Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself-Chapter 1023 (END) - Final Chapter

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Chapter 1023: Final Chapter

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Li Beinian looked a little sullen, her hair was let out and she was bare-faced. Because she had just gotten out of bed, she felt groggy. Her straight face was very intimidating, especially when she shouted, “Mu Nanyao, stop crying!”

“Waaaaah, sob sob sob sob…” Little Mu Nanyao’s tears fell as she turned around and shouted, “Papa, Papa, Papa…”

“There’s no use calling out to Daddy. Pick it up yourself!” Li Beinian pointed at the apple and orange on the ground. “Pick it up and throw it into the trash can.”


“Continue crying and I’ll throw you away.”

Little Mu Nanyao pouted and swayed her butt. She looked longingly at the strawberries in Li Beinian’s hand and then shifted her gaze to the platter of fruits on the coffee table.

Li Beinian covered the fruit platter and pointed at the fruits on the ground. “Pick them up. Otherwise, you won’t be getting any milk.”

Little Mu Nanyao sniffed pitifully as she picked up the apple that she had just thrown on the floor, and placed it back on the table.

“There’s one more.”

Mu Nanyao picked up the orange and placed it beside the apple.

Li Beinian asked, “Are you going to eat that?”

The kid pouted and shook her head.

“Why did you take it if you didn’t want it?”

Little Mu Nanyao lowered her head and looked at her father pleadingly. Her eyes were reddened but bright as Li Beinian’s.

Mu Xichen’s heart melted. He walked over and picked Number Three up. “Forget it, what does she know.”

“No, we can’t let her get away with it.” Li Beinian scratched her head with her fingers. “Look at how you’ve spoiled her. Not only does she bully her brother at home, she even throws things around and wastes food. If you don’t educate her now, are you going to educate her when she grows up?”

Mu Xichen was powerless to retort.

“Put her down.”

“Boohoo! Boohoo! Papa!” Little Mu Nanyao threw her arms around her father’s neck.

Mu Xichen’s heart softened and said gently to his wife, “Forget it, the child is still young.”

“Put her down!” Li Beinian stood up and reached out to grab the child. “Go to work. Don’t get in the way of me educating the children. Have you ever heard of the saying that the doting father brings up dishonourable children?”

“Boohoo…” Mu Nanyao cried pitifully. “Papa, Papa…”

In the end, Mu Xichen gave in. After putting his daughter down, he took a wet tissue to wipe Number Two’s hands.

In this family, Little Mu Nanyao’s only nemesis was Li Beinian. Her brothers were no match for her and her father doted on her like anything. If it weren’t for Li Beinian keeping control over her, the kid would have been wreaking havoc everywhere.

After being scolded by her mother, she stopped crying and sat on the ground dejectedly. She pouted and held the strawberry that her mother had just given back to her. She did not eat it, but sat quietly by herself.

Mu Xichen wanted to console her, but Li Beinian stopped him. “Leave her alone.”


Li Beinian was proven to be right.

After this episode, Mu Nanyao improved visibly and received Li Beinian’s praise. The kid’s chubby face was full of smiles again.

Only, Number Three was stubborn and refused to stop bullying Number Two.

Mu Nanxiao had always been the slowest to develop among the three siblings. In order to protect her second son, Li Beinian often kept watch from the side and prevented her daughter from bullying him.

Later on, Mu Xichen felt that this wouldn’t work and that he had to find a solution.

Li Beinian thought about it and agreed. Hence, when the children were three years old, she sent them to a small dojo to be taught some martial arts.

When the three children went to learn together, they thought that Number Three would definitely be the fastest. Unexpectedly, Number Three was too mischievous and did not learn quickly at the Taekwondo school.

The one who learned the fastest was Number One, and even Number Two, being the hardworking one and far more diligent than his sister, surpassed her.

The little girl quickly realized that something was wrong. Whenever she tried to bully her elder brother, he no longer cried as he did before. And if she were to hit him, he would actually hit her back. Hence after trying to bully him twice and having gotten beaten up till she cried both times, she wised up and stopped provoking him.

The little girl could no longer bully her brother, so she had no choice but to bully the other little boys in Taekwondo class. After bullying her classmates a few times, she seemed to have found the fun in it. She began to take her Taekwondo lessons seriously and decided to challenge her classmates in one-on-one matches after class.

After making a few classmates cry, the teacher gave the little girl a few lessons on ideological education, and eventually… a classmate’s parents came knocking.

