Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 846 - Mythical-Tier Person Descend By My Side!

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846 Mythical-Tier Person Descend By My Side!

Thousands of wind blades descended on the battlefield. It was as if a terrifying flesh-cutting machine had suddenly appeared on the ground. Hundreds of thousands of fog monsters suffered heavy casualties under the terrifying wind blades.

Even a Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade was slightly injured by Cessier’s Legendary-Tier Draconic Spell, Wind Blade Storm.

Even though Cessier was only a Legendary-Tier Intermediate Grade pure-blooded dragon, it could already deal with ordinary Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade God Spirits.

When Cessier saw that his attack had succeeded, he roared excitedly and soared into the sky again. Then, he summoned thousands of wind blades and charged towards the densest fog monsters below.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom…

Hundreds of thousands of fog monsters were killed by Cessier.

Then, Cessier repeated the above actions again, killing happily.

It was like a child who had been suffocated. It was releasing energy and excitement that it had no way of venting before.

During this process, two scarlet God Spirits wanted to rush forward to stop Cessier’s massacre.

However, in the next second, a blood-colored figure flew over from afar and blocked in front of them.

“The other Scarlet God Spirits have all been snatched away. I’ll take the two of you who are left alone to try my axe!” Guo Qiao grinned.

The two scarlet God Spirits: …? You and the two of us are the ones who are left alone?

Soon, under Guo Qiao’s sharp axe, they immediately knew why Guo Qiao called them alone.

Half an hour later, this battle of two billion Blazing Sun Kingdom soldiers vs. 200 million Empire-level Scarlet Fog Army ended with a crushing outcome.

Bai Yun and the rest naturally won easily.
Even the four Scarlet God Spirits of the Demonic Light Scarlet Army could not escape the fate of defeat.

When Royegar saw this, before he could bring the soldiers to thank Zhou Zhou, he saw that Zhou Zhou had already asked the soldiers to gather all the Loots. Then, he boarded the Galaxy again and prepared to rush to the next Saha Empire city that was besieged by the fog monsters.

Royegar took a deep breath.

For some reason, previously, Zhou Zhou’s handsome face was so good-looking that it made one want to punch him, but now, it actually made “He” feel very charming…

“You guys stay here and rest well. We’ll talk when I get back.”

Royegar informed the soldiers and Subjects of Youpo Li City before flying back to the Galaxy with his Vajra Realm Buddhas.

Time passed quickly.

In the evening, Scarlet Fog gradually appeared in the air.

In such an environment, the overall strength of the fog monster soldiers had increased by at least 30%!

However, Zhou Zhou was not afraid at all. He directly got all the soldiers to activate the Black Membrane and continue fighting these fog monsters in the Scarlet Fog.

At the same time, Zhou Zhou thought that it might not be convenient for Royegar and the others to fight in this environment enveloped by the Scarlet Fog.


Facing the increasingly dense Scarlet Fog, Royegar and the other Buddhist cultivators pressed their palms together and chanted.

Then, a faint white Buddhist light gradually emitted from their bodies. Even though the white Buddhist light was not offensive, it isolated the Scarlet Fog that wanted to invade their bodies, making it difficult for them to advance further.

Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue in wonder.

In his heart, he warned himself not to underestimate everyone in the world.

They had lived in the high continent for so long, how could they not figure out a way to prevent the invasion of the Scarlet Fog?

The Scarlet Fog was still dominating the High Continent and even the Endless Heavens. Zhou Zhou guessed that it was probably just the method they were researching. Due to various reasons, it could not be popularized on a large scale.

Two hours later, after the last city of the Saha Empire that was occupied by the fog monsters—Mulian City—was taken back, the entire Saha Empire completely recovered all its previous territory.

When Royegar saw this scene, he pressed his palms together and sighed as he cried. “Amitabha.”

“After helping Benefactor Blazing Sun survive this calamity, I will lead all the Buddhist cultivators to recite the Nirvana Reincarnation Scripture for the humans who died in the calamity of the myriad races.”

Then, “He” looked at Zhou Zhou and bowed deeply.

“Thank you for your help, Benefactor Blazing Sun. The Saha Empire was spared.”

“Benefactor Blazing Sun, Royegar will always remember your kindness.”

“If Benefactor Blazing Sun needs Royegar in the future, please feel free to ask. Royegar will do anything!”


“Let’s get on the spaceship first.”

