Gourmet Gaming-Chapter 775: Benevolent Ruler

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Chapter 775: Benevolent Ruler

“The king caused the death of his poor and innocent people.”

“More than a hundred people died and shed tears of blood.”

“Listen, King Effer. You are no longer qualified to sit on that throne.”

“Pluine Merchant Group’s Master, Lord Avendor, will be the new owner of Happy Island.”

The people of Happy Island heard the voice of the Pluine Merchant Group’s people. Happy Island was a small but peaceful island. Although the Pluine Merchant Group had taken away much from them, they were still able to maintain their own peace.

“Your Majesty Effer…”

All of them could see that this was the final push from Pluine.

In the past, King Effer would usually go around the market during the day and greet the merchants. He would even pat the heads of the running children and ask them while smiling, ‘Are you doing well? Hoho.’

“Your Majesty, no…”

Everyone knew that King Effer would never do such a thing.

An old man cried out, “Enough with your lies!!! God of Happiness is just making things up to choose a new king!!!”

“That’s right!!!”

“Don’t think that we don’t know that you’re all a part of Pluine Merchant Group!!!”

The people shouted, trying to defend King Effer. However, the only response that they got was a cold blade to their throats.


Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab—

The people who cried out in indignation were cut down by the knights of the Pluine Merchant Group. The one that stood at the forefront of it all was called Avendor. He was the owner of the Pluine Merchant Group, and also the Second Prince that had been expelled from the royal family. Filled with indignant fury after being kicked out, he created the Pluine Merchant Group and had been plotting for this day.

“Kill all those that go against us.”

“Are, are you saying that we should kill the ordinary citizens?”

“Kill them!!!”

“Yes, sir!!!”

Avendor’s voice did not have a shred of mercy. Besides, he had nothing to fear. After all, the God of Happiness was on his side, and Avendor was certain the god would absolutely descend and come to his aid at any given moment. Today would be the day that Effer would be stripped of his King’s Authority.


Avendor, who was sure of the results, stabbed the heart of a young man who was crying for his king, Effer. He shot the dying man a glance as though he was a bug before moving toward the castle.


Effer was fully aware that the Pluine Merchant Group would try to take his throne. However, if Avendor became king, Effer was sure that he would persecute the residents of Happy Island. However, there was nothing that he could do. Things had not seemed to turn out well for him, and his days were numbered.

That was why Effer could only give his soldiers this order.

—Whatever happens, do not resist. I should only be the one to die.

This was the choice that Effer made. He chose to fight to the death and stepped out to meet the incoming forces.

The God of Happiness’s Envoys were all high-leveled NPCs with levels that reached 600. They were people who only took orders from the God of Happiness and would do their best to fulfill them.

Roine, one of the God of Happiness’s envoys, thought, ‘We can completely subdue King Effer in under ten minutes.’

This was based on what they had gathered about Effer’s strength. Effer flew through the air beautifully like a butterfly, and it was like he was the setting sun.


One of the envoys stumbled back when their sword made contact with King Effer’s sword. Effer did not miss the opportunity and continued to cut and slash the body of the stumbling envoy.

Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping—

The envoys watched the sudden turn of events with wide eyes.

‘What the hell?’

‘H, how…’

‘King Effer has become stronger?’

It was impossible. Avendor and the envoys were fully aware of the condition of King Effer’s body. Even if they did not stage a coup, King Effer would still die. All of them shook their heads. They believed that it was nothing but a mere coincidence. While they were trying to convince themselves, Effer quickly strode forward and cut down another envoy.



The scream that rang in their ears confirmed their doubts.

‘How did he become stronger?’

‘No. Even if he became stronger, does it even make sense for him to grow by this much?’

They were completely unaware of the meal that Effer and Minhyuk ate. In fact, Effer himself was surprised by the surge in strength.

‘He was a chef that smiled brightly and purely.’

Effer smiled faintly. Although he had only met the man for the first time today, the delicious meal that he cooked and the bright expressions that he showed brought a smile to Effer, albeit a faint one. It was not only that, the buffs from his dishes also allowed him to fight to his heart’s content.

‘I’m grateful.’


Effer smiled as he pushed back the God of Happiness’s Envoys with his sword. While Effer was king, he was also the one with the greatest skill in swordsmanship in the history of Happy Island.

The enemies believed that five envoys were enough to subdue him. Unfortunately, the situation was proving to be hard for them. They were finding him to be more than they could handle.

“Take down Effer!!!”


The cries of the rebels rang loudly as the gates of the castles were forced open.

“Those who surrender will not be killed!”

“Drop your weapons!”

Effer turned toward the direction of the voice. The God of Happiness’s envoys did not miss this opportunity and immediately pressed forward to attack Effer.




