Godly Empress Doctor-Chapter 4169: Let’s Fight (4)

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Chapter 4169: Let’s Fight (4)


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Soon, the Formless Sword Sect won.

“Good job.” The second senior brother of the Formless Sword Sect cupped his fists at Fairy Ziyun of Red Feather Room.

The faces of the women of the Red Feather Room darkened, but they still accepted the result in the end.

After a short battle, the four teams who won were Feng Wu, the Dynasty, Yan family, and the Formless Sword Sect.

Liang Jin’s Mountain Sea Academy had been defeated, and he would be lying if he said that he wasn’t sad.

But Ji Xingcheng comforted him. “Senior Brother, do you think you can defeat the Dynasty Team? Do you think you can defeat the fourth prince?” Liang Jin hesitated for a while before shaking his head.

Ji Xingcheng asked, “Senior Brother, are you confident that you can defeat

Feng Wu’s team?”

Liang Jin shook his head. “Of course not!”

Ji Xingcheng said, “That’s it, then. We can’t defeat either Dynasty Team or Feng Wu’s team, so what’s the point of competing? Only the first place will be rewarded this time. The second place is useless.”

Liang Jin nodded. “You’re right. What we need to do now is to learn something from their battles. The Dragon’s Gate banquet in the imperial capital will be our real chance.”

Ji Xingcheng nodded. “The Mountain Sea Academy has that card up our sleeves. I’m sure Senior Brother Zhennan won’t disappoint us.”

Liang Jin asked the four captains to make the draw.

The fourth prince, Feng Wu, Ye Erjian, and Yan Qian from the Yan manor all rolled the dice.

The fourth prince picked Yan Qian.

Feng Wu got the Formless Sword Sect.

It was obvious that the fourth prince was very calm, and Yan Qian looked embarrassed.

The result was the same.

The fourth prince easily defeated Yan Qian’s team.

“Thank you.” The fourth prince cupped his fists and beamed at Yan Qian.

Although she had lost, Yan Qian didn’t look very angry. She cupped her fists and smiled bitterly. “Your Royal Highness, I’m afraid that you’re going to take all the pills. Would you like to sell one to me?”

The fourth prince waved his hand. “Well, it’s not completely out of the question. It’ll depend on what price Sister Yan Qian is willing to pay.” They began to talk about the rewards.

Feng Wu raised her eyebrows a little. Meanwhile, Yu Mingye cupped his fists and said to them with a half-smile, “Do you really think that the pill is yours? Are you going to share the spoils now? Aren’t you afraid of losing?” The fourth prince’s face darkened.

Yan Qian threw a dirty look at Yu Mingye. “Hey, watch your language!”

Many people were talking about Yu Mingye as well, for they believed that the fourth prince’s team was bound to win. How could they not? That was impossible.

Yu Mingye gave her a half-smile. “What do you mean by ‘hey’? Am I wrong? Tell me, what did I say wrong?”

Yan Qian stared at Yu Mingye coldly. Instead of answering his question, she snorted. “You should count yourself lucky that you didn’t have the chance to fight me. Otherwise…”

Before Yu Mingye could say anything, Feng Xun smirked. “You’re the lucky one. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be standing here talking to us.”

Princess Yan Qian was suffocated..