I Don’t Want To Reincarnate-Chapter 226 - : Hu linyu who wants to be a treasure girl

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Chapter 226: Hu linyu who wants to be a treasure girl

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Chen hansheng did not know what time it was, but he was woken up by the cold. When he opened his eyes, he saw the dark sky outside. The dormitory was quiet and there was no one in sight. Even Dai zhenyou was nowhere to be seen.

The sliding door of the balcony was slightly ajar, and the cold wind from outside blew in. This was the reason why Chen hansheng had been woken up by the cold.

“F * ck, why didn’t you close the balcony when you went out?”

Chen hansheng took out his phone and looked at the time. It was almost 6:30 in the evening. The weather at this time was very confusing, as it was both dark and bright.

He climbed out of bed in his shorts, pushed open the glass door, and walked to the balcony. He crossed his arms and leaned on the cold iron railing.

As the cold wind blew, his pores contracted and goosebumps rose.

Chen hansheng did not care and slowly lit a cigarette. He smoked half of it and the wind was half gone. He looked at the Auntie at the dormitory management station downstairs scolding people.

it’s dangerous to use a high-power electric kettle in the dormitory. Why don’t you listen to me? don’t do it again next time.

The Auntie had a Wuzhong accent, and she liked to speak in a tone like “ah, la, ya”. The one who was being lectured in front of her was definitely a freshman. The second and third-year boys were all experienced, so they would not be so obedient.

“Whoosh, whoosh

Chen hansheng blew a loud whistle, which was carried by the wind to the first floor.

The helper was having a good time reprimanding her when she suddenly heard someone provoking her. She angrily looked for the source of the voice, but when she looked up, she saw a white body on the balcony on the sixth floor. It was a cold day, but he was standing on the balcony in his underpants and acting like a hooligan.

“Chen hansheng, is that you?

The Auntie raised her flashlight and shook it. Their figures were a little similar, but their courage was more similar.

my name is Jin Yangming, ” Chen hansheng said with a smile. Chen hansheng is my roommate. Auntie, you look so pretty today.

When the boys passing by heard someone teasing the Auntie, they laughed along. The Auntie couldn’t continue to lecture her, so she stuffed the electric kettle into the freshman’s arms and warned, “”lf you use it again in the future, you’ll have to write a self-reflection.”

The freshman ran to the dormitory with an electric kettle. He was too embarrassed to thank his ” Savior “. Chen hansheng finished his cigarette and went back to the dormitory. He picked up his phone and called Shen youchu, “”Hey, what are you doing?”

“In, in the milk tea shop.”

Shen youchu’s voice was always so gentle, and the moment he spoke, he could imagine her pouting face with her head lowered.

“Have you eaten?”

“I’ve eaten it,”

I’m still in the dormitory. Help me get some food from the cafeteria and bring it downstairs. Also, bring a can of beer. I just woke up and have a bad appetite.

“Oh, sure.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen hansheng began to change his clothes. It was very normal for a girlfriend to send food to her boyfriend in University. Moreover, there was more than one girl who was willing to send food to Chen hansheng.

Shen youchu acted very quickly, probably executing the task as soon as he received it. Chen hansheng hurried downstairs and ran into the Auntie standing at the dormitory door.

“Chen hansheng, that wasn’t Jin Yangming, was it?”

Auntie, you have good eyes. It’s indeed not Jin Yangming. He’s yang shichao. Remember to deduct his conduct points.

Shen youchu carried a small cloth bag and stood under the Sycamore tree next to the boys ‘dormitory. The light couldn’t reach her from this position, so she felt safer.

Occasionally, some boys who passed by would see a tall girl with straight legs. Their eyes subconsciously wanted to look at her face, but they found that she had her head lowered and her eyes were fixed on the tip of the White shoes. “Why are you waiting here? I might as well go to the cafeteria to eat.”

Chen hansheng knew Shen youchu too well, so it didn’t take much effort to find her. He was just a little dissatisfied with the distance. “I’ll be closer next time.”

Shen youchu raised her head and said in a low voice.