“I’m returning to the Blazing Sun Kingdom.” Zhou Zhou did not stand on the ceremony and said directly.

The other Buddhas nodded and boarded the Galaxy together. Then, the spaceship activated Dark Universe Travel and flew towards the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Half an hour later.

Blazing Sun Kingdom.

After Zhou Zhou returned, he immediately realized that the Blazing Sun Kingdom was abnormally ‘lively’.

This was because in his perception, there were actually the auras of nearly 70 unfamiliar God Spirits in the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

“Looks like backup is here.”

Zhou Zhou nodded.

Then, he ordered the spaceship to descend.

After Zhou Zhou and company walked out of the descending spaceship, a figure immediately appeared in front of him.

This person had round eyes, a hairy face, a thunder god’s mouth, a thin face, a sharp mouth, and a shriveled chin. His body was like a macaque eating pine cones.

“He” wore a purple-gold seven-star crown on “His” head, and “His” feet were clad in a chain of Yellow Gold-Tier armor. “He” held the Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod in “His” hand.

He had the pressure of a High-Tier Deity-level. Just by looking at him, one could tell that his combat strength was extraordinary.

“You’re the King of the Blazing Sun?”

“He” looked at Zhou Zhou curiously.

“You are…”

As Zhou Zhou looked at “His” image, a thought suddenly appeared in “His” mind. “He” held back his excitement and asked,



“My name is Sun Wukong. I used to be a Lord. My territory is in the Flower Fruit Mountain Water Curtain Cave. My nickname is Great Sage Equal to Heaven.”

“As of now, I’ve already entered the Void School and was conferred the title of Victorious Fighting Buddha by the Buddha.”

“Is he really the Great Sage?!”

Zhou Zhou’s eyes lit up. Then, he immediately took out a piece of paper and handed it to Sun Wukong. “Great Sage, can you give me an autograph? I grew up listening to your legends.”

Which Chinese person would remain reserved in front of the Great Sage Equal to Heaven?

In any case, Zhou Zhou could not be reserved.

“Hehe, no problem, no problem!” Sun Wukong clearly did not expect Zhou Zhou to do this. As he pretended to be carefree and waved his hand, he grabbed a pen with his other hand and did not know where to start with the piece of paper.

Sun Wukong had read many books, especially Buddhist scriptures and Daoist scriptures.

However, he had very little experience in writing…

Sun Wukong had a smile on his face, but he began to worry in his heart…

“His” handwriting wasn’t pretty…

“Listen to the myths and legends of this monkey? King of the Blazing Sun, are you referring to how this monkey challenged the Buddha Lord and ended up being slapped to the ground by the Buddha Lord for 500 years?”

At this moment…

Another voice spoke.

Who is it? How dare he speak ill of Big Brother Monkey?

Zhou Zhou subconsciously looked over.

However, he did not notice that Sun Wukong’s face had already darkened.

The person who came:

wore a three-mountain flying phoenix hat and a light yellow collar.

A pair of golden boots paired with the Panlong Socks, a jade belt with eight-treasure makeup.

He had a slingshot on his waist and a three-pointed, double-edged spear in his hand.

High-minded people don’t care about the heavens and their families. Their pride returns to their spirits as they live in the Guan River.

The Red City’s Zhaohui Heroic Spirit Saint manifested as Erlang.

“God Erlang—Yang Jian?”

Zhou Zhou was shocked when he saw who the other party was.

“Yang Three-Eyed, you’re asking for a beating!!”

Before he could say anything, Sun Wukong had already roared angrily. He picked up the stick and slashed at Yang Jian.

Only the signed piece of paper fell to the ground weakly.

“Violent monkey, let me see if you’ve made any progress in the past thousand years!”

Yang Jian’s handsome face was cold.

“He” was not afraid at all. “He” held the three-pointed, double-edged saber in his hand, and a faint golden light slowly bloomed between “His” brows. It actually formed an illusory barrier around “Him.”

Obviously, this was specially set up by Yang Jian because he was worried that the aftershock of their battle would affect the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

“They’re fighting! They’re fighting! Second Brother, Monkey, you guys fight. I’ll be the referee!”

A handsome young man with a Heaven and Earth Ring in his hand, a Heavenly Red Silk hanging from his waist, and Firestorm Wheels on his feet watched this scene excitedly.

The other God Spirits also looked like they were watching a show.

When Zhou Zhou saw this scene, the corners of his mouth twitched.

I called you here as reinforcements and what are you trying to do?