I Don’t Want To Reincarnate-Chapter 227 - : 227, I’m your brother Zheng

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Chapter 227: 227, I’m your brother Zheng

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The next day was a new week. Chen hansheng followed his roommate to the classroom in the morning to listen to a class, but Kong Jing’s phone call stopped Chen hansheng from wasting his time in the classroom.

do you have time in the morning? Qixia District’s Shentong company and Alliance businessman Yan Jiaxing are coming over for a meeting. If it’s convenient for you, I can arrange for you to have a seat.

Chen hansheng immediately left the classroom. I’m free. I’ll be in your office in an hour.

Xian ning university town was located in the Qixia District. If he wanted to successfully take over the express delivery business of Xian ning university town, Yan Jiaxing, like Zhong jiancheng, was a very important part.

The teacher’s expression did not change much when he saw Chen hansheng walking out from the back door.

Counselor Guo zhongyun had already informed the teacher to let him off for the time being. After all, social practice and theoretical knowledge could not be taken into account. Some school leaders, such as Lu gongchao, were paying attention to the development of rocket 101.

Of course, if he was really angry, he could also make him take make-up exams at the end of the term.

Now, the mention of rocket 101 in Jiangling University was very famous. The three University circles, finance, Eastern University, engineering, medical school, Jinling Science and Technology, haishi, xiaozhuang, Nanguang media, and jianmo post and commerce, business, tourism, and pharmacy, all had branches of rocket 101.

Shunfeng, Postal Service, and even Shentong were all very powerful outside the school, but in Jiangling University, the students still recognized the playful and lively rocket 101.

There were three reasons:

First, their development strategies were different. Currently, the big companies had not yet recognized the express delivery market of college students. This was probably related to the rise of Taobao, and the e-commerce culture had not yet been popularized.

Secondly, Chen hansheng’s target market was university students. From the logo design to the development of his team, it was completely rooted in the culture of university students, so it was more acceptable.

The so-called “one of us is a traitor” was probably what they meant.

Third, Chen hansheng was a university student who started his own business, so he was a benchmark and attractive to part-time university students.

Chen hansheng estimated that it would not be difficult to discuss the cooperation with Yan Xing today.

Putting aside Kong Jing’s face, this was obviously a profitable deal, so why would Yan Jiaxing refuse?

As for the impact of rocket 101’s expansion, it was up to Liu zhizhou and the others to consider.

As Chen hansheng drove, he called Zhong jiancheng.

“What are you doing?

Zhong jiancheng’s voice was very soft, and he was still covering his mouth.”l’m in a meeting,”

“I know you’re in a meeting. I need your help with something.” Chen hansheng said.

“Cut the crap,” Zhong jiancheng said impatiently.

Chen hansheng was not angry. He smiled and said, ” I know that the Shen Tong corporation’s jiansu business partner is having a meeting this morning. Is there a person called Yan Jiaxing beside you? ”

“How did you know?”

“He’s the manager of Qixia District’s jiameng business,” Zhong jiancheng replied, stunned.

I’m on my way to meet him right now to talk about cooperation to expand the market in Xian ning University City. You can accompany him when the time comes. Chen hansheng said to Zhong jiancheng.

If Zhong jiancheng was willing to accompany him, because he and Yan Jiaxing were both merchants of the Alliance, this identity would be just right.

In addition, Zhong jiancheng himself was also a beneficiary of the cooperation, so his words carried more weight.

“Brat, you’re too arrogant now. How dare you ask me to accompany you?”

Zhong jiancheng was shocked at Chen hansheng’s speed of operation. If he really got it, then more than 80% of the University express delivery market in jianmo city would be controlled by Chen hansheng.

“I’ve recently weighed myself, and I’ve gained two pounds. How can I float?”

Zhong, ” Chen hansheng said, trying to avoid the question, ” I’m still a soldier under your command. You can’t just stand by and watch at this time.

“You’re not my soldier. You’ve been trying to usurp the throne from the beginning. ”

Zhong jiancheng laughed as he spoke. but it’s not like you’re usurping my position. It has nothing to do with me. Then, arrange a private room for me at noon, and I’ll have a few drinks with old Yan.

Yan Xingxing was slightly older than Zhong jiancheng. He was short, chubby, and spoke in a rough voice. He was also a pain in the ass in society.

In other words, in 2003, most of the people in the courier circle were big bosses in society who could eat, drink, and play.

When Yan Xing was about to leave after the meeting, the beautiful general manager of jianmo branch, Kong Jing, came over and said, “”01d Yan, do you have time at noon? let’s have a quick meal and talk about something.”

Yan Jiaxing felt it was a little strange, thinking that this little girl Kong Jing wouldn’t have taken a fancy to him, right?

Kong Jing was beautiful and had the air of a mature lady. Yan Xing and the rest had joked about her a lot in private, but on the surface, he still said with a serious face, ” manager Kong has ordered that we have to decline any important matter.

However, in the private room of the hotel, Yan Xing saw Zhong jiancheng and Chen hansheng again and only understood what was going on after an explanation.

“Whoever doesn’t cooperate is an idiot.”

Yan Jiaxing slapped his thigh. to be honest, even I’m envious of old Zhong’s extra income in Jiangling. Now that Xiao Chen has come to our door to cooperate, how can I push him away?

Yan Jiaxing regarded ” rocket 101 ” as his side income and not his main business. Zhong iianchenc was worried that Chen hansheng would feel uncomfortable, so he raised his glass and said, ” old Yan, how is this side income? the University express delivery market in Jiangling District is now controlled by rocket 101. Hansheng has a net income of tens of thousands a month.

“That high?”

This number was beyond Yan Xing’s expectation.

it used to be around 30000 Yuan. Now that we’ve opened the delivery circle of the jianmo college of electrical and communications, I think it should be around 40000 Yuan.

but Zhong is still the one making the most of the profit, ” Chen hansheng said honestly. I’m the middleman. I’ll earn some difference in the price.

“Then why are you still standing there?”

since manager Kong has given the green light, I will definitely support it. As for the Commission, I won’t take advantage of little brother Chen. I’ll just follow the agreed price from old Zhong, ” Yan yanxing said impatiently.

Actually, Yan Xing didn’t place much importance on it. However, he would only push out things that could earn him more money.

Chen hansheng raised his glass. thank you, President Yan. I’m happy to work with you.

“Call me brother Yan in the future. Let’s drink.”

The three men had drunk too much during the lunch. After vomiting, they all lay on the table obediently. In the end, Zhong jiancheng and Yan Jiaxing were taken away by their subordinates.

As for Chen hansheng, he felt like he was being stuffed here and there like a piece of wood. One moment, he was in the car, the next moment, he was on the road. He was even helped into the elevator by someone. Finally, he fell on a

soft mattress.

The bed emitted a delicate fragrance that entered his nose. It was obviously a woman’s bed.

“It smells so good.”

Chen hansheng finally fell asleep with a satisfied smile on his face.

When she opened her eyes, it was already past eight in the evening.

damn it, you don’t have to drink like this. You can just drink some tea and we’ll be done.

Chen hansheng cursed Zhong jiancheng and Yan Xing’s ancestors in his heart. He stood up shakily and looked around the room. It was indeed a woman’s room. He recalled his memory before he drank and shouted, “”Sister Jing, sister Jing.”

A figure walked in from outside and shouted, “”Your sister Jing isn’t here. If you need anything, please call brother Ben.”

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