall.

Rudyard doesn’t have a good solution for the energy shortage issue.

“Additionally, have we discovered any channels through which the Wood Tribe obtains their ore?”

The members of the tree spirit tribe look at each other, shaking their heads.

“Elder, we’re still investigating.”

When Fang Heng walked into the hall and heard Rudyard’s conversation, he couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled.

It sounded like the tree spirits were very interested in the white frost ore.

The white frost ore was very rare in this world.

The Federation had always believed that the white frost ore was a type of energy ore that could not be used. If they were to hoard it, it would take up space. Therefore, in the past, other than hoarding a small portion for research purposes, the Federation had never really mined the white frost ore on a large scale.

However, Mo Jiawei contacted the Starfish Company, a super-sized ore resource company. They should have an abundance of not only white frost ore but also highly refined white energy crystals after elite processing. In simple terms, as long as you pay, getting the goods would not be an issue.

After Rudyard finished giving orders to his subordinates, Fang Heng asked, “Are you in dire need of white frost ore?”

“In need? Hah, naturally,” Rudyard replied, looking at Fang Heng. “What about you? Do you have a way to get some? I’ve heard you have quite the relationship with the Federation. Perhaps you could leverage that?”

“I’m not that close with the Federation, but I can certainly try,” Fang Heng responded, pondering for a moment before continuing, “From what I know, the Federation isn’t fully aware of the value of white frost ore, so they haven’t extensively mined it. However, there might be some reserves internally. I can’t guarantee access to them, though.”

Rudyard waved it off, “Alright, give it a try.”

“White frost ore is just a special type of energy ore. Extraction is extremely labor-intensive for the Federation, and transporting large quantities of white frost ore is also very challenging. If I can find a high-quality extract for white frost ore…”

Fang Heng looked at Rudyard as he spoke, “It’s indeed very difficult. I want to know why you need the white frost ore.”

“Oh? Was that so? You can get it just because you know the purpose?”

Rudyard glanced at Fang Heng and smiled contemptuously. He did not take Fang Heng’s words too seriously.

He only felt that he was bragging.

After the white frost ore was collected, it needed to be purified by the special method of the tree spirit race before it could form a usable space energy ore body.

This part was very troublesome. Ordinary humans could not purify it at all.

Not to mention him, even the entire Human Federation would not be able to produce a crystal.

At most, it would purify the white frost ore a little.

Rudyard thought for a moment. What was there to argue with a human who knew nothing?

“Hahahaha, good, good, good. I’ll wait for you. I’ll take as much as you have.”

Having successfully captured the Wood Tribe’s altar, Rudyard was in high spirits and engaged in further conversation with Fang Heng.

He could not help but feel that Fang Heng was exaggerating.

Since white frost ore was not a secret to the tree spirit tribe anyway, he casually explained, “Do you know about the dimensional world?”

Fang Heng furrowed his brow.

“Ignorant humans.”

Rudyard shook his head, his eyes revealing a sense of superiority as he continued, “The main body of this world is a crystal. When the crystal is impacted from the outside, it breaks into countless fragments, which are the dimensional realms.”

“The larger fragments are strong, while the smaller ones are weak. We’re just one of the larger ones within the elemental realm.”

“Each fragment possesses extremely potent energy. We greatly need this energy, but large-scale extraction of natural energy would cause significant damage to the fragments. That’s why we have to venture into other dimensional realms to collect energy.”

“And white frost ore is the energy required for the operation of the magic array when entering other dimensional realms. Do you understand everything now?”