Global Game: Ten Billion Spirit Energy Coins From The Start-Chapter 161 - : 161, Legendary Talent_1

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Chapter 161: 161, Legendary Talent_1

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Su Yu’s fiefdom — [Aphi Village].

The wharf of the Aphi Village has been expanded several times, extending nearly 50 meters from the riverbank.

The waters on the fief’s riverbank are shallow, barely deep enough to moor large cargo ships after stretching 50 meters out.

A number of cargo ships, fishing boats, and small warships are docked along the 50-meter long wharf.

Tina leans over the ship’s edge, carefully counting the amount of these boats.

“1, 2, 3 52, 53, Nemesis, there are a total of 53 ships!” Tina laughed to Su Yu.

This trip gave Tina a sort of picnic feeling, and she’s especially pleased because she gets to enjoy the landscape and play in the waters with Su Yu.

“Yeah! There are already 53! In a few days, there will be hundreds of them!” Su Yu said, a smile on his face.

Currently, the drawing of the fiefdom’s [Shipyard] has not been unlocked yet, the boats are mainly bought instead of being made. When the [Shipyard] is built in the future, they can start making boats on a large scale.

“But There are so many people on the wharf!” Tina pointed at the crowded wharf: “Are all these people residents in your fiefdom?”

Following the direction of Tina’s finger, Su Yu found that the wharf was indeed crowded with people.

Among them, the NPC residents were scarce, most of them were players who came to watch the excitement.

20 minutes ago, Su Yu sent back the message “Returning to the fiefdom with Tina”.

Upon receiving this message, the whole fiefdom was excited!

Tina wasn’t the unseen rural lass she used to be.

Every one of her main quest videos has over 100,000+ views. Moreover, she’s the protagonist of the main plotline, becoming one of the top three most popular NPCs! She probably ranks a little less than Princess Alyssa.

So when they heard that Tina was coming, the players were very excited and flocked to the wharf to get a glimpse.

“These aren’t all my subjects, most of them are here for the spectacle.”

“To watch the spectacle?” Tina blinked her big puzzled eyes.

“It would be too complicated to explain now. Just follow me later and remember not to get lost.”

“Alright.” Tina suddenly grabbed Su Yu’s hand, her eyes curved into crescents: “We can hold hands, then you wouldn’t have to worry about me getting lost.”

Su Yu: ” ”

The cargo ship was moored at the wharf.

Su Yu and Tina disembarked together.

Seeing the living breathing Tina, the crowd at the pier immediately boiled up!

“Damn! Boss Ke actually brought her here!”

“This game offers a high degree of freedom! So even the NPCs from the main plotline have free movement?”

“Since Tina is here, could the visit of Princess Alyssa be far off?”

“Hey! Hearing you say that, I’m kind of looking forward to the princess’ arrival.”

“Boss Ke, can I take a picture with Tina?”

Su Yu smiled and greeted the players.

“We can do pictures another time! We still have important things to do.”

With that, Su Yu pulled Tina to the edge of the crowd and began to leave.

Several people in the crowd were game anchors, such as “The Maple Forest of Matsushima”, “Rapeseed Blossom”, “Evolution Brother”

At this moment, they all surrounded, aiming their cameras at Tina, while also communicating with their viewers:

“Everyone, look, Boss Ke is actually holding Tina’s hand. Could players and NPCs develop into intimate lover relationships in the game?”

Especially “The Maple Forest of Matsushima”, he even made a close-up of Su Yu and Tina’s holding hands.

Seeing this, the barrage in his live streaming room immediately blew up:

“Wow, truly! Boss Ke is holding hands with Tina. Does that mean Tina has been taken by Boss Ke?”

“You guys are overthinking! It’s just holding hands, doesn’t mean anything. (lemon) (lemon)”

“But Boss Ke already has Dave! You scum! Did you forget your legal wife Dave?”

“This game is set in a medieval background, maybe we can have multiple wives and concubines. Now, I declare, Dave is the main wife, Tina is the concubine!”

“I don’t agree! Where are we to place our Princess Alyssa?”

“Right, the princess is the main wife!”

“Hold on, those who say the princess is the main wife! The princess is only 14 years old, you beasts!”

“Officer Shu, it’s them!”

The barrage discussion did drift off quite a bit.

As the players are making noises at the wharf, Steward Kole isn’t very pleased.

He felt these strange adventurers were too carefree, showing disrespect to the master and honorable guest.

So, he took the chance to push his way through the crowd and squeeze his way to Su Yu’s side.

“Master, welcome back to the fiefdom!” Kole bowed respectfully.

“Oh, Kole!” Su Yu patted his shoulder: “I was just about to find you, let me introduce you to a new colleague, Veena Blackgold, who will be in charge of the fiefdom’s foreign trade in the future.”

Su Yu pulled the goblin Veena Blackgold, who was behind him, to the front and introduced him to Kole.

“A goblin?” Kole raised an eyebrow.

For these weak, green-skinned dwarves, Kole had a natural abhorrence.

But since he was brought by the master, he suppressed his discomfort and shook hands with him: “Welcome to the fiefdom, Mr. Blackgold.”

“Hello, big guy.” Veena Blackgold, who is skilled in observing words and colors, keenly felt that Kole didn’t like him. But for Boss Ke’s sake, he decided not to say anything.

Su Yu also perceived the discord between his two subordinates, but he didn’t mind it too much, figuring that it will always take time for different races to coexist harmoniously.

“Kole.” Su Yu ordered, “You command the laborers to move the cargo from the ship to the village. Also, send the [Sunstone] to Dave as quickly as you can.”

“Understood, Master!” Upon receiving the orders, Steward Kole suddenly became vigorous.

Su Yu patted his shoulder again, then walked off towards the village with Tina.

[Aphi Village] has been established for two days now, with its population approaching two hundred people.

The environment in the village has greatly improved compared with when it was first established.

A ring of wooden fences outside the village provides protection from external threats.

Inside the village, wide roads extend in all directions, with rows of new houses lining both sides of the roads.

In the center of the village, everything from pubs, plazas, to hospitals are readily available.

The villagers have food to eat, work to do, and there is laughter everywhere.

Since they were in the village and couldn’t get lost, Su Yu let go of Tina’s hand.

Tina didn’t mind, she was very curious about everything around her. She’d glance around excitedly, inspecting everything she could.

Upon seeing a wild cat walking along the road, her childishness got the better of her and she rushed over, holding the cat in her arms and petting it enthusiastically, making the wild cat “Meow” incessantly.

“Nemesis, I really like the atmosphere of your village.” Tina said happily: “In Nolan Village, we were all suffocated by the heavy taxes, many people have never laughed. But it’s different here!”

Tina took a deep breath and closed her eyes: “I can feel it, the residents here are all very happy! I love this feeling!”

“After we help princess regain her lost territories, I want to settle down in your village. Would you accept me then?”

“Ding, legendary talent [Tina Garcia] wants to join your fiefdom in the future, do you accept?”