Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 1188 - : Great Battle (3)

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Chapter 1188: Great Battle (3)

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After Zhou Martial obtained the Eternal Sacred Land, he injected divine power into it without hesitation.

The next second…

The Eternal Continent and the Space-Time River illusory realm that filled the sky emitted invisible space time fluctuations.

Under this spatial fluctuation, the scarlet army led by Aus immediately fell into a stagnation.

Even the 20-odd Master God-Tier True God-Tiers and King of Scarlet were rooted to the ground.

Only Aus was protected by some unknown treasure and was not affected by the Eternal Sacred Land at all.

When Bai Yun and the other soldiers saw this scene, they immediately realized that this was an excellent opportunity to fight.

The Generals and God Spirits immediately ordered all the soldiers to abandon all their defenses and attack the scarlet army that had fallen into the Space-Time Stagnation state with all their might.

At that time…

Countless scarlet soldiers, scarlet God Spirits, and even scarlet True God-Tiers were killed by the army of the Blazing Sun Empire. Those who were lucky enough not to die were also heavily injured and could not continue fighting.

In the blink of an eye, nearly a thousand trillion scarlet soldiers, a million scarlet God Spirits, and nearly a thousand scarlet True God-Tier were either dead or injured.

Aus widened his eyes and looked at Zhou Martial, who controlled the Eternal Sacred Land, and the countless casualties of the scarlet army. He felt so regretful that he wanted to bleed.

If “He” had known that the king of the Scarlet Empire was so useless, “He” would have kept this fellow’s Eternal Sacred Land for “His” own use.

Great. It has become the opponents weapon instead!

At this moment, Zhou Fight and Zhou Wu flew straight at “Him”.

He completely ignored the six fake Master God-Tiers who had fallen into the state of Space-Time Stagnation.

Aus was so angry that he wanted to curse seeing this scene.

How much hatred did he have for “Him”!

He did not kill the six fake Master God-Tiers who were waiting to die, yet he specially came to kill him, who was not restricted by the Eternal Sacred Land? Zhou Fight and Zhou Wu were about to reach him.

Aus did not have time to think so he suddenly disappeared.

It was as if the other party no longer existed in the vast High Continent. Zhou Fight and Zhou Wu had the Supreme Sacred Body and the Chaos Human bloodline. Their Six Senses were shockingly sensitive, yet they could not sense where the other party was?

Zhou Fight immediately took out the Bodhi Supreme from his King’s Treasure Box.

“Where is Aus’ clone?”

“He” asked directly.

“You really know how to cheat… One ordinary question.”

Bodhi Supreme said helplessly.

“Sure.” Zhou Fight said without hesitation.

“Over there!” As soon as Bodhi Supreme finished speaking, he saw Aus holding a gray umbrella in his right hand in the distant sky. He was looking at the Bodhi Supreme in “His” hands in shock and disbelief.

“The Bodhi Supreme?!” “He” said in disbelief.

This supreme treasure that existed more than 10,000 years ago and attracted the covetous eyes of countless races. Even Aus had only seen it in a secret ancient book in the treasure vault of the Chaotic Scarlet Empire.

“He” never expected that this thing would actually appear in the hands of the Lord of The Blazing Sun.

Wasn’t this thing long gone with the disappearance of the Illusory Life Race?

“He” was extremely puzzled.

However, “He” also realized that his hiding technique had been seen through. He had to hide again.

“You have to catch ‘Him’ quickly. Otherwise, ‘He’ will have to hide again.”

“Then you’ll have to waste another chance to answer ordinary questions.” “Otherwise, you can also use an official question to resolve your doubts. I can teach you a Master God-Tier mystic technique so that you can see through “His” concealment technique.” The Bodhi Supreme said lazily.

“No need.” Zhou Fight said.

Then, he looked at Aus, who was about to disappear, and immediately activated Thief of Heart.

A text notification immediately appeared.

