Gourmet Gaming-Chapter 776: Benevolent Ruler

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Chapter 776: Benevolent Ruler

The God of Happiness might be in the form of a black pig, but he was still a god that had been worshiped by the residents of Happy Island for a very long time. Everyone attributed their abundant harvest of crops, endless amounts of black pork for consumption, and a peaceful land to the God of Happiness.

For the longest time, the God of Happiness was a being that none of the residents of the island could defy. But right now, the very same god was struck and injured by the new legend ‘Benevolent Ruler’ Effer.



Bright red blood spurted from the deep gash on the neck of the God of Happiness. The residents, the soldiers, and even the troops of Pluine Merchant Group and Avendor, who never expected such a thing to happen, were all taken aback.

The God of Happiness was a god, but to Effer, he had become someone who took his people away from him. And everyone knew that Effer only wielded his sword for the sake of his people.

Effer leaped to the sky again and slashed the body of the God of Happiness with his sword.


Just like before, blood spurted out from the new wounds.

“The God of Happiness is bleeding…?”

“He looks like he’s in pain.”

“Will he end up dying too?”

Their belief that the God of Happiness lived for all eternity was slowly breaking down. In the meantime, Effer continued to slash and cut the body of the God of Happiness.

The dazed and bewildered Avendor finally came back to his senses. “How, how dare you! What are you doing to god?! Go, kill Effer!!!”

“Yes, sir!”

The Pluine Merchant Group’s knights tried to move and stop Effer from continuously attacking the God of Happiness, but the royal knights stood in front of them and blocked their path.

“Don’t let them take a single step toward His Majesty!”

“Yes, sir!”

They wanted to at least protect Effer’s final moments.


Red blood continued to drip down Effer’s chin as he cut down the God of Happiness. His life was about to end. However, Effer was able to display a prowess far greater than normal. After all, his final light was now shining brightly. He even entertained the thought that maybe he could just cut down the God of Happiness by himself.

However, the God of Happiness’s black eyes snapped open.

“Hwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik!” The god roared, his mouth wide open as he charged at Effer.

Effer tried his hardest to block the charging black pig with his sword, but it was useless, as he was pushed thirty meters back. He hurriedly twisted his body away in order to veer from the path of the God of Happiness’s charge; alas, the god had already sent an attack toward him.


Effer was sent flying, pain blooming all over his body as his bones shattered.

“Kghhhk,” Effer groaned as he quickly stood up. However, the God of Happiness was already encroaching upon him with his huge mouth.


The God of Happiness snapped down on Effer until his bones broke apart.


The bite easily crumpled the armor that covered Effer’s body as if it were a flimsy sheet of paper. Effer hurriedly raised his sword and pushed it into the mouth of the god.


Effer was finally able to escape as the mighty god loosened his hold on Effer, releasing a loud shriek in pain and fury. Meanwhile, his entire body was covered in blood, and even his vision had turned blurry.

“Hwiiiiiiiiiiik, hwiiiiiiiiiiiiik!”

The sword that he had stuck in the mouth of the God of Happiness remained inside, forcing shrieks and screams out of the god as he struggled to get it off.


Effer felt that he was already nearing his end. He looked up at the sky as his body continued to spurt out blood.

“…God.” He called out to not the God of Happiness but another god with a sad look on his face.

His people and soldiers were crying when they saw him stand there waiting for his end in front of the God of Happiness.

“Please take care of them?” He pleaded to the God that Ruled All Armies. Effer did not know what kind of god he was, all he could do was stare at the sky and plead.


The shrieks of the God of Happiness grew more violent in nature. Effer’s people gave it their all, throwing everything they could get their hands on in order to restrain the god, but it was to no avail.

Then, Avendor tried to control the God of Happiness. “Please calm down!”

Avendor had been winning the God of Happiness over through a constant supply of offerings and sacrifices. After all, even though he was a god, he still could not let go of his characteristics as a pig. That was why Avendor was able to control him with rare and delicious dishes and ingredients.