Blood spurted out and flowed down Effer’s armor as their swords cut his flesh. At this moment, Effer realized that his end was near. The rebels would soon flood the castles. At the very least, he had already given his orders.

—Do not resist.

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud—

The sound of footsteps drew closer and closer to Effer’s ears. But he continued to do his best to protect the place that he lived in until the very end.


Effer groaned lightly as a sword pierced through his shoulders, “Kghhhk.”

It was very difficult for a mere human to fight and win against an envoy chosen by god. Even though Effer was the greatest king of Happy Island, he was still unable to stand against the gods that stood above him.

Seeing Effer stumbling like that while his hand gripped his gaping shoulder, the envoy named Roine raised his sword and aimed for his neck.


Effer looked at the blade of the sword helplessly. Just then, the doors to the castle opened, and a sword flew in, forcing Roine to twist his body and get away from Effer.

“Your Majesty…”

“Your Majesty Effer…”

“Are you alright?” Korro, the knight commander of the royal family, held a sword that was dyed red with blood while giving Effer a solemn, bitter look.

“…I clearly ordered you to not resist.”

“Forgive this servant of yours, I will disobey Your Majesty’s orders for today.” Korro smiled sadly. He clearly remembered how his king was kinder and warmer than anybody else.

Thirty percent of the royal knights had already been handed over to the Pluine Merchant Group. As for the remaining 70%, they all gathered together and formed one force in order to fight until the bitter end and prevent the Pluine Merchant Group from doing what they wanted to do. Unfortunately, it was going to be difficult, impossible even.

“I wanted all of you to survive and live.”

“We want to fight alongside you until the very end, Your Majesty.”

“…This is ridiculous.”

However, the smile on Effer’s face had garbled his words and turned it into an incomprehensible murmur. In fact, the envoys also thought the same. Even though they were envoys, they could not understand why the God of Happiness wanted to do something like this.

‘God, how can you abandon and betray the faith of the righteous king and knights?’

Everything started when Avendor began to offer food to the God of Happiness, who was always hungry. They would always bring food to sate the never-ending hunger of the god, and eventually, he got tamed by Avendor. He was nothing but a mere human, but he had somehow managed to tame a god. What else could the envoys do? They served the god after all.

On the other hand, they found these people who dared to stand against them to be foolish. Knowing the difference in strength and status, these knights still launched an attack on the God of Happiness’s Envoys.

Meanwhile, Korro, who was supporting Effer, began to run. Roine looked back at them and said, “Go after them.”

[The God of Happiness’s Envoys have descended!]

[The God of Happiness’s Envoys are people that have been chosen by the God of Happiness!]

Along with those words, around ten God’s Envoy appeared in a flash of light and chased after Korro, Effer, and the other fleeing knights. In the end, they were blocked by the walls. There was nowhere to run. On top of that, Effer no longer moved his feet.

“Long live His Majesty Effeeeeeeeer!”

“We will always believe in you, Your Majesty Effer.”



He could hear the screams and shouts of his people. They shouted his name as they died one after another. Effer stood still, tears flowing down his cheeks. “Stop, everyone stop…”

‘Stop shouting my name, then you will be able to survive and live. I have already prepared everything for you, you can leave this place alive!’

Effer had a conversation with Evelyn before everything happened.

—I’ve already asked the chef from another continent for a favor. I want him to take all of the people that want to leave Happy Island.

—Wh, what do you mean by that, Your Majesty?

—Happy Island is already ruined. Everyone who wants to leave is free to follow that chef. Evelyn, tell the people who want to leave this place. Tell them that I had ordered the chef to lead you to a new land.

Effer had created a path for them, one that would allow them to survive. Hence, he did not understand why they would do something so stupid. They only needed to endure a bit more, and they would be able to get to another continent safely. It was just for a few more days.

“If all of you had only held out for a few more days after my death, then…”

“It’s because we don’t want to watch Your Majesty die like that.” Korro smiled bitterly.

“Ha… Hahaha… Hahahahaha…”

Effer felt satisfied. He was sure that there was no one that would feel as grateful as he was right now. After all, his people did not fear death and would even die for him.

[One of the Absolute Gods, the God that Rules All Armies, is watching you.]

Then, an unknown voice rang in their ears. Effer did not know what an Absolute God was.

‘Based on the stories of old, is it a class of God above the God of Happiness? Is that the case?’

Effer could not be certain. The god was watching him, but he did not know why. Perhaps the god was laughing at how this weak king was struggling, or maybe he was cheering him on.

Effer’s gaze then turned toward the top of the walls. There, he saw his people blocking and trying to stop the members of the Pluine Merchant Group from entering. There were around 60,000 residents there. It was slightly effective, as the Pluine Merchant Group could not advance, perhaps because they also could not bring themselves to kill ordinary people.