[Current Items that can be stolen: Heart of the Thousand World (World Item, contains a large number of treasures) (Success Rate of Stealing: 95%), one True God-Tier Divine Artifact, Heaven-Ascending Boots (Success Rate of Stealing: 94%), one True God-Tier Divine Artifact, Thousand Illusion Divine Seal (Success Rate of Stealing: 95%), one True God-Tier Intermediate Grade Divine Artifact, Chaos Magic Armor (Success Rate of Stealing: 94%)… one Master God-Tier Divine Artifact, Chaos Corpse Statue (Success Rate of Stealing: 90%), one Master God-Tier Divine Crystal Formation, Ten Directions Infinite World Formation (Success Rate of Stealing: 90%), one Master God-Tier Intermediate Grade Divine Artifact, Fate Scarecrow (Success Rate of Stealing: 85%), one Master God-Tier Advanced Treasure Pseudo Reverse Path Wheel (Success Rate of Stealing: 80%), one Master God-Tier Advance Grade Treasure Pseudo Heaven-Shielding Umbrella (Success Rate of Stealing: 80%), eight Master God-Tier Elementary Grade Divine Crystals (Success Rate of Stealing: 99%), five Master God-Tier Intermediate Grade Divine Crystals (Success Rate of Stealing: 99%), three Master God-Tier Advance Grade Divine Crystals (Success Rate of Stealing: 99%)]

Zhou Zhou took a rough look and could not help but be shocked.

This Aus is actually so wealthy? It is clearly just a clone, but it actually brought along an entire set of True God-Tier Divine Artifacts and four Master God-Tier treasures?!

Aren’t you afraid of dying in battle and falling into the hands of the enemy?

Or could it be that while Aus knew that this invasion of the High Continent was of the utmost importance, “He” cherished his life even more. Therefore, he would rather hang all these treasures on his clone than let his main body take the risk?

Zhou Fight felt that his guess should be near to the truth.

There was no time to think.

Zhou Fight roughly took a look at the effects of these treasures before locking his gaze on the Master God-Tier Advance Grade treasure—Pseudo Sky-Shielding Umbrella.

[Treasure Name: Pseudo Sky-Shielding Umbrella]

[Treasure Grade: Master God-Tier Advance Grade]

[Treasure Effect: A replica of the supreme divine artifact, the Sky-shielding Umbrella. It can block out one’s voice, smell, figure, aura, traces, presence, fate, and other treasures that might expose one’s existence. It can block the detection of most Master Gods and below.

[Treasure Introduction: A casual creation of the Supreme God Realm. It fell into the Crimson Universe during a war and was accidentally obtained by Aus.] “It’s actually the creation of the Supreme God Realm?” Zhou Fight was shocked. However, “He” didn’t think too much about it. Instead, “He” didn’t hesitate to use the Thief Of Heart to steal the Pseudo Sky-Shielding Umbrella once a day with a 100% chance of success.

The next second…

A gray umbrella appeared out of thin air in “His” hand.

It was the Pseudo Sky-Shielding Umbrella! freewe

When the Pseudo Sky-Shielding Umbrella landed in Zhou Fight’s hands, Aus’ figure appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“He” looked at “His” empty left hand in a daze. Then, “He” reacted and said in a panic, novelbuddy.(c)om

“Where’s my Sky-Shielding Umbrella?!”

“He” subconsciously looked at Zhou Fight and Zhou Wu, only to discover that they had suddenly disappeared.

Aus suddenly had an ominous premonition.

Then, “He” saw Zhou Fight and Zhou Wu, who were holding the Pseudo Sky-Shielding Umbrella, quietly appear behind Aus. Then, the two of them slashed and struck, severely injuring Aus and sending him flying hundreds of millions of kilometers away.


Aus spat out a large mouthful of blood!


Zhou Fight and Zhou Wu teleported in front of Aus. With their respective Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts in hand, they ruthlessly chopped down at Aus’s head.

With this slash, even if Aus was at the Master God-Tier level, he would not be able to escape death.

Aus was shocked.

“Wait a minute!”

“Don’t you want to know why I also have the Chaos Human bloodline?”

“He” hurriedly shouted..

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