The teacher had no choice but to invite Mu Nanyao’s parents to a meeting.

When Mu Nanyao saw her mother, she instinctively lowered her head and pouted, looking aggrieved.

Li Beinian knew her daughter only too well. With an air of resignation, she got the little girl to apologize to the classmate’s family and even scolded her for two hours.

Later on, Mu Nanyao indeed became more well-behaved, but she also made impressive progress in martial arts.

This progress was maintained until her third year of high school, when crying and shouting, she insisted on enrolling in the police academy, and becoming a police officer who worked for the good of the nation.

Li Beinian was so angry that she gave the girl a good hiding. Mu Nanyao wasn’t afraid of being beaten and went to talk to Mu Xichen instead regarding this matter. Mu Xichen only said, “I’ll let you enroll the day you can beat me at martial arts.”

Hence, every couple of days, Mu Nanyao would look for her father to spar. Soon… her thoughts of enrolling in the police academy became a thing of the past.

Mu Nanzhou, on the other hand, had always been a stuffy boy, just like Mu Xichen in his younger days.

He became a soldier at the age of 15 or 16. Firstly, Mu Xichen felt that a man should have an indomitable spirit. Suffering and training as a soldier, even if it didn’t make him a great man, would do him good. However, the boy ended up attaining an even higher rank than his father in the army.

As for Mu Nanxiao, although his health gradually improved, he was a person who had no self-restraint. He loved to eat, drink, and have fun. If it weren’t for Mu Xichen and Li Beinian keeping a tight rein on him, he might have become a casanova.

Fortunately, he was intelligent and always had good grades.

In the university entrance exam, he applied for Oxford University, with Harvard University being his second choice, on his own accord.

Eventually, he managed to secure offers from both universities. Under everyone’s envious gazes, he said loudly, “I only applied for the fun of it. Who would have thought that I’d secure these offers? I don’t plan to go to university at all!”

When Li Beinian heard this, she almost slaughtered the boy, ultimately, it was Mu Xichen who decided: Harvard.

Hence, Mu Nanxiao was packed and sent on a plane to America.

Jiang Yeqing’s child was now in the first year of high school. Her name was Jiang Yu.

Little Jiangyu resembled her mother Bo Chengcheng. She had large eyes, a dainty mouth, long hair, and an oval face. In her clean and neat school uniform, with her hair worn up in a ponytail, she was a picture of youth and vitality.

Upon hearing that Mu Nanxiao had been packed and sent off to the United States by his parents, while she sympathized with him, she didn’t forget to mock him on their WeChat Moments. Mu Nanxiao was so angry that he almost rushed back from the airport. He replied in the chat, “Just you wait! Don’t let me catch you, or I’ll beat you up the next time I see you!!!”

Jiang Yu: [Funny Face]

[Mu Nanxiao]: Damn, this kind of godforsaken school. If I had known it was this easy to get a place, I wouldn’t have filled in the TAT. I want to go home!!!

[Jiang Yu]: I’ll go and accompany you in two years ~

[Mu Nanxiao]: …

[Mu Nanxiao]: Hahahahahahaha

[Mu Nanxiao]: Do you think any Tom, Dick, Harry can get in? Wake up!

[Jiang Yu]: Just you wait, I will get in next year. If I get in, you have to promise me one thing.

[Mu Nanxiao]: Oh, alright, we’ll talk about it when you get in.

[Jiang Yu]: You said it!

[Mu Nanxiao]: I said it.

[Jiang Yu]: I’ve got a screenshot.

Mu Nanxiao did not take it to heart at all. He yawned and resigned himself to fate as he put on his eye mask and leaned back in his chair to sleep.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu somehow did unbelievably well and made it to the top and became an exchange student at Milton High School in the second year.

[Mu Nanxiao]:… Awesome!

[Jiang Yu]: Hehehe.

Later on, Jiang Yu was admitted to Harvard University. When she was a freshman, Mu Nanxiao was already in his third year.

Jiang Yu turned adult at this point and was seen carrying a huge bouquet of 99 fiery red roses during this particular Qixi Festival.

She got her classmates to light a sea of candles downstairs the boys’ dormitory. Holding the bouquet of roses in one hand and a trumpet in the other, she shouted in Chinese, “Mu Nanxiao, come down here!”

Mu Nanxiao had just taken a shower. With a towel around his neck, he was dragged downstairs by his classmate.

