Godly Empress Doctor-Chapter 4170: Let’s Fight (5)

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Chapter 4170: Let’s Fight (5)


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Princess Yan Qian felt suffocated.

She couldn’t for the life of her figure out how a commoner from the wilderness could challenge her.

She then turned to the Formless Sword Sect.

“Brother Ye, please teach these people a lesson for me.”

The Formless Sword Sect had always been close to Prince Yan’s residence, and Ye Erjian knew Princess Yan Qian well. The two families had even considered getting married. Therefore, Ye Erjian nodded. “Of course.”

And they weren’t the only ones watching.

Normally, all four forces and six sects could watch it, but because it was a battle between youngsters, the elders might not have time to watch it.

They didn’t have time to watch the first 17 trials on Dynasty Road. As for the final battle, they had anticipated that the fourth prince would win, so they didn’t want to watch it either.

Therefore, only a handful of families were watching the battle.

Prince Yan was watching.

So was the Luo family.

The head of the Mountain Sea Academy was also watching, and next to him was Qiu Zhennan, the genius of the college.

On one side of the arena was the Formless Sword Sect, and Feng Wu’s team was on the other.

Yu Mingye glanced at Feng Wu . “You don’t have to fight this battle. You’re the last to go.”

Feng wu said, ‘Well.. ”

For once, Feng Xun had the same opinion as Yu Mingye. He nodded at Feng Wu and said, “That’s right. This is a rare opportunity. Don’t try to take it away from us. Just wait behind us. You’ll never get to fight. We’ll make it very clear for you.”

Before Feng Wu could say anything, the members of the Formless Sword Sect flared up.

Yu Mingye and Feng Xun didn’t try to keep their voices down when they said those words.

Ye Erjian smirked. “How arrogant of you! Since you’re so arrogant, we’ll show you what we’ve got!”

The bosses watching the battle outside didn’t like Feng Wu’s team either.

“Which team is this?” Lord Yan frowned at Feng Wu’s team.

Standing next to him, Yan Yu recognized Feng Wu right away, and his face darkened.

Yan Yu had told him about what happened in the Junwu Empire, so he said,

“Father, the girl in the red dress is Feng Wu, and the other four are her friends.”

“Feng Wu?” Lord Yan found the name familiar as if he had heard it somewhere before.

Yan Yu reminded him, “The Junwu Kingdom.”

“Is she the girl that Huyan Yanbo is protecting?

Huyan Yanbo was Mu Jiuzhou’s pupil, and he was one of the most capable cultivators on this continent. That was why Lord Yan gave Feng Wu a second look.

Crossing his hands behind his back, the lord said indifferently, “But the girl isn’t all that capable.”

Yan Yu opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.

Lord Yan was only watching the last round, but Prince Yan Yu had been watching Feng Wu since she entered Dynasty Road!

Yan Yu had spent a lot of spiritual crystals in the past few months to see what Feng Wu had gone through on her way to the imperial capital. He had almost used up his own vault.

Just then, the two teams started fighting.

Feng Wu’s team started with Duan Chaoge..