However, prior to this, the 200 horned black pigs, as well as the Setokas and Kanpeis that they had prepared to offer to the god, had all disappeared. This meant that the God of Happiness was hungrier than usual.

“G, God…?” Avendor called out to him.

At that moment, the God of Happiness turned his head to look at him and screamed loud enough to make the entire island shake, “Kwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik!”

[God of Happiness’s Frenzy.]

[All of the God of Happiness’ stats have increased by 44%.]

[All of the God of Happiness’ skills’ levels have increased by +2.]

[The God of Happiness has lost all sense of reason and will break anything and everything in its path.]

“God…!” Avendor shouted in doubt. He never predicted that something like this would happen.

The God of Happiness grew larger and larger until he reached almost sixty meters in height, his gigantic shadow enveloping Avendor. Then, the God of Happiness snorted.

[The God of Happiness’ Gallop.]

[His gallop is so dangerous that it can even trample on and flatten an entire mountain.]

The direction of his charge was where the Pluine Merchant Group’s troops were.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

The God of Happiness easily trampled on the Pluine Merchant Group’s troops and even took down several buildings in the process.




The Pluine Merchant Group’s troops died without even being able to scream. To the horror of those who survived, the God of Happiness began to devour the troops in his hunger, since he had eaten far less offerings than normal.

Crunch, crunch—

The scene looked quite grotesque as he chewed through the armor of the troops before gulping everything down.

[The God of Happiness’ Gluttony.]

[The God of Happiness’ body will grow bigger and bigger the more he preyed on his enemies.]

Just like that, the God of Happiness grew bigger and bigger.

“Aaaaah… ahhh… aaaaah…”

Only after seeing more than 4,000 of the Pluine Merchant Group’s troops die did Avendor realize how reckless he was for thinking he could control a god. When he looked around, he saw the countless buildings that had once stood tall, turned into rubble.

“Quick, evacuate the people into the castle.”

This was the last command that Effer could give. Effer’s troops quickly opened the castle gates and allowed entry for the hundreds of thousands of people outside.

Meanwhile, Knight Commander Korro helped Effer up. As they entered the castle, Effer looked back. He could see a huge portion of Happy Island being destroyed underneath the feet of the God of Happiness.

Effer slowly climbed atop the walls and clearly saw how the God of Happiness slowly destroyed Happy Island, trampling on the fruits of all of their labor. Dozens of houses collapsed with just one stomp of the god. Although it was not grand, these places held memories that were dear to them. But now, everything had fallen apart.


“Sob, sooooob.”


The cries of his people, who had lost their place, rang in Effer’s ears.

‘Where is he?’

Effer turned his head to look for the man who might have the answer to these poor people who had lost their homes. However, that man was nowhere to be seen.


At that moment, the berserk God of Happiness, who had lost control of his reason and power, slammed into Maruc’s Mountain. The mountain walls of Maruc’s Mountain crumbled and turned into dust. But the God of Happiness just roared, his body completely devoid of a scratch.

“Hwiiiiiiiiik! Hwiiiiiiiik!”

The roars of the God of Happiness, which was already 80 meters tall, brought fear to everyone. That was when they saw the God of Happiness snort and turn to look at the walls.

“Damn it,” Knight Commander Korro mumbled under his breath.

Everyone held their breath. The God of Happiness might be in a berserk state but he would not likely forget the king that cut his body and the people that threw stones at him.


One gigantic step and the ground beneath the god’s feet sunk in deep.


Another step and the surrounding buildings cracked and crumbled.


Crash, crash, crash—

Effer’s body slowly collapsed, knowing that his death was coming closer and closer. In the end, the entire Happy Island was going to be destroyed with him. The legend that he created would not be recorded in any history. Today, the entire Happy Island would disappear.


Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom—

The 80-meter-tall God of Happiness in the form of a wild mountain boar looked at them with his black eyes that had slowly turned red.

[God’s Charge.]