“Those that defy the revelations of the God of Happiness…”

At that moment, Avendor appeared and clicked his tongue at the residents who were blocking their path.

“…Will face God's wrath.”

[The God of Happiness that controls the entire Happy Island has descended!]

The gigantic God of Happiness, who was in the form of a mountain boar, appeared right in front of Avendor. It was thirty meters in height and looked like a gigantic mountain.


Everyone who heard the loud shriek of the God of Happiness had blood dripping down their ears.



“Kghhhk! Even if God said so himself, we still will not let you go!”

“His Majesty Effer is not guilty!”

“God, I can not understand your revelation!”

However, even when God appeared, the people did not get away from the walls. At that moment, Avendor grinned.

“N, no…”

Effer knew that the gigantic God of Happiness would charge at them.

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud—

Black light spread out from the body of the charging God of Happiness. Then, his speed grew three times faster in an instant, his body trampling on the thousands of people that blocked the path to the castle grounds until he smashed into the walls and forced a portion to collapse.


With a portion of the wall collapsing so easily like that, Effer was able to see the bodies of the people, the soldiers and the knights of the royal family that had been trampled on. Six thousand people died from that one charge.

“Aaaah… aaaaaaaah… aaaaaaaah…”

Effer fell into despair.

“Urk!” He coughed blood as he cried out. His death was just right around the corner.

Avendor, who watched Effer vomit a mouthful of blood, said, “King Effer, prostrate yourself and apologize to the God of Happiness.”

What Avendor truly meant was that Effer should bow down in front of him, kneel down and die at his hands. Effer, who was still vomiting blood, stumbled to his feet. He knew that the God of Happiness would continue to trample on his people and soldiers if he did not go there.


Effer used the last of his strength to jump down from the walls and walk slowly. As he walked forward, there was sorrow on his face as he looked at the corpses covered by the rubble of the collapsed portion of the wall. For the sake of his people, Effer let his sword down. For the sake of his people, he walked forward.

Avendor laughed, “Ha… Hahahaha! Hahahahaha! Come! Apologize to god!!!”

Despite the vicious and maniacal laughter that mocked him, Effer continued to walk and shed tears for his people.

[One of the Absolute Gods, the God that Rules All Armies, looks at the kind king that loves and cherishes his people.]

[He’s watching the final moments of the king, whose life is coming to an end.]

Now, Effer knew that this god was watching him not because he was mocking him. It was because he saw how Effer cared for his people until the very end and felt sorry that he was about to die.

‘Then, please give me strength.’

However, God did not give him any strength. Perhaps this God who rules all armies, could not exert any pressure or influence Happy Island?

Effer continued to walk while saying, “This is my last order as your king. All of the people and soldiers, heed my words. Go! Leave this place!!! Anyone that will defy my order will have to pay!!! Go, now!!!”

The king released his final orders with tears in his eyes. The people and the soldiers howled and cried as they immediately retreated at his orders.

“Your Majesty!!!”

“Your Majesty Effer!!!”

“We’re sorry, forgive us, Your Majesty!!!”

They apologized to their king for failing to protect him until the very end.

“Avendor, promise this.”

“What is it?”

“Do not touch my people and soldiers who have surrendered!!!”

Avendor smirked. Effer would soon kneel down and die by his hands. Then, he did not need to kill anyone anymore.

“I swear.”

That oath was more than enough.

Step, step, step—

Effer held his sword tightly.

[One of the Absolute Gods, the God that Rules All Armies, has seen the choice that you have made.]

[God has bestowed upon you a present for your final moment.]

[You, who are about to die, start to feel your blood boil and rise.]

[The sun that once burned the brightest has now turned into a sunset.]

[The sky will always be brighter before the sun sets.]

[You have transcended the limits of a human being.]

[You will be recorded in history as the King of the people, for the people and by the people.]

[A new legend, the Benevolent Ruler, has been born!]

The new legend, Effer, ran.

Meanwhile, Avendor, the Pluine Merchant Group, the citizens of Happy Island and the soldiers of Effer looked at him in shock as he jumped to the sky. Avendor had promised that he would not touch his people and his soldiers. Hence, Effer did not care about him anymore. Instead, his sword was now aimed at the God of Happiness.

This was none other than the ‘Illuminating Halo’[1]. Whenever the sun sets, it would release a bright flash of light that would illuminate the skies. And just like that phenomenon, Effer swiftly slashed his sword with all his strength, aiming for the throat of the mountain-like God of Happiness.



[Another legend has been recorded in history as the Benevolent Ruler cuts down a god.]


At the same time, Minhyuk had just finished his exercise and went straight to the showers, while thinking, ‘I’ll log in right away after taking a shower.’

1. Refers to that brief moment where one becomes lucid just before they die. ☜

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