Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 2243 - Ore Requirement

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Chapter 2243 Ore Requirement

Fang Heng listened to Rudyard’s explanation and suddenly understood.



What Rudyard had just said was the worldview of the tree spirit!

In this world, it was divided into countless realms.

The tree spirit tribes referred to it as the ‘dimensional world.’

The spawns called it the ‘chaotic flow universe.’

Players termed it the ‘world boundary’ or the ‘game world’!

In reality, they were all essentially the same thing.

It was evident that Rudyard was referring to other low-tier game worlds when he mentioned the dimensional worlds of the other fragments.

These were worlds even lower in rank than the World of Forests.

The only strange thing was the mention of extracting energy.

The so-called energy extraction?

The fact that the tree spirit tribe had the ability to extract energy from other game worlds was indeed surprising.

Fang Heng couldn’t help but ask, “What do you mean by extracting energy?”

“By using the vessel of sacrifice, we can extract energy from the world. This energy can provide a large amount of power for nurturing the sacred tree. Do you understand now?”

Fang Heng certainly understood!

He understood completely!

Everything now made sense.

Wow, so the sacred tree actually strengthened itself by plundering energy from other world boundaries through rituals!

Essentially, the sacred tree was also a kind of thief and the white energy crystals were meant to power the teleportation passages.

It turned out that the teleportation passages built by the tree spirit tribe had flaws, and most likely could only be supplied with energy using white energy crystals.

After all this, it seemed that the tree spirit tribe had indeed been searching for energy to nurture the sacred tree recently. It was just that the way they were nurturing the sacred tree was different from what Fang Heng originally anticipated.

Several thoughts flashed through Fang Heng’s mind.


Could Abe Akaya could also use the same ritual to rapidly advance?

Fang Heng raised his head and asked, “If I can get my hands on a large amount of refined white frost stone… what kind of reward would the Leaf tribe be willing to offer me?”

“Heh, you think you can get your hands on that?” Rudyard dismissed it, waving his hand. “We have everything you need.”

“I want to enter the dimensional world to take a look around, and I also want to see the sacred tree cultivated by the Leaf tribe.”

“That’s no problem at all, but first, you’ll need to get your hands on enough white frost ore.” Fang Heng was about to ask further questions, but Rudyard lost interest in continuing the conversation. He waved his hand to interrupt, “Enough with the questions. Get the white frost ore first, then we’ll talk.”

[Hint: The player triggered mission-Scarcity of Ore.]

Mission name: Scarcity of Ore.

Mission description: The Leaf tribe lacks a type of ore called white frost ore. If you can provide it to the Leaf tribe, they will reward you accordingly.

Mission reward: Friendship with the Leaf tribe, contribution points with the Leaf tribe, reputation points with the Leaf tribe.

Special description: This mission can be completed repeatedly.

Fang Heng glanced at the game hint that popped up, nodded, and temporarily left the main hall.

He still had some doubts about the dimensional world that he had yet to solve.

Although Rudyard verbally agreed to allow him to enter the dimensional world and see the sacred tree cultivated by the Leaf tribe, the game hint didn’t confirm this deal.

Fang Heng speculated that it was probably just something the Leaf tribe mentioned casually.

He couldn’t be entirely certain.

Should he…?

Fang Heng rubbed his chin.

Should he give it another try? Perhaps he should trust Rudyard for now.

At worst, he’d lose a few loads of ore.

In the future, he would make them pay back a hundredfold!

Even so, Fang Heng still had two plans in mind.

He was going to summon a group of zombie clones and dig an underground tunnel from the outside of the forest to the temple.

If the Leaf tribe didn’t give him face, then they wouldn’t have a good time either!

At most, everyone would play dirty together.

The Wood tribe settlement.

Upon learning of the news that the temple had once again been seized by the Leaf tribe, there was uproar within the Wood tribe.

The Leaf tribe!

They dared to act directly, even joining forces with humans to kill two elders from within the tribe!

No wonder.

Reflecting on today’s events, the Wood tribe had already felt that something was amiss.

Now, upon careful consideration, it all became clear.

So the Leaf tribe had long since allied with humans!

And they even set a trap for them to fall into!

The Great Elder of the Wood tribe’s expression condensed heavily, a hidden anger flickering in his eyes.

The loss of the two elders was a devastating blow to the Wood tribe.

“Everyone, we need to come up with a strategy immediately.”

“The Temple of Incantation is of utmost importance. If it falls into the hands of outsiders, the efficiency of the sacred tree’s energy replenishment will significantly decrease. We must find a way to reclaim the temple.”

“We must show the Leaf tribe some colors! This matter cannot be let go easily. We must fight them! For the revenge of our elders!”

The Wood tribe was stirred with fervor.

After all, the Wood tribe originally occupied only a few Prayer Curse temples.

With one less now, only two remained.

What could they accomplish with just that?

And there were even the lives of two elders at stake.

They couldn’t just let it go.

They needed an explanation!

“Everyone, please remain calm,”

The Great Elder of the Wood tribe had just rushed back from the Inner World not long ago and personally called for this meeting. He waved his hand to calm down the excited crowd and said in a deep voice, “Currently, the sacred tree is still absorbing the essence of the sacred tree seeds, and its energy recovery status is much better than we anticipated. We still have a great opportunity. The Leaf tribe’s actions are meant to provoke us, to make us act recklessly and fall into their trap.”

“If we engage in a direct confrontation with the Leaf tribe, we’ll be the ones at a disadvantage. We’ll only be playing into the hands of the other two tribes.”

The crowd looked at each other.

A elder’s face showed discontent, saying with bitterness, “Great Elder, I understand your point, but did Sidy and the other elder sacrifice themselves in vain?”

“Of course not.”

The Great Elder shook his head. “Slaughtering our own kind is a taboo within the tribe. Humans even emphasize the importance of a just cause. Currently, the Leaf tribe has given us an opportunity. The Soul Tribe still presides over this term of the Elders Council. We can invite our fellow tribesmen to witness this event together and let the Soul Tribe make a decision.”

Upon hearing this, the people couldn’t help but feel moved.

Saying to let the Soul Tribe make a decision actually meant to unite with the other tribes to confront the Leaf tribe.

“Elder, will the other tribes agree to join us in confronting the Leaf tribe?”

“They will.”

The Great Elder nodded and continued, “The Leaf tribe has gone too far this time.”

The stronger and more arrogant the Leaf tribe became, the more the other tribes worried about their dominance and the more they would gather together.

After all, in the end, only one sacred tree could remain, and there would be only one victor!

This had been a deeply ingrained consensus among the tree spirit tribes since ancient times.

No one wanted the Leaf tribe to be too far ahead!

The next morning, the Lickers returned to the Temple of Incantation, pulling two carts filled with high-tier white frost ore.

Rudyard was in discussion with several members of the Leaf tribe regarding matters concerning the Wood tribe.

He found it strange.

Since yesterday, he had ordered his people to strengthen the defenses of the Temple of Incantation and remain vigilant against any attempt by the Wood tribe to reclaim the temple.

Yet, a whole night had passed without any disturbance.

There was no movement from the Wood tribe at all.

Instead, they had spent the entire night on high alert, without proper rest.

Had the Wood tribe been intimidated?

Not even daring to make a sound?

Rudyard couldn’t shake off the feeling of unease.

After discussing for a moment and finding no anomalies, a tribesman stepped forward to report.

“Elder, Fang Heng has returned.”

Fang Heng?

The tribesman approached and whispered a few words in Rudyard’s ear.

Rudyard was somewhat surprised.

Had Fang Heng managed to obtain white frost ore?