The ground was bathed in glowing candlelight and the roses in her hand were extremely vivid.

She said, “Mu Nanxiao, be my boyfriend! I will treat you well!”

Mu Nanxiao was silent for a long time before saying, “Awesome!”

Just like that, the two of them got together.

When Mu Nanxiao was a postgraduate student at Harvard, and Jiang Yu was in her third year of undergraduate school… she got pregnant.

The two of them flew back to their country dejectedly, and returned to their respective homes to be scolded and beaten.

When the parents of the two families sat together, the gray-haired Jiang Yeqing was a little melancholic.

As he smoked, he eyed the youthful-looking Mu couple and the young man who had gotten his daughter pregnant with a complicated expression. He sighed heavily and started, “Old Mu.”

Mu Xichen poured his wife a cup of tea and responded by making a sound in his throat.

Jiang Yeqing continued, “I told you, my daughter won’t marry into your family.”

“I’ve forgotten about that,” Mu Xichen said lightly. “So what do we do now?”

“Well…” Jiang Yu whispered as she looked at her boyfriend, who was sitting not too far away. “Uncle Mu, did you… hit him? ”

Mu Nanxiao was beaten up badly and looked pitiful with all the bruises on his face.

Mu Xichen nodded. “Yes.”

Bo Chengcheng was furious too and chided the girl, “I told you to study, but you brought home this premarital pregnancy. You’re all grown up now, are you!” Then she looked at Mu Xichen. “Did you think that beating up your son will make us feel sorry for him so that we’ll ask for less dowry?”

Before Mu Nanxiao could digest the meaning of this statement, Li Beinian smiled and said, “You can have as much as you want. However, the youngsters these days are really too insensible. A beating is good for them.”

Jiang Yeqing was aggrieved. “Our daughter is pregnant and now you’re planning to marry her off. She hasn’t even graduated from university!”

“What else can we do!” Bo Chengcheng was angry too, and poked her daughter’s head. “I’ve already warned you to take safety precautions before getting married. You, on the other hand, ignored my advice. Now you know what a tragedy it is. You’re getting married before graduating from university and in a few years, you’ll become a haggard old woman. Serves you right!”

Jiang Yu lowered her head silently.

Then, Bo Chengcheng started to scold Mu Nanxiao again.

Not only Bo Chengcheng, but even Li Beinian started chiming in.

The scolding by the two women got more and more vicious and Mu Nanxiao could only keep silent.

Jiang Yeqing and Mu Xichen looked at each other and clinked their glasses as if they were brothers. Then, they each pulled their woman to sit down.

After the parents were done scolding, they started talking about the marriage between the two children.

Seeing that the matter was settled, Jiang Yu and Mu Nanxiao held hands and sneaked away.

Once they were outside, Mu Nanxiao, leaned his 1.8-meter frame against Jiang Yu’s slightly smaller 1.7-meter frame and said pitifully, “I almost died from the scolding. You didn’t speak up for me. Sob sob sob sob!”

Jiang Yu looked confident and said seriously, “Don’t worry. When I did you, I already told you that I’d be responsible towards you.”

“Mmmph!” Mu Nanxiao sobbed.

At the time the two of them got married, Mu Nanzhou and Mu Nanyao were still single. Not only did they have to put up with the lovey-dovey display between the couple, they also had to help out on top of that.

Mu Nanyao was full of self-pity and after drinking too much, she insisted that her brother take her home.

Mu Nanzhou had also drank a little, but he didn’t mind going home.

He carried his sister, who pretended to be drunk, into the backseat of his car. Just as he was about to get the chauffeur to drive off, there was a knock on the window.

He wound down the window. It was Bai Yuan’s and Cheng Su’s daughter, Bai Jieyou.

Bai Jieyou’s face was flushed. When she saw Mu Nanzhou, she held onto the side of the car uncomfortably and said, “Big… Big Brother, I… I don’t know where my parents are. Would… would you take me home.”

Mu Nanzhou was taken by surprise and at a loss for an answer.

Mu Nanyao raised her head at this point, and enthusiastically ushered Bai Jieyou into the car.

It was only a long time afterwards, that Mu Nanyao finally realized her own talent as a matchmaker. In the past, she and Jiang Yu got along well, and Jiang Yu and her second brother eventually fell in love.

Later on, she got along well with Bai Jieyou, who ended up with her eldest brother. And now… when was it going to be her turn? Sob sob sob…