[God’s Charge would deal an additional 4,000% attack and damage. His speed will also double.]


The charging God of Happiness grew faster and faster, the speed at which he ran unbelievably fast, and all Effer could do was close his eyes. The god passed through the entire Happy Island in a flash of light.

A watery smile curled at the corners of Effer’s lips. In the end, he could not protect his kingdom and his island.

“Uwaaaa, uwaaaah, uwaaaah!” A child cried somewhere.

“Kyaaaaaaaack!” Someone hugged another tightly.

“Hailey, let’s meet in the sky.”

“Ah. Aaaaaaaah. Aaaaaaaaaah…!” Someone screamed in fear as death loomed over them.


Right then, the sound of someone gulping rang in their ears. It was a sound that was completely different from the cries of fear reverberating in the area.

“It’s been a long time since I last saw a guy covered in black light.”


Effer slowly opened his eyes. That was when he saw the man standing in front of him and looking at the God of Happiness. The man turned to look at Effer. It was the chef from another continent. This man was nothing but a chef. Effer squeezed the last of his strength and said, “Chef from another continent, take my people and get out of this place. Quick! Use the spell that I gave you!”

He firmly believed that they would be able to save the lives of many if Minhyuk would just tear that spell parchment. But that was where Effer was wrong. The God of Happiness would arrive long before the spell could be activated, without a doubt.

“Hiyaaah. If you grill some black pork ogyeopsal and dip it in some salted anchovies then… Kghhk~!”

‘What nonsense is he talking about? Does he think that he can joke around at a time like this?’

Effer could not understand the man in front of him. That was when he saw the expression on the face of the chef from another continent turn serious.

“Let me show you the worth of what you paid for.”

Minhyuk had cooked and ate the Legendary Three Meter Great King Largehead Hairtail. Of course, he was only able to taste it because he cooked for the king. However, for Minhyuk, Effer giving him those valuable and priceless ingredients to cook was a favor in itself.

As the God of Happiness approached closer and closer, images appeared in the sky above them. The image showed a man standing atop the walls with hundreds of thousands of people looking up at him. Then, an old man holding a spear, a man with a gigantic build, a baby piggy, and many more appeared by his side. They were people that they did not know of. But based on the unusual image that appeared in the sky, they could see that all of them were showing courtesy to the man standing atop the walls.



Then, the hundreds of thousands of troops cheered for the man standing on the wall as the new form of God’s Voice, something that the Battle God had gifted Minhyuk, rang.

[You have triggered the Food God’s Voice!]

Not long after, the face of the man standing on top of the walls grew clear in the sky. The man was wearing red armor and a white cape that carried the symbol of a fork and a knife crossed together. The charisma and majesty of a king exuded by the man was natural, as he looked at his vassals and subordinates through the gaps of his black hair.


“Aaaaaah! It’s the Noble! The Noble!!!”


The people knew the name of the man that was being projected in the sky. This was the young man who sold them hanchippang with a bright smile on his face. This very same young man was standing in front of them right now.


Effer clenched his fists, which were covered with cold sweat, tightly. Minhyuk, who met the eyes of Effer, turned to look at the people who were calling him ‘Noble.’ He smiled silently before turning to look at the approaching God of Happiness.

Then, Minhyuk murmured, “Summon Hanwoo.”


A cow appeared in front of them with a flash of light. Then, the cow began to grow in size from twenty to forty to fifty meters. The gigantic cow might still be a bit smaller than the God of Happiness, but Hanwoo still charged fiercely at the god.


Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud—!

Then, both beings collided.


Everyone thought that the huge cow would be sent flying away. However, that was not the case at all. In fact, the huge cow was even pushing and fighting against the God of Happiness.

In the end, the cow started to get pushed back. However, one man had already leaped to the sky and pulled out his sword to stab the back of the God of Happiness. All of their gazes were focused on the man.

At the same time, words shone and appeared in the sky above them. These were the words that everyone read:

[He is the King of Beyond the Heavens Kingdom.]

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