Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 1189 - 1190: All Races Are Shocked!

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Chapter 1190: All Races Are Shocked!

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The activity notification of the Supreme Will appeared in front of all the Lords of All Races.

All the Lords of All Races were stunned when they saw the latest information.

It is over just like that?!

The King of Ten Thousand Kings event lasted for a total of 30 days. Now, only 22 days had passed, which was a little more than two-thirds of the time. It was over?

Also, didn’t you just announce the content of the King of Ten Thousand Kings’ special event the day before yesterday?

The special event has ended early?! It has only been two days!!!

How heaven-defying was the Common People’s Regal to be able to destroy 100 high-level Scarlet Empires in two days?

Now, even the high-level Scarlet Empire was so simple in front of the Common People’s Regal?

If this was the case, wouldn’t it mean that even the Beginner Level Divine Kingdom’s Lord faction, the Common People’s Regal, could lead troops to deal with them now?

Thinking of this possibility, all the Lords of All Races were stunned for a long time before hurriedly reporting this news to the races behind them.

Then, they looked at the latest activity information and fell into deep thought.

The leader of the race?

They could even return to the home of their original race?

Home of the original race?

Could it be…

He thought of a possibility and his eyes immediately lit up.

Soon, the various races and factions behind the Lord of All Races knew that the King of Ten Thousand Kings’ event had ended early.

After seeing this news, they were also stunned.

That’s not right. The Supreme Will only announced the content of the King of Ten Thousand Kings’ special event two days ago. Why is it over already?

Furthermore, the Lord of The Blazing Sun had personally ended this special event of the King of Ten Thousand Kings?

If you’re so powerful, what’s the meaning of the Supreme Will announcing the content of this special event of the King of Ten Thousand Kings?

You specially informed us in order to show off your prowess?

“If that’s the case, then wouldn’t it be a waste for us, the allied army from the Supreme Alliance that has already led our armies out of our territories and prepared to support the Blazing Sun Empire, to come here? That was what they thought.

They completely disregarded their tacit agreement to go and reinforce the Blazing Sun Empire later, so that the Blazing Sun Empire would be annihilated by the scarlet army. This way, their allied army would be the last to make a move.

This was timely. Their allied army had arrived.

The crisis at the Blazing Sun Empire was resolved by the Lord of The Blazing Sun alone. They had become the most awkward clowns.

This was not the most important thing.

Most importantly, there was only one question in their minds.

How strong was the blazing sun empire of the Common People’s Regal and “Him” now?

Therefore, at this moment, countless experts of various races gathered their Divine Telekinesis from billions of light years away and began to communicate. [Is the Blazing Sun Empire of the Common People’s Regal really that strong? Could it be that the Supreme Will secretly made a move? Otherwise, how could the Blazing Sun Empire destroy all the Scarlet Army with just a Beginner Empire?]

[You’re wrong. It wasn’t a Beginner Empire that destroyed all the Scarlet Army. Instead, it destroyed the top 100 high-level Scarlet Empires, including the Chaos Scarlet Empire. The other 50,000 high-level Scarlet Empires and the million-strong Crimson Kingdoms didn’t lose much. After the Crimson Overlord issued the order to cancel this invasion of the supreme continent, these Scarlet Empires and Crimson Kingdoms collapsed on the spot and returned to their respective homes.]

Even so, it was still unbelievable. That was the 100 strongest high-level Scarlet Empires. It was said that they even had the support of the Divine Kingdom’s Scarlet Lord faction. Under such circumstances, how could the other party lose?

[A loss is a loss. Isn’t that a good thing?]

[True God-Tier Fei Yun, you’re a lone Master God-Tier and don’t have any racial ties. Naturally, you don’t care who’s stronger or weaker among these Lords of the myriad races. However, as the leaders of the races, the new Lords of All Races in our race shoulder the heavy responsibility of competing for the position of Lords of All Races and allowing our race to rise. Naturally, we have to care.]

