Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start-Chapter 1102 Double Top-Grade! Obsidian Mother!

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As he pondered over this, Chu Feng looked directly at the item introduction on the wooden table.

Tara Hallucinogen 10g (Top-grade): It has an extremely strong hallucinatory effect. For a short period of time, it can hallucinate a Lord-level Astral Beast. The exact duration depends on the strength of the Astral Beast. Price: 10,000 gold coins.

Advanced Sacred Flame Talisman (Rare): It can instantly unleash a powerful area-of-effect fire attack. It covers a wide area and is enough to easily burn a peak-level beast general to death. To a certain extent, it will injure a Lord-level Astral Beast. Price: 5,000 gold coins.

Obsidian Mother (Top-grade): The precious mother of obsidian. Only one of hundreds of millions of obsidian ores can evolve into this. It can be used as the main material for forging the Master God Weapon. It's the favorite of the Golden-Eyed Pangolin. Price: 20,000 gold coins.

The rest were all high-quality. Chu Feng did not take a closer look.

He just stared fixedly at the Obsidian Mother.

The corners of his mouth twitched.

"The Golden-Eyed Pangolin's favorite?"

"Are you that considerate? You even marked it for me!"

This made Chu Feng suspicious.

Was this secretly controlled by the sloppy old man who had retired?

Otherwise, how could it be such a coincidence?!

He needed top-grade ores, and there was immediately one here!

Furthermore, he had not encountered a treasure shop in the past three days. It was probably that sloppy old man's doing?!

Otherwise, with the frequency at which the treasure store in the core area spawned, it should not have happened!


"Teasing me?"

"Is this old fellow's authority so high?!"

At that moment, Chu Feng could not help but curse inwardly.

Could it be that every move of these candidates was under the gaze of these high-level NPCs?

Otherwise, how could it be such a coincidence!

Furthermore, there were two top-grade items in this treasure shop. Wasn't this too much?!

Chu Feng could not help but complain.

Could it be that the old man knew that there was a high chance that Chu Feng would also be able to obtain the authority of the Starting Ground in the future and the two of them might even be colleagues, so he deliberately did Chu Feng a favor in advance?!

It was not impossible!

But what about the fact that you prevented me from meeting a treasure store for three days?

Teasing me?

Let me tell you, I'm a very vengeful person!

Chu Feng thought viciously.

However, he did not take it to heart.

That old man was limited by the rules after all. He could not do whatever he wanted, so there was no need to worry too much.

Anyway, from the looks of it, the old fellow was just teasing him. The benefits were not lacking at all.

It was not a retaliation.

That was enough!

Of course, if the old man could surprise himself from time to time in the future, it would be perfect.

Chu Feng thought happily.

He did not hesitate at all.

He began to exchange for gold coins crazily.

He had the eighth-grade king-level authority and could exchange for gold coins in a ratio of 60 to 1.

"Hmm… 35,000 gold coins is enough."

Chu Feng only planned to exchange for the three most precious items. As for the remaining high-grade items, he could not even be bothered to look at them.

He was no longer the poor young man who had to split a cent into two!

It was a completely different situation!

Over the past few days, Chu Feng had accumulated more than five million Astral Beast souls.

With a wave of his hand, he paid more than two million Astral Beast Souls without hesitation.

He exchanged for more than 35,000 gold coins.

He exchanged for the two top-grade and one rare treasure in one go.

"It feels good to be rich…"

Chu Feng could not help but reminisce about the feeling of spending money like it was dirt.

But then, he returned to reality and pursed his lips.

"What a pity… The Astral Beast Souls will never be enough! I still have to save up for Little Beamon Giant Beast to advance to the mid-level overlord. Sigh, I have to continue working hard!"

Previously, advancing to the Lord rank had consumed more than 2.4 million Astral Beast Souls. If it wanted to advance further, he would definitely need more Astral Beast Souls.

Chu Feng estimated that it would be at least five to six million.

Perhaps even more!

There was still a long way to go!

Shaking his head and throwing these worries out of his mind, Chu Feng excitedly checked his gains!

There was no need to mention the top-grade Obsidian Mother. If he wanted to use it to lure the Golden-Eyed Pangolin, he wouldn't be able to use it.

However, the top-grade Tara Hallucinogen attracted Chu Feng's attention.

Coincidentally, Chu Feng had almost used up the Rare-grade Demonic Touch Venom. Furthermore, to be honest, it was indeed too weak for the battle against Lord-Ranked creatures.

It would probably take at least dozens of grams to kill a Lord-level creature. The cost-effective ratio was too low.

Chu Feng was thinking about what to replace it.

This time, a pillow came when he was sleepy.

This top-grade hallucinogen could actually knock out a lord-grade Astral Beast. The effect was too powerful!

Just think about it. If a Lord-Ranked expert was affected, even if it was just for an instant, it would be a fatal crisis in a battle between experts.

If the enemy was knocked out directly, there was no need to mention it. It could only be at the mercy of others!

No lord could do anything!

Therefore, this was simply a combat divine artifact!

Of course, Chu Feng only had 10 grams in his hand. As for the exact dosage required to truly knock out a Lord-Ranked expert, Chu Feng still needed to slowly find out.

However, without a doubt, Chu Feng had another powerful trump card!

He was satisfied!

Chu Feng had gained a lot in the past few days!

Next, it was time to deal with that sharp-headed pangolin!

It actually dared to laugh at him. It was really courting death!

Let's see if you can still hold back this time?!

Let's go!

Chu Feng waved his hand.

He led the Beamon Giant Beast and sped towards the original mountains.

Soon, Chu Feng arrived at the place where he had been attacked by the Golden-Eyed Pangolin.

Chu Feng guessed that this place was most likely not far from the Golden-Eyed Pangolin's lair.

Of course, that fellow had been severely injured previously. It had learned its lesson. This time, even if it sensed Chu Feng wandering here, he probably would not dare to appear again.

The little elf could not help but ask.

"Master, what do you plan to do?"

"Even if you have top-grade ores now, as long as you and the Beamon Giant Beast are here, even if the ores are placed right here, that Golden-Eyed Pangolin probably won't dare to come out, right?"

The little elf's worries were not unreasonable. No matter how greedy the Golden-Eyed Pangolin was for top-grade ores, it could probably tell which was more important, its life or the ores.

"But what if we hide afar and that guy snatches the ores and runs? Once the Golden-Eyed Pangolin burrows into the ground, won't we suffer a double loss?"

Hearing those words, Chu Feng grinned.

"Of course, we can't just tell the Golden-Eyed Pangolin that this is a trap… Therefore, we still have to adopt a small strategy."

The little elf tilted her head in confusion and curiously waited for Chu Feng to continue explaining his next plan.

However, Chu Feng's gaze was quietly staring at her without blinking.

The little elf instantly understood something and said uncertainly, "Master, do you mean… I'll do it?"