Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband-Chapter 2730 - : Twins

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Chapter 2730: Twins

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With that, Liang Xingyang turned around and left.

Qiao Weiyang looked at his back. This was the first time she had heard about what he had experienced.

But were these really caused by Lu Heting and Su Bei?

After a heavy rain, the weather returned to normal.

The air was filled with the fragrance of mud.

There were all kinds of bottles and medical instruments in front of Qiao Weiyang.

“You can undergo surgery now,” Qiao Weiyang said. “The special medicine has been developed.”

Liang Meng’s men were standing beside him, and the other doctors were also his men.

As long as Qiao Weiyang made any moves, or if there was something wrong with Liang Meng, Qiao Weiyang would not be able to walk out of the operating theater alive.

“Let’s begin,” Liang Xingyang said.

Liang Meng lay on the bed and closed his eyes.

The surgery was quite long. Qiao Weiyang was nervous and did not dare to stop at all.

Eight hours later…

She walked out of the operating theater with a tired expression. “He’ll be fine after tonight.”

“Then go and rest.” Liang Xingyang got someone to follow Qiao Weiyang and send her back.

Qiao Weiyang pursed her lips.

The next day, Liang Meng woke up in a good state.

A few doctors stood in front of him and reported his physical condition. Quantifiable data showed that he was recovering well.

“In this case, the drug can be mass-produced,” Liang Meng said.

Anyone could undergo surgery, but the key was this special medicine.

Once it was produced, it would produce huge profits. It would be much more valuable than the medicines he had sold in the past. Especially after he had the patent, it would be even more profitable.

“That’s right. It can be mass-produced. The cost is very low, but it can be sold for a sky-high price.”

The production cost of medicine had never been high. What was high was the cost of research and development. Qiao Weiyang could be said to be a natural research and development machine.

“I didn’t expect that old man to be so powerful back then. The granddaughter he nurtured is even better than him. Unfortunately, that old man died early.” Liang Meng was in a good mood. “Su Zhuoqian has poor taste. Why would he let Qiao Weiyang be an artiste?!”

Liang Xingyang asked in a low voice, “Dad, didn’t you say that Weiyang could leave after you recovered?”

“When did I say that?”

Liang Xingyang’s expression changed. “She’s a living person. You can’t keep her here! Besides, illegal detention is illegal! Su Zhuoqian’s company will be ruined if we detain Qiao Weiyang like this. They won’t be able to recover from this setback. My company will rise soon. Let Qiao Weiyang go back.”

“Qiao Weiyang is a huge treasure trove and a money tree. Su Zhuoqian doesn’t know how to make use of her, but don’t you? What’s wrong with her staying? As long as she’s willing to help me earn money, I don’t mind giving her a portion of the benefits. Don’t you like her too? Isn’t the feeling of snatching something from Su Zhuoqian enough to make you pleased?”


“Shut up! Don’t think that I didn’t know that she was in my study that day and you helped her! You deliberately found an excuse to go along with her whims and let Jingyun go. I won’t pursue these small matters, but that doesn’t mean you can push my tolerance every time!”

Liang Xingyang turned around and went out. fr𝐞𝐞𝚠e𝗯𝗻ovel.c𝐨m

Liang Meng whispered to the people around him, “Arrange for Qiao Weiyang to go overseas immediately.”

It was impossible for him to let Qiao Weiyang go.

It was definitely impossible for her to stay in the country.

Fortunately, he had already settled everything in that small country. As long as he brought Qiao Weiyang over, no one would find her again.

He had already invested a lot of money and power in that country. It was almost impossible for Qiao Weiyang to escape. Moreover, there was no one to restrain his actions there.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of working with Qiao Weiyang as normal collaborators.

However, before he revealed his name, he had repeatedly tested Qiao Weiyang through various means, and the conclusion was never satisfactory.

Seeing that Qiao Weiyang was wasting time in other fields, Liang Meng could not sit still at all.

Now, he had finally achieved his goal.

Qiao Weiyang was in the room when she was stuffed into the car and blindfolded.

The car quickly started moving.

“Mr. Liang!” Just as Liang Xingyang was about to follow, someone quickly stopped him.

“Why? Can’t I go overseas with my father?”

“Mr. Liang, you still have Su Group’s matter to settle. Old Liang also asked us to remind you not to try to leave with Qiao Weiyang. Otherwise, in order to keep her, you might have your legs broken.”

Liang Xingyang shuddered. “How dare you?!”

“We really don’t dare to. But if Old Master Liang insists, we have no choice but to do as he says.”

Liang Xingyang had no choice but to watch helplessly as the car with Qiao Weiyang left.

The car did not stop even after a long drive and bumpy ride.

Qiao Weiyang asked, “Where are you taking me?”

A sheet of tape covered her mouth, stopping her from asking any more questions.

The car continued to speed along.

Qiao Weiyang’s hands were tied behind her back, and she was still holding her cell phone.

However, the people in the car were not afraid. The car had a signal jamming system. Just like in the villa, she could not use her cell phone or get on the internet. It was just a game console for Qiao Weiyang to pass time. Liang Meng did not get anyone to take it away.

In addition, the internet system of her cell phone had long been destroyed. Even if there was a signal, she could not go online or make calls. It was truly just a game console.

Even though Qiao Weiyang took her phone with her, no one thought anything of it.

Therefore, when her fingers touched it, they thought that she was trying to alleviate her anxiety.

Someone in Liang Meng’s car was reporting to him, “We’ve already blocked Mr. Liang. He won’t follow us.”

“Keep an eye on him,” Liang Meng said. “Persuade him to take good care of his father’s business after he gets it. When he thinks it through, he can still come over. I’ll keep Qiao Weiyang for him. No one will touch her.”

“Old Liang, you’re so good to Mr. Liang. Sooner or later, he’ll understand your painstaking efforts.”

Liang Meng looked out of the window. They were almost at the border.

This place connected the country to foreign places. Because there were many commoners and the terrain was complicated, the management was relatively not strict. He had already spent money to make the arrangements. It was very easy for him to bring Qiao Weiyang over.

“Let’s go over,” Liang Meng said.

A few tractors drove over. It was obvious that they were in disguise. One person got out and said, “We can go now. We’ll go by the waterway. We’ll be there soon.”

“Bring Qiao Weiyang over.” Liang Meng was worried and wanted to bring her along personally.

Qiao Weiyang was brought over. Her eyes were covered, but she could hear the sound of rushing water roaring past her ears.

She did not hear what these people said, but she could imagine that this was definitely not a peaceful place.