[I have a video of the battle between Common People’s Regal’s blazing sun empire and Aus’ scarlet army. Do you want to watch it?]

[Yes yes yes!]

[Give me one too!]

[One True God-Tier Elementary Grade Divine Crystals.]

[…Profiteer! Give me a serving!]

[I’ve sent it to you. Send me a copy quickly.]

[Alright, alright. I’ve already sent it to you.]

Under the sale of the profiteers, many experts of various races obtained this war video in a short while.

When they finished watching the war video, they were instantly shocked speechless by the content of the war video.

[This… Common People’s Regal is actually so powerful?!]

[Nine Pseudo-Master God-Tier powerhouses were actually killed by the Common People’s Regal alone? And it’s not the main body, it’s just “His” four clones?!]

[Can’t you guys tell? These four clones of the Common People’s Regal are all wearing Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts. If I had a full set of Master God divine artifacts, I would even dare to fight a Master God-Tier Advance Grade God Spirit!]

[Even a real Master God-Tier might not have a single Master God-Tier Divine Artifact. Where did this guy get so many Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts?]

[If you count the Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts on them, the true combat power of the Common People’s Regal is probably not inferior to a true Elementary Grade Master God-Tier powerhouse, or even… an Intermediate Grade Master God-Tier powerhouse!

[It seems that we have to admit a fact. The human race, which we once regarded as ants, has now risen.]

[With Common People’s Regal protecting the human race, the rise of the human race has become a reality.]

[It’s too scary. The Common People’s Regal has only cultivated for a short period of time, but he already has the combat power of a Master God-Tier? I kind of understand why the Supreme Will disregarded the opposition of the myriad races and insisted on choosing the Lord of All Races to participate in the Lord of All Races Competition. The local Lords of the High Continent will definitely not give birth to such a monstrous Lord.]

[Now, there’s a question. How should we deal with the Common People’s Regal, who already has the combat power of a Master God-Tier, and the humans “He” is protecting?]

[I’m ready to withdraw. My Heavenly Dream Race only has the protection of a True God-Tier, and without the protection of a Master God-Tier, I don’t dare to go up and court death in the face of a God-Tier existence like the Common People’s Regal. Who’s willing to deal with the Common People’s Regal? I’ll retreat first.]

[Even though my race has the protection of a Master God-Tier Ancestor, my ancestors are not willing to provoke existences of the same level easily… If there are any actions against the Common People’s Regal in the future, please don’t look for my race. My race doesn’t want to have a Master God-Tier enemy for no reason.]

[A bunch of cowards. You don’t dare to continue just because you’ve encountered some setbacks? The battle for the Lord of All Races involves the future of all races. Once you give up, it means that you’ve given up the opportunity to fight for the future and destiny of your race! To think that you call yourselves the leaders of your race. You’re a bunch of irresponsible people!]

[If the Common People’s Regal becomes the Lord of All Races, “He” will treat the human Subjects and the people of foreign races equally…]

[You traitor! Do you know what you’re saying? Do you want the Terrans to ride over you and your race? ]


[Everyone, don’t be in a hurry to withdraw or continue. Look at Lord Supreme Will’s latest activity. The content of the next activity should involve competition at the race level. If that’s the case, the foundation of the Common People’s Regal will definitely be weaker than us, a powerful race that has existed for countless years. At that time, as the race behind the Lords of all races, we can directly exert strength to help our Lords of all races. Even though the Common People’s Regal is powerful, the human race behind “He” is very weak. “He” won’t be able to obtain much help from the human race at all. Once the race foundation competition begins, the winner will definitely be us. At that time, the position of the Lord of All Races will still be ours!] freewebnove

[That makes sense. Let’s wait and see for now.]

[I agree to continue watching.] (f)reenovelkiss

On the battlefield, Zhou Fight, Zhou Martial, Zhou Manage, and Zhou Tianming looked at the Scarlet Fog monsters that were fleeing in all directions..

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