Global Game: Ten Billion Spirit Energy Coins From The Start-Chapter 159 - : 159、Wow, thinking of a title is even more painful than writing the content_1

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Chapter 159: 159、Wow, thinking of a title is even more painful than writing the content_1

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“Thank heavens, you’re finally awake!” In the recreation room, the Legion Commander Grace exuded a relieved smile.

It had been a day and a night since Tina had fallen unconscious. If Tina and Su Yu didn’t wake up, they very well could end up in a vegetative state.

Tina stood up and brushed off the fragments from the sofa she had been resting on. Gratefully, she said, “Commander, thank you for waking me! Without you ”

“You’re welcome, Tina.” Grace lightly patted Tina’s shoulder, speaking in both a kind and commanding tone: “As the commander of the Knights, this is what I should do.”

Seeing that Su Yu had also risen, Grace continued: “Tina, I have some good news for you!”

“Good news?”

“That’s right. I’ve investigated the details of yesterday’s duel with Megan, and Megan certainly cheated. The potion she used was not made by herself. That is an egregious violation!” affirmed Grace with a serious tone.

“Just as I suspected.” Tina showed an alert expression, “What will you do then? How will you penalize Instructor Megan?”

“My plan is ” Grace glanced at Su Yu before continuing, “My plan is to remove Megan from her instructor position, banish her from the Unicorn Legion, and never employ her again!”

“What about Kimberly?” Su Yu crossed his arms and looked at Grace. He hadn’t forgotten about the mastermind behind the scenes.

“As for Kimberly,” Grace’s expression remained unchanged, “Like Megan, she will be expelled from the Unicorn Legion, never to be employed again. Tina, are you satisfied with their punishment?”

“Really? I’m very satisfied.” Tina was incredibly excited, her small face flushing.

“Thank you so much, Commander. Thank you for standing up for me!” Tina stepped forward, holding Grace’s hand, overwhelmed with emotion.

Had the commander not stood up for her, she wouldn’t have known what to do about Megan and Kimberly.

“You don’t need to thank me. As a commander, this is what I should do. If you want, you can thank the royal envoy ‘Nemesis’.” Grace said, glancing at Su Yu.

“Nemesis, the royal envoy?” Tina was a bit confused.

Though she witnessed Su Yu’s major life events, she clearly couldn’t connect him to the “royal envoy”.

“No worries, Tina.” Su Yu smiled and walked towards Tina and Grace: “Commander Grace, thank you so much for standing up for Tina. I believe Princess Alyssa will appreciate your actions!”

“It’s only right,” said Grace modestly.

That was the effect she had intended.

If Su Yu could put in a good word for her in front of the Princess, the sacrifice of her niece would be worth it.

But Su Yu continued, “By the way, Commander Grace, I have another question for you.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about your position as the commander.” Su Yu asked directly, “If Tina wants to succeed you as the commander of the Unicorn Knight Corps in the short term, what should she do?”

“Haha, you’re such a joker.” Grace laughed boisterously, as if Su Yu was joking.

“I’m not joking.” Su Yu said seriously, “And I believe that soon, Tina will succeed you and become the new commander of the Knight Corps.”

“Is that so? Let’s wait and see! I have to leave for some business,” Grace dismissed, heading towards the door of the recreation room.

But once she turned her back, her face darkened severely, and her shoulders began to tremble slightly, clearly attempting to suppress her anger.

Punishing her niece by expelling her from the Knight Corps was already a significant concession for Su Yu, the “royal envoy”! And now Su Yu was getting greedy, even planning to usurp her position as the commander?

You can’t just climb the ladder and reach for the sky, can you?!

Even if it was the Princess herself, she would never relinquish her position as the commander!

Grace pulled open the door fiercely, for a moment, harboring thoughts of killing Su Yu to vent her anger.

But when she opened the door, Grace found a person standing outside.

It was an elderly man with white beard, dressed in a simple white robe, smiling at her pleasantly.

“May I ask who you are?” Grace felt a jump in her heartbeat. The old man had been standing at the door, yet she didn’t notice him at all, indicating that he was far more powerful than her.

Without replying, the old man maintained his smile, releasing a wave of oppressive power that descended upon her from all directions.


Grace was knocked to the ground by the force.

To her horror, the oppressive power was so immense that she couldn’t move a finger, let alone resist.

“Where where did this powerhouse come from?” This came as a bolt from the blue for Grace.

Even the seventh-tier powerhouse, Xi Fan, couldn’t suppress her like this. Who was this old man?

“From now on, listen to Tina. Do you understand?” The old man spoke slowly, still maintaining his smile.

“I I ” Grace wanted to reply, but she was so heavily suppressed that she couldn’t speak coherently, and her mind was extremely sluggish.

“Good as long as you understand.” The old man withdrew his force.

Then, in an instant, he vanished without a trace.

After the old man left, Grace felt a sudden relief, and she returned to normal.

“Whew whew ”

Grace was panting heavily, her heart nearly leaping out of her chest.

“Who was that just now? He was too scary!” Grace’s fury had vanished without a trace, leaving only immense fear in her heart.

Gazing at the severe oppression she had just undergone, if the old man had wanted to kill her, she would certainly be dead by now.

Who would have thought Tina had such a high-level powerhouse by her side? This

Grace could hardly express her panicked emotions.

Tina didn’t respond immediately, but first gave Su Yu a questioning glance.

After receiving his confirmation, Tina replied, “The man just now was the embodiment of the Empire’s guardian deity, Evan Goldsparrow.”

“Evan Goldsparrow?!” Grace gasped, feeling like she nearly had a heart attack on the spot.

It’s the guardian deity, God Evan!

That was God Evan’s embodiment?

She must be dreaming!

No wonder the old man possessed such incredible power! Just his oppressive force alone was making it difficult for her to breathe.

Considering this, in the whole Empire, only God Evan could suppress her to this extent with just an embodiment.

“Tina, I never would have expected that you drew the attention of God Evan.” In Grace’s eyes, Tina’s status rose tremendously.

Initially, Tina’s talent was unique. Now she had attracted the attention of the Empire’s top powerhouse, leaving only four words in Grace’s heart – a promising future.

“I just met His Deity as well. Furthermore, it was Evan who insisted that I become the commander of the Unicorn Knight Corps so I can assist Princess Alyssa sooner,” Tina explained.

“I see,” Grace finally understood.

So it was God Evan who wanted Tina to take her place.

Looking at it now, her position was definitely unretainable. Grace sighed.