Global Game: Ten Billion Spirit Energy Coins From The Start-Chapter 160 - : 160, Return to Territory (Additional update)_1

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Chapter 160: 160, Return to Territory (Additional update)_1

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Grace stood by the doorway of the lounge, her face clouded with indecision for a long while.

In the end, she let out a long sigh, resigning herself to the situation:

“Tina, I will assist you in becoming proficient in your role as ‘Unicorn Knight Squadron Captain’ as quickly as possible. I will also suppress any dissenting voices within the squadron. Everything all for the Empire.”

“All for the Empire,” Tina replied softly.

Tina felt a little awkward; after all, Grace had served as the captain for many years, and she was a newcomer who had just joined the squadron. She was even unaware of the organizational structure of the squadron yet here she was usurping Grace’s position.

But for the Princess, for the Empire, for God Evan, she had no choice but to proceed.

At this thought, Tina slightly shook her head. “Commander, what should we do now? Should we return to the camp together?”

“Return to the camp? There’s no hurry. I should first check on your health.”

Grace grabbed Tina’s hand, using magic to detect the internal state of her body.

After a thorough check, Grace slowly said, “Tina, you’ve just broken through a boundary, and your foundation is not very solid yet. Moreover, your conscious fluctuations are also quite unstable. It would be better if you stayed at home to recuperate for the next two or three days. I’ll handle the matters in the knight squadron in the meantime.”

“Report at the camp in three days when you have returned to your peak state, and then I will officially hand over the position of commander to you!”

Tina knew well that she needed a good rest and did not object. “Alright, I’ll go to the camp after resting for three days. I’ll leave the camp matters up to you.”

Su Yu received an up-to-date game prompt on his end: “Ding, your main plot has been updated! [Orleans City Saintess (16/100)].”

“Mission requirements: Follow Tina to the Unicorn Knight Squadron camp, witness Tina becoming the captain of the Unicorn Knight Squadron. Mission countdown begins 5:59:58.”

“Mission reward: 3000 Experience Points.”

After discussing the internal situation of the squadron, Grace bid farewell to Tina and hurried back to the camp.

Meanwhile, Tina returned to her home on Pinecone Street with Su Yu’s company.

“Nemesis, would you like to come in and sit?” 𝓯𝑟𝓮ℯ𝘸ℯ𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷ℯ𝓵.𝘤𝑜𝑚

At Tina’s home, Tina stroked the door frame of her dwelling, blinking her big eyes and asking.

“Not this time, I have important things to do,” replied Su Yu softly.

In truth, he was interested in visiting Tina’s house, but the [Yulon Divine Statue] was still in the mailbox. He had to retrieve it and place it in his territory as soon as possible.

This statue could greatly shorten the construction period of the territory, so the earlier it is placed, the better.

“Alright then, you go ahead,” Tina said, sounding slightly disappointed.

Since Su Yu did not want to stay, she would have to while away the time alone at home.

Sensing that Tina did not want to be home alone, Su Yu had a sudden inspiration: “Tina, why don’t I take you for a tour in my territory? After all, you’re resting at home, going out without engaging in physical activities shouldn’t affect anything.”

“Visit your territory? Sure! Let’s go right now!” Tina’s eyes lit up, and she immediately started to change her clothes.

She had heard Su Yu mention his territory before and thought it would be nice to see it.


Twenty minutes later, a medium-sized cargo ship was sailing downstream along the Moonlight River.

This cargo ship belonged to the territory. The ship was loaded with salt, clothes, mirrors, and other goods needed by the residents, as well as some Sunstones that [Crazy Dave] had specifically requested.

According to the news from Swift, Dave was almost close to cultivating ‘Sunflowers that produce more sunlight’.

And the Sunstone was one of the key materials needed to cultivate these sunflowers!

In the previous life, Dave was controlled by NPC forces and had always failed to cultivate ‘Sunflowers that produce more sunlight’.

If he could succeed this time, it would undoubtedly be great news for the Humans of Blue Star!

Therefore, upon receiving this news, Su Yu personally went to the market to buy enough Sunstones and used the cargo ship to transport them back to the territory.

Whether he could succeed or not depended on if Dave could pull it off!

On the cargo ship’s deck, goblin businessman Veena Blackgold, wearing a sharp black suit, spoke to Su Yu in a spirited manner, “Boss Nemesis, all the gambling accounts have been settled. After deducting taxes and fees for the organizers, we made a net profit of 16.23 million spiritual energy coins! Here’s all the money we’ve earned, please check!”

Veena Blackgold carefully took a black Magic Crystal Card out of his pocket and handed it to Su Yu.

The figure displayed on the Magic Crystal Card was 17.43 million. The extra 1.2 million was the amount that Su Yu had already pre-paid to Tina.

Veena Blackgold single-handedly handled the collection of gambling debts, calculations, and tax assignments.

Su Yu wasn’t worried about him running off with the money because he had already joined the territory and had a loyalty greater than 90, eliminating any risk of escape.

Su Yu glanced at the numbers on the Magic Crystal Card without further ado.

He casually attached it to his bag, and the spiritual energy coin balance in his bag became: 7393093432.

This figure not only didn’t decrease from when he entered the game, but it also increased by more than 15 million. It seemed his money was only increasing.

However, it would be quite easy to burn through this money.

Su Yu looked at the [Yulon Divine Statue] in his bag.

[Yulon Divine Statue (Special Item)]

Effect: Offer tribute to the statue to grant your territory the [Wind Calls Rain Orderly] buff. The more tribute offered, the stronger the buff effect.

[Wind Calls Rain Orderly]: Blesses a territory with favorable weather and conditions, greatly improving the productivity of the people and significantly increasing the number of refugees.

The [Yulon Divine Statue] can enhance the buff by burning money. Once it’s burned to a certain level and the [Mage Tower] is built, it can then indiscriminately burn money through the Mage Tower.

While 7.4 billion Spiritual Energy Coins might seem a lot, they might be all burned up within a month once put to use.

By then, he would have to consider whether to earn money himself or to cooperate with the relevant departments.

Tina had been standing by Su Yu’s side all along. She leaned against the ship’s railing, witnessing the entire process of Su Yu collecting money.

Hearing Veena Blackgold mention that he made a one-time profit of over 16 million Spiritual Energy coins she was quite taken aback. “My God, Nemesis! You actually made so much money at once? Over 16 million?!

“It’s just pocket change,” Su Yu replied nonchalantly.

“By the way, are you making all this money to help the Princess build an army?” Tina asked curiously.

“Er . Yes, that’s right, it’s to help the Princess build an army.”

Tina’s words offered a reminder to Su Yu: given the Princess’s current shortage of funds, he could lend her some of his temporarily unused money. When the Princess unified the entire country, his money could probably double!

Tina didn’t have much of a concept of money. Seeing 16 million, she was slightly surprised and quickly got over it. She tiptoed to see both sides of the river bank. “Nemesis, when will we arrive at your territory?”

“We are already here,” Su Yu pointed to a dock appearing on the horizon. “That is the place, once we land on the dock, we have arrived!”