Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor-Chapter 415 - : The evolution of fire poisone.l

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Chapter 415: The evolution of fire poisone.l

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The sudden change caused the elders who were watching over the bed to immediately surround him.

They sighed softly in front of his nose and couldn’t help but look panicked.

“The ancestor, he … He’s dead!”

The elders fell into chaos as if the sky had collapsed.

There was a mix of shouting and crying.

They knelt, prostrated, and scattered all over the ground.

The scene was in chaos.

“How did the forefather die? He was fine just now!”

“Is it the medicine?”

Xia qingchen! There must be a problem with Xia qingchen’s medicine!

Everyone witnessed that the old ancestor spat out blood and died immediately after drinking the medicine.

Instantly, everyone’s gazes turned to Xia qingchen, filled with doubt.

As the head elder, Gong Liang Lin was able to remain calm and quickly regained his composure, “Calm down!”

His eyes were calm and wise.

“If Grandmaster Xia wanted to take the forefather’s life, would he need to poison him? All he needs to do is watch from the side, and the forefather will be heavily injured and die.”

After this shout, the elders ‘suspicions disappeared.

Indeed, it shouldn’t be Xia qingchen’s doing.

It was just that there was an explosion during the refining process, followed by death from feeding medicine.

Both times, Xia qingchen was the one who participated.

It was hard to believe that he was not suspicious at all.

In particular, the few elders who did not participate in the forging of the Nirvana artifacts were already feeling ill-pressed.

“Let’s check the cause of death first.” Gong Liang Lin forced himself to focus as he carefully inspected.

After a long while, he said with a sad face,”it should be that the trauma in his mind intensified, and he passed away suddenly ..”

Hearing this, the elders in the room mourned.

Gong Liang Lin wiped the tears from his eyes and said, spread the cry of the ancestor’s sudden death. We have to prepare for his funeral.

The old ancestor of one of the four great families had lost his life.

It was an event that would shake the entire sky moon Ridge. All the Holy Lands and families would definitely come to offer their condolences.

The news spread very quickly.

The entire gongliang ancient clan was in an uproar. They were sad and at a loss.

It had happened so suddenly that they were completely unprepared.

As a result, the clan fell into chaos.

There were even a lot of loopholes in the patrol.

In a certain corner.

he’s finally dead, ” the eighth elder said with a smile. much earlier than I expected.

Beside him was Gong liangni, he said nervously, “”Eighth elder, what are you going to do next?”

It couldn’t be just to kill the old ancestor, right?

That would not do him any good.

huhu, old ancestor has an ancient item that he obtained a thousand years ago on him. It concerns the secrets of the divine ruins, and the Asura family wants to obtain it very much. The eighth elder stared at Gong liangni.

“The old ancestor has always valued you. Do you know where the old ancestor has hidden the ancient objects?”

Back then, the divine ruins descended upon the sky moon Ridge.

The four ancient families joined forces to explore and accidentally found a Broken Sword.

The broken Sword broke into four pieces.

He was the ancestor of the Shura family, a great star-level expert.

He tried to take the broken Sword fragment for himself.

As a result, just as he rolled up the fragment, he was killed by the cold sword Qi that had unexpectedly burst out from the fragment.

The sword Qi razed everything within ten thousand feet to the ground!

The patriarchs of the hundred Flowers, situ, and gongliang families, who had joined the fight, were all heavily injured.

Not long after they escaped from the divine ruins, they died one after another. The four great ancient clans were greatly weakened.

They only recovered after several hundred years and returned to their peak, with a new generation of four great ancestors.

However, the catastrophe that happened a thousand years ago was something that the four great ancient clans could never forget.

Later on, he went deep into the divine ruins again.

They had spent a lot of effort and finally managed to control the four fragments, and each of them was in charge of one.

Later on, through their research, they discovered that this Broken Sword was actually related to the deepest mystery of the divine ruins.

Only by reforging the broken Sword could one enter the depths of the divine ruins.