Chen hansheng opened the bag and saw that there was not only food but also a lot of bottles. He pouted and said, ” it’s just a meal. Why do you make it look like a picnic? ”

Shen youchu wasn’t good at arguing, so he could only say, “”Let’s eat first, it’s going to get cold.”

“There’s no space downstairs. Come with me to the basketball court.”

Chen hansheng took the lead and walked towards the basketball court. Shen youchu followed closely behind him, holding Chen hansheng’s dinner tightly in her arms.

There were several basketball courts in the School of Finance, but they were often not full during autumn and winter. This spirit was obviously different from high school.

In high school, regardless of the weather, as long as one wanted to play basketball, they had to occupy the court in advance.

Chen hansheng picked a step and sat down. Looking at the back of the basketball student, he gestured for Shen youchu to bring out the rice.

Shen youchu began to set up the place obediently. Otherwise, Chen hansheng would not have called it a picnic.

She first took out a stack of newspapers from her bag and placed them on the ground. Then, she took out a box of rice and a box of meat dishes. She then took out beer, a thermos cup for herself to drink, and of course, she didn’t forget the mustard and chili she had marinated.

“Why didn’t you buy cold beer?”

Chen hansheng took the beer and touched it. It was at room temperature. “The weather is too cold, don’t drink ice.”

Shen youchu poured some water from the thermos and blew on it gently. The water rippled and stained her soft lips, but she didn’t notice it.

It was not until the water had cooled down that she carefully handed it over. “First, drink some warm water.”

Chen hansheng smiled, feeling touched. He took the boiled water and drank it all in one gulp. Then, he picked up the rice and disposable chopsticks and started eating.

Shen youchu and Chen hansheng had known each other for almost a year and a half, so he already knew his taste. He ordered all of Chen hansheng’s favorite dishes, such as braised eggplant, stir-fried meat with chili, and fried eggs.

As expected, Chen hansheng ate very happily, but he often bent down to pick up food, which was uncomfortable.

Shen youchu had been squatting at the side, hugging his knees with both hands as he watched Chen hansheng gobble down the food. When he realized this, he quickly moved over to pick up the lunchbox so that he could pick it up without bending down.

Chen hansheng looked at Shen youchu in surprise, thinking, ” even my own mother doesn’t treat me like this. Shen youchu was embarrassed by the look and lowered his head to read the contents of the newspaper.

I have a question for you. Answer immediately without hesitation.

Chen hansheng’s mouth was stuffed with food as he mumbled, “”lf I take you to a hotel tonight, would you go?”

Shen youchu agreed in a daze.

“Do you know what it means to go to a hotel?” Chen hansheng picked up his beer and took a sip.

Shen youchu shook his head honestly.

Chen hansheng glanced at her. you don’t know? why did you agree so easily? ”

“You said I shouldn’t hesitate, so I …” Shen youchu was a little nervous.

“You agreed to it?”

Chen hansheng touched Shen youchu’s hair and said, “‘You trust me that much?”

“Yes.” freewe(b)novel

Although Shen youchu’s head was lowered, Chen hansheng could feel that she was nodding.

The atmosphere slowly quietened down. In fact, Chen hansheng was the one who fell silent, and Shen youchu was worried that he had said something wrong again.

Not far away, the sound of basketball could be clearly heard.

pass the ball quickly. Do you think it’s Kobe? ”

“Foul, the hatchet man is foul.”

“F * ck, why is it a three no touch!”

Chen hansheng suddenly burped, stood up, and said, “”l’ve eaten my fill, let’s go back.”

Shen youchu quickly cleaned up the newspapers and disposable tableware on the floor and threw them into the trash can.

When they returned to the dormitory at night, Shen youchu quietly asked Hu linyu, “”Lin Yu, what do you mean by going to the hotel to rest?”

“Did Chen hansheng tell you that?” Hu linyu looked at her warily.

Shen youchu nodded.

“This scumbag!”

Hu linyu cursed and gave Shen youchu a piece of advice, ” in the future, as long as he asks you to go to a hotel, immediately say that you’re not feeling well. The news is predicting that there will be more and more single men in our country. Every girl will be a treasure.

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