Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 847 - A Specific Mythical-Tier Person! Zhou Zhou's Speculation

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Chapter 847 - 847 A Specific Mythical-Tier Person! Zhou Zhou's Speculation

847 A Specific Mythical-Tier Person! Zhou Zhou’s Speculation

“Everyone, it’s not good to cause trouble in someone else’s territory, right?”

At this moment…

An adult male voice sounded.

Bai He then walked out of the void.

A world-shattering pressure emanated from Bai He’s body, and all of the deities present felt as if the divine power within their bodies was a caged bird that couldn’t be unleashed.

Even Zhou Zhou was the same.

He subconsciously held the Sword Of New Dimension Creation.

Then, he accidentally discovered that when he held True God-Tier Divine Artifacts like the Sword Of New Dimension Creation, he could actually use the protection of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts to ignore Bai He’s True God-Tier suppression and use the Chaotic Sacred Power in his body.

“What a treasure!”

Zhou Zhou smiled faintly and at the same time…

“Greetings, Lord God of Abyssal Knights!”

The Deities respectfully greeted.

Even unruly people like Sun Wukong, Yang Jian, and Nezha had to stop what they were doing and bow to Bai He in the sky.

Bai He nodded slightly. Then, he looked around at the gods and slowly said,

“Today, a sea of fog monsters will invade the Blazing Sun Kingdom.”

“There are probably about a hundred scarlet God Spirits among them!”

“This is the battle of the Blazing Sun Kingdom. It’s also a battle that our human race rarely sees in a hundred years!”

“You have to make preparations early. Even though the King of the Blazing Sun has the ability to revive, he can only revive mid-stage Golden Immortal Realms (Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade) and existences below the Golden Immortal Realm. Therefore, if you can prevent yourself from dying, then please do!”

“Yes, my Lord!” The Divinities said.

Some of the God Spirits had solemn expressions.

They were all existences above the mid-stage Golden Immortal Realm, so this battle was extremely dangerous for them.

Still… A reassuring smile appeared on their faces as they looked at their divine artifacts.

They were powerful to begin with, and with their Low-Level divine artifacts,

Even if they were only Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade deities, with the enhancement of the divine artifact, they already dared to fight against High-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade enemies.

As long as they didn’t do something ridiculous like courting death, such as directly challenging a top-notch scarlet God Spirit who was an High-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade Advance Grade, they felt that they wouldn’t be in too much danger.

“Rest well.”

“Due to the supreme agreement, His Holiness the Yellow Emperor, His Holiness Patriarch Lu, and I will not participate in this battle. It’s all up to you.” Bai He said.

Under the premise that the Lords of the myriad races did not provoke them, True God-Tier definitely could not participate in the war between the Lord of All Races.

Previously, saving Bai He was considered saving himself. As for the dispute between the Lords of the myriad races, the Supreme Will would naturally make a reasonable judgment.

From the fact that the Supreme Will did not attack the Yellow Emperor, Patriarch Lu, and White River, the Supreme Will clearly approved of the Yellow Emperor and the others’ actions of saving themselves.

“Yes, my Lord!”

All the deities greeted Bai He respectfully.

Bai He nodded and looked at Zhou Zhou.

“After I leave, as the master of this battle, everything here will be up to you.”

“If anyone disobeys, contact me immediately.” “He” said.

“Alright, Senior Bai He.”

Zhou Zhou nodded.

Bai He didn’t say anything else, and his body gradually disappeared into thin air.

After Bai He left.

The gods let out a sigh of relief.

“Every time I feel the pressure of the God of Abyssal Knights, it feels so terrifying.”

“Who would have thought that a person who’s not much older than us would cultivate to this extent without anyone knowing? Even we have to call ‘Him’ ‘Lord’.”

“Could it be that His Excellency Bai He wants to hand us all over to the King of the Blazing Sun to command? Why? What right does a human junior who isn’t even a True Immortal Realm expert have to command me? If he wants to command, it should be Empress Myrtlestar.”

“Silence! Don’t you know that His Holiness, the King of the Blazing Sun, defeated the Heavenly Bodhisattva of Light—Royegar—with a fair and square strike in front of the senior executives of the human race!”

“With this result, he’s already the sixth Councilor of our human race. Do you think he has the right to command us?”



“Even if Regal Pangu was alive, he probably wouldn’t be able to do such a ridiculous thing, right?”

Among the God Spirits of the human race, it was unknown who started it, but he revealed Zhou Zhou’s battle results at the Supreme Council, shocking the God Spirits of the human race who did not know about this.

Of course, there were also many human God Spirits who had clearly heard of this matter before coming. Their expressions did not change much.

But even so,

“They” could not help but look at Zhou Zhou again.

Gradually, as more and more God Spirits learned of Zhou Zhou’s achievements, more and more human God Spirits looked at him.

It was as if he wanted to see what background this King of the Blazing Sun had to be able to do such a ridiculous thing.

Zhou Zhou’s expression was calm. Facing the gazes of the gods, his heart did not waver.

“Everyone, get ready.”

“I’ve just brought my troops back. Let my soldiers rest for an hour. In an hour, we’ll set off to fight those fog monsters!” He said.

“Alright, Sixth Councilor!”

“We all listen to the King of the Blazing Sun.”

“It’s been a long time since I experienced such a large-scale battle. I really miss it…”

“We, the Four Imperials, will definitely do our best!”

“For this True Immortal Realm Weapon, let’s do it!”

The immortals responded one after another.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he immediately called for people to arrange a place for these immortals to rest. Then, he called Zheng Yuanqi and returned to the Advance Grade Lord’s Paradise.

In the study.

“Your Majesty,”

“This is the specific information of the human immortals and God Spirits of the people of foreign races who came to our Blazing Sun Kingdom this time.”

Zheng Yuanqi sent a report to Zhou Zhou’s personal terminal.

Zhou Zhou opened it and started reading.

This was written:

A total of 76 God Spirits came today!

There were a total of 61 God Spirits from the human race!

There were 42 Low-Tier Deity-level, 12 Mid-Tier Deity-level, and seven High-Tier Deity-level!

There were also 15 people of foreign race God Spirits introduced by the humans!

Among them, there were eight Low-Level, five Mid-Tier Deity-levels, and two High-Tier Deity-levels!

Zhou Zhou looked at the list and quickly discovered many names from myths and legends that he had heard of on Cerulean Planet and Earth.

However, some of it seemed to be true.

For example, the Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade Starlord Martial Song…

A Mid-Tier Deity-level Elder Zhen Yuan…

A High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade Goddess of Holy Land…

There were many other names.

“There are many inconsistencies with the fame and status of the myths and legends I know.”

Zhou Zhou was deep in thought.

Then, he quickly thought of a possibility.

Could it be that a portion of the myths and legends he knew came from Regal Pangu’s Primordial World and not the High Continent?

If that was the case, then everything that seemed to be the case could be explained.

Everyone was not from the same system, so they definitely could not forcefully copy the myths and legends that Zhou Zhou knew.