Find the place where the fallen God was!

Gong Liang ni pondered for a long time, he said, “I think I heard the great ancestor mention that there is a secret vault in the fire well. It requires the combined efforts of my father, second elder, third elder and fourth elder to open it. I wonder if the thing you mentioned is hidden inside .

The eighth elder’s pupils shrank.

“It definitely is!”

Only the terrifying fire Qi of the fire well could offset the terrifying sword Qi of the broken Sword fragment.

However, the four keys were still in the hands of Gong Liang Lin and the others.

He was not their match alone.

“We can only ask the Shura clan to take action.” “Now that the old ancestor is dead, the gongliang ancient family is no longer a threat,” the eighth elder said slowly.

“Eighth elder, why did you betray the gongliang family and join the Shura family?” Gong liangni clenched his fist and asked.

With his status, wealth, and status, what could he not get?

The eighth elder’s eyes revealed a trace of yearning and infatuation. “For eternal life!”

“Eternal life? Eighth elder, are you crazy? There is no such thing as eternal life in this world.” Gong liangni said in disbelief.

The eighth elder shook his head and said, “the Shura family has one!” I saw someone who has lived for a thousand years with my own eyes!”


Gong Liang ni took in a deep breath of cold air, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

His heart was also pounding.

No wonder the eighth elder was so tempted.

Even a young man like him was attracted to immortality, let alone the eighth elder who was already old and weak.

“I’ll be looking forward to eighth elder’s support in the future!” Gong liangni was completely determined to join the Shura clan.

Pausing for a moment, Gong Liang ni’s eyes turned cold, eighth elder, should we get rid of that Xia qingchen? ”

“Of course!” The eighth elder’s eyes glinted. I’ve received news that he’s on the demon-suppressing Island. He ruined the plan to seize the evil God’s limbs. The master is very angry about this.

“Then I’ll end him?” Gong liangni said viciously.

He felt that Xia qingchen was too eye-piercing.

It wouldn’t be fast if he didn’t get rid of it!

“Hold on!” if we attack now, we’ll be too suspicious, ” the eighth elder said.

let’s ask someone else to do it.

“Who is it?”

“Of course it’s your cousin, Gong liangjing.”

Hearing this, Gong liangni clicked his tongue.

Gong liangjing was the eldest daughter of the gongliang family, and she was already twenty years old.

His cultivation base had reached the eighth level of the minor astral plane.

Not only that, but he was also extremely violent.

Gong liangyun, who was known for her fiery temper, paled in comparison to her.

If I tell Gong liangjing that the old ancestor’s death was caused by Xia qingchen, what do you think she will do? ” The eighth elder smiled.

Gong liangni was relieved, he smiled sinisterly,”he will die a terrible death!” I’m more than happy to help her with the task of telling her this!”

Xia qingchen calmly returned to his room.

Grudgy and Lian Xing were in the room, walking back and forth uneasily.

“Lord Chen, I heard from a servant that was passing by that old ancestor Gong Liang is dead?” Lian Xing said worriedly.

Xia qingchen smiled calmly. there’s no need to worry. Everything is under control.


Lian Xing frowned. if it’s a reasonable person from the gongliang family, then it’s still fine. If it’s an unreasonable person, I’m afraid it’ll make things difficult for you. Why don’t we leave now? ”

“Leave?” where else can I find such a superior cultivation environment like a fire well after I leave the gongliang Manor? ” Xia qingchen asked calmly. “Let’s go. All of you will come with me to cultivate and lie low for a while.” Her worries were not unnecessary.

On the way back, there were more than one or two people from the gongliang tribe who had shown hostility to him.

Soon after.

After asking Gong Liang Lin, the three of them successfully arrived at the fire well.

He came here again.

Xia qingchen instantly felt a piercing pain in his body.

It was the fire Qi that had settled in his body during his last cultivation.

“This is a little troublesome.” Xia qingchen frowned slightly.

If too much fire Qi accumulated in the body, it would gradually develop